Friday, December 26, 2008

HaPpY X'mAs AnD nEw YeAr

It was Christma last day.. and they day went [ast without having much bells and whistles.. Just went out with family, spend some "Quality" time with them and so on.. Wishing you all Merry Christmas (belated), Happy new year and happy holidays!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't cheat yourselves!

Oracle Blogs was discussing about cheating. They were trying to curb the cheating process in their certification programmes. Yes, you can give others sample questions.. not the original ones.

The seven series they have written on it was rather interesting and an eye opener as well. The last one which I have read in their blog was what You and I can do about cheating.

This can be generalised and not be confined to Oracle alone.. U burn the mid night oil to study things up.. and once you finished your test you tell others what the questions are.. and others get through without burning much oil.! So go ahead and read the post here. The rest of the stories and the poll on cheating is also available there..

Saturday, December 13, 2008 on sale

I've placed this domain in TWNAM sale. So if you want the domain, please come forward and make an offer. And yeah.. there is another domain ready to be on sale and that is if you want to settle things in here juz comment with your email address and i'll get in touch with you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A new site, Load and reload is now live.. that is going to be just a compilation of things that I saw around in web.

Have checked that out?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog from igoogle - blogger tip

have you heard of igoogle? yeah the same personalised google home page.. now you will be able to publish your posts from igoogle(search for the same in google)... The article describing the same was posted in blogger buzz

Aint that cool? no hassle publishing from a single location.. :) haa...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 - Are you ready?

Ubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need - a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more. More over it is free... A new version of ubuntu, 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is about to release...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Upgrade your PC - Memory modules

What is the most simplest way of upgrading your computer / laptop?, yes it is upgrading the RAM ( the memory module ). Have you tried upgrading your imac memory / PC memory? It is a simple process, if you can remember the basics. The things to remember are the speed of the Ram, like 577 Mhz, 333 Mhz etc. The increase in the clock speed increases the performance. You have to choose the correct memory modules for your computer or else, adding the same will do more harm than good. Imagine the compounded effect tis harm can make if its been upgraded in a number of machines. I have been through a website called memory deal and they do offer memory modules that is exactly used by the vendors like HP, apple, IBM, dell, etc... When I bought my laptop the initial memory was around one GB of Ram, which I went ahead and upgraded to 2 GB. The performance upgrade was significant, and it was all because I choose the correct module to be installed. My friend was in need of a mac pro memory and was in search for the same for a long time, he searched for the correct module and found the right one from the on line stores of memory deal. Apple PC's are fantastic in performance so make sure that you are not actually degrading the memory when doing the upgrade of apple memory modules. If found confusing try to go to the vendors site, find the model number and the exact RAM module that is to be installed and that helps you in upgrading your computer.

Nouveau Riche - Always love changes.

Making money online is a common thing that is heard these days... This reminds me of something. The news of Nouveau Riche. Yeah, becoming rich in no time have a little to do with hard work. But hard work complemented with right time and luck, helps a person to acheive what ever he wants in life. So being Nouveau Riche is nothing but sheer luck + attitude + right time and right thing( hard work).

So what exactly is this Nouveau Riche? Its nothing but becoming rich, its actually a french word for New Rich. I remember articles in wikipedia and cnn giving out informations on the people like that. There are people like maria carey, Celin Dion, Marilyn Manroe, J.K. Rowling ( harry potter ) and india's own Dhirubhai Ambhani, who started his business with just Rs. 15000(By 2007 Ambhani's were the richest family in the world.) by importing yarn and exporting spices under the name Reliance Commercial Corporation. Dream it and do it was the motto of reliance. The results are infront of you. So are you dreaming it? are you able to realise your dreams? So becoming fortunate to earn a fortune was there even in our fairy tales, from the cindrella to snow white, they entertained us with their stories, helped us to think about the same. So be it online business, or the conventional one, make sure that you are rich in ideas and introduce them in the right time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Career thoughts: Fashion, Fashion schools and other options in Fashion.

Fashion is change. Every day fashion changes.. (in places like Paris you can say it as every 15 minutes : ) It is said that people can judge you from what you wear. So what you wear is what you are. If you have an eye for style, then the world of fashion is for you. Every day there are a number of opportunities in fashion designing. A career in Fashion technology is one of the most sought after one these days. You can try your hands in fashion marketing, advertising, fashion design production, merchandising or even fashion retailing. Now a days, there are a number of degrees that acts as the building blocks to succeed in the world of fashion and fashion gurus are the most sought after and one of the most paid ones, and you can see them almost every where, from a local party to Hollywood functions. One of the main sites in this area to choose your career in fashion is he, a site rich in contents about fashion career, like the schools, career, Degrees in fashion, and have a good repository of information in the fashion articles section.

Software - Q.A. - Random thoughts

What happens when the bugrate of the programs written are zero?
Many people will be losers.. like the testers, QA people and of course the company as a whole because there is no scope for support!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Culinary Classics - for Culinary Apparel

Culinary Classics is a site which sells the Made To Order Chef Uniform, Restaurant and Professional Clothing. The cousin I mentioned in the last post lead me to the site where they offer the clothings for chef, They have the make to order premium clothings for the chef, from shirt to pants, from aprons to Neck wears, every thing is made to order There are corporate programs available for the corporates and you can even order a free catalog. The resource section have some info on training, news sources, recipes, restaurant and kitchen products links ...etc. The restaurant directory and software links available in this site helps us to gather info on these sections as well. This site offers Chef Coats, Chef Pants, Shirts, Chef Hat, Chef Apron, Vests, Chef Shoes, Neck-wear and custom apparels. So its easy choose the product, choose the cloth and choose the design... and once you contact them, they will help you with the rest!

Career thoughts: Cook food

Choosing ones career wisely is one area, many people miss these days... a Career, starts with good education.. So choosing the correct course to study is what we have to concentrate. One of my cousins in US I think is well placed in his field of study. He is the captain in a hotel there and have his certifications from culinary schools. I went to a site which is a repository of information about the culinary schools in US and I found that interesting, as there are a number of schools in the area of Food Making. The site offers a vivid number of articles, and multiple cuisine secrets in it. This directory site have the lists of schools offering the certifications in culinary arts. The review of cooking schools help us to determine which school is the best according to our needs. We can also segregate the schools by location so that it is easy to find the right cooking school near your location

Monday, September 22, 2008

Career Education - For moulding your career in the right way

Are you some one who is checking for your right education? Have you find te right university? The right college? Are you ready to accept the competition for the hot jobs?
Last day browsing around the Internet I came across A site dedicated to assisting you to find out the right course of study and there by the right career path. Then certificate and degree programs in Medical Assistance, Law, Culinary Arts (mmm.. Yummy), Education, and teaching certification ...etc. are available as an option to study on line and that site helps you to find the right Education from the right University.
Career Education is at its best now a days.. Be it culinary arts, medical assistance, ultrasound school, or what ever, make a decision wisely on the branch of education that you choose. For, a decision once taken cannot be rolled back without a loss. If you are not sure on the path of success, then the site have a career quiz, which help you decide on the right course. Educated professionals help you master the subject as you advance with the assignments and simulating class sessions. The articles session helps to find the latest trends in the industries and the latest advancements in the field of study.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Talk about reviews in TalkReviews

Top Websites around the globe are reviewed and sorted based on ranking in the Website Reviews section of the site. The site have some user control as well. The users will be able to review the sites through the website review form. I have my website also listed in that site. I am not sure whether that is in the Indian version of talk reviews. If some one is interested in adding a review, please do add a review in that site. So come in to talkreviews for those Top Websites.

Quick thought! - Poll

What is the office software you are using? is it Microsoft office or Open office or any other ?

PLease check the Poll on the left side.

Update: Am not able to create a poll... it is saying The poll doesnt exists or is deleted. :(

Is something wrong?

Free forums from ""

So you know about free blogging services right? How about free forum services? That too with all the administrator privileges ? Now you can create a forum with unlimited access, with one GB space for attachments, and which can run around 40 languages. Yes, this forums free is experiencing a huge rush these days. With more than 200 new forums created each day, no other testimonial is needed to justify the sites credibility. Try that for yourself and I made a trial forum in

Gmail : 502 error.

At 11.29 AM Indian Standard time (20th of Sep 2008) google said its mail (actually my mail)is experiencing problem.. Phew..! hope will be up anytime..

Ha.. That happened when I tried to view a picture attachment... the error was 502...

Debt Counseling : The Credit Exchange

Negotiating the debt can hurt your credit score, yes in future you will be in trouble when you need money the most. So what are the things that you must be aware of in a situation like paying off the minimum amount due in your credit card and stuffs like that? I saw about debt counseling in a website called the Credit Exchange. They have Cred Card Counseling, lot's of resources about credit and other options available to you. They have credit facts, that can come handy when you need options to check. So are you looking for a credit councilor? or a debt consolidating company? Or are you in a deep financial crisis? then you can find assistance through this site called The Credit Exchange. You can either contact them via the on line form or by calling them. So if you are looking for the best possible decisions, do visit the site and make your mind.

Alexa: Increase in rank : That was for a day!

The alexa rank went down again.. above 100000 for for the week... I think that phenomenon of increase in alexa rank was for a day.

Digxa shopping comparison site. Dig for the best price on products worldwide.

Get This Widget

shopping cart software

May be I'll get on to that place again.... Ha not gonna give any extra effort for that...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Love, Telephone bills and the kid.

I do remember those days in which I was in love with her... Those days browsing from the Internet cafe were expensive... Writing a latter take ages to reach, Plus the risk of getting caught. I was away from home and Daily, the expense of telephone bills was mounting. There wasn't an immediate solution till we began to use calling cards. They were convenient to use and helped us a lot to control our telephone bills. And we do use the happy hours a lot, when the call charges were low. These cards helped us to remove our calls from the usual telephone bills. Bot prepaid and post paid card were in use at that time. After a few years we got married and now living with our little kid, Devadathan. Haven't you seen his latest photos in the last post?

My son Devadathan

Here are some photos of that litle kid of mine.. Devan is now 11 months old and we are all set to celebrate his first birthday this October.

Online Unsecured personal loans - Your helping hand in times of need

Last time I wrote an article about pay day loans.. Pay day loans comprises of small amount. What if your requirement is slightly high? In that case, you will have to move to a Personal Loan company. The best thing to do is an extensive search of the no obligation, unsecured personal loans. Find the company and apply for the loan. In most of the cases, approval of a loan will be a difficult task, if your credit history is bad. Most companies rely on people with great credit history. This time too I ran a search in google and found out a couple of site providing Unsecured Personal Loans and one of those companies, doesn't have any issues with a bad credit. So arranging finance upto $10000 is easy now, that too applying and getting approved online make the whole process fast.

Alexa Rank: 87770 for the last day : Sub 100000

Don't know what happened or how that happened.. but last day my alexa rank went up to 87770. So my stats were viewable :) Looks good... and I haven;t have done any magic to increase the alexa Ranking... Or haven;t checked those blogs / tutorials to increase alexa ranking...

I think Its all because of some extra readers from germany and United Kingsdom(UK). So alexa.. do you have geographical influence? I think so..
check my alexa ranking OR traffic details in Alexa

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Payday Loans – Easy way to get around the unexpected financial burden

Haven't you find that at times you are not able to move with your next months salary? You wish you get a financial assistance from some one so that you can pay them back at your next salary date? And do you find it difficult to ask your friends and relatives? Not to worry, you can now apply for a Payday Loans in the comfort of your office or home. The whole process is on line and you get an approval within no time. Its available 24/7 as well. You don't have to fax documents to them for approval. All you have to do is get on line and apply for the loan. So try that non obligatory payday loan today.

No social activities?

Alexa Traffic rank is almost constant now a days. Its around 3,50000. I dont know why but now a days i dont care about that and the tecnorati links as well.. :) Commenting on others blog is also not happening... Must be all due to the work am doing now a days.. All work and no games make jack a......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SaaS - Team Foundation Server

What is that you use to integrate your team projects and the resourses? I think that is the toughest part of a project managers job. Last day I hard about team foundation server hosting and searched for about a couple of hours on the same.


But have you heard about SaaS tfs or software as a service tfs? Its a method by which the software is deployed through Internet and that too to the clients premises. This eliminates the need for the software to be instaled in the local/Client's machine and save a huge lots of efforts in maintaining, repairing, trouble shooting in client side. That means more control over versions and upgrades, less price, network based access, scalable and robust. So host the software as services and run in a different location do have lot's of advantages.

Microsoft Team foundation server from Microsoft Team Server from phase 2 allows an organisation to manage the visual studio projects of an organization. Tools like Team build, source control, permisiion management etc, helps us to manage the project and help us to be in the right track. So with SaaS you get an advantage, no It department, no overhead costs, and phase 2 have even offered a money back if Hosted team foundation doesn't help you to make your business better.

Support and pricing
The packages and pricing looks decent and they offer free support and there is no set up fee as well.
If you are having a little issue with investing without trying, go ahead and check the demo before you pay for the package. As it is I think Its worth to have an alliance with phase 2, a Microsoft gold certified partner.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Reverse phone lookup - phone info tracer

Are you a victim of continues call from pranksters? Are you the one unsatisfied with the calls from telemarketers? Don't you wish to know who is trying to contact you or who is trying to annoy you? Here is a way to check who is that one that have become a nuisance. Yeah, the reverse phone look up, which is used to find the address of the person by giving in the telephone number. So it is actually the reverse of what happens with a telephone directory in which we used to find a telephone number by using a number or an address.
One such site I found is the Phone Info Tracer, which is used to find the info on US and Canada. The usage of the site is 100% anonymous and they are not going to notify anyone when you do a telephone number search. The site features a section to find if the area you are looking (the area code) is supported or not. Occasionally you may have to purchase a data when you come across the unlisted or mobile numbers. The process is simple, all you have to do is to type the number with code in to the search box and hit “search” button and that search retrieves the data like the state, county, city, zip code, carrier, and the address in which the connection is registered.

Migration - wordpress to blogger

Lasat whole montgh I was doing some sortta experiments.. experiments with wordpress and stuffs like that.. Now am back.. back to blogger.. if you ask me why I dont have an answer.. Pss... I still do like wordpress.. :)

Dreaming about a good host?

Now a days a website is your key to business. The first level in which your client will judge you is your website. Imagine a situation in which one of your esteemed “To be Client” reports you that your website is down! May be its one of those scheduled down times by your favourite host.. Oops don't go nuts... That may happen. What you need is a reliable host who can serve you in all the best possible way. This was what I was searching for. A site which can give all the details like the different types of web hosts, web hosting rating, the space each of these web hosts are providing. Basic package of these hosts, Band width offered in each packages, advanced packages offered, what is that is extra in these advance packages (most of the cases its just the money), and a comparison of these in different ways so that i can analyse and get to a conclusion from which i can identify my right host. Some googling and some tips and tricks from review sites and lots of permutations and combinations lead me to a host. This was for my friend who was trying to host his new website.
Later on I reached a site in which web hosts are reviewed and when i tried the requirements of my friend on that site I was able to reach the host fast and that was exactly the same result which took a lotta time for me to calculate. is a site which there are reviews , articles, web hosting awards, ratings of web hosts plus the coupon codes, all served by real customers. From dedicated hosting to cheap web hosting, about different types of control panels of the web hosts, This site is really a place to watch for. If in between your development of a website if you have some doubt regarding how to find a secure web host, all you have to do is to go to the web hosting tutorials section of the site and get the necessary info about it. Does that sound so simple?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

CEO with a Vision

Do you remember my post about real estate business school? if not here is a quick reminder. The Nouveau Riche University is an accredited school specializing in real estate investing. From introductory real estate investing to advanced techniques such as creative real estate investing techniques including wholesaling, multi-units, and short sales, the university deals with almost all the specialisations needed when one leaps into real estate business.

The visionary behind this project was Jim Piccolo, the Chancellor of Nouveau Riche University, has served as President and CEO of Nouveau Riche Corporation since October 2000. Jim Piccolo have more than twenty years of extensive business experience, from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately-held, manufacturing company having international roots, to a publicly-traded, marketing company with four, wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US and international concerns. Jim Piccolo have a successful career as a nationally recognized, after market, sport-truck accessory designer and entrepreneur, and this proved his ability to carve out successful market niches.

I like the way he have diversified his area of operations. and the way in which he have identified the niches and make the most out of these niches. And imagine, this CEO is a renowned public speaker as well, and delivers inspirational, educational and motivational speeches worldwide.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blaze Media Pro - for my audio - video - ripping needs.

I was in search of some audio/ video editors... these were for my cousin who was trying to do a project in multimedia and visual communication.
Then I came to a site which offers these stuffs. Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software, is an all in one tool that help me in doing my tasks easly. From editing the audio to video to function as a dvd ripper it helps us in all tasks.

This software helps a lot as audio converter by converting MP3 to wma, wav, ogg, and vice versa.CD's can be ripped to mp3, wma, wav ...etc. It also have powerful capabilities in handling the DVD Audio. The video converter of this software have MPEG encoder and decoder in it and have capability to convert avi to MPEG, wmv, and vice versa. It also helps to edit the video's by adding, deleting frames, and have MusicID audio recognition, ...etc. This have the capability of doing batch conversion and extract screens from video. We will be able to add audio files to a movie and can even extractthe audio from the existing movie. Software have an inutive design with drag and drop editing facilities and the options and settings are highly customisable. This is one good application that is capable of doing a lots of things in a go! The site have got an option to download the trial version of the software. Go ahead and try the trial and I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with this software

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WEBHOSTINGGEEKS - in search of a good host

This time I am here with a link to the list of web hosts that are suited for you needs.. This is from the hosting review of and there they have listed the top 10 web hosts listed which are under $10. and top of the chart is imotion and then the blue host. From yahoo to fastnet the list looks good. The web hosting award for the best hosts of 2007 is also there.
So what do these guys offer?
They do web hosting reviews, they give web hosting awards to best budget hosting, blog hosting, forum, unix and windows hosting and so on. They have a section for webmasters and have even listed a page with hosts providing free coupons to advertise! So this site is useful if you are trying to host your blog in your own domain!

If you are also availing a service from a web host don't forget to add your review about that host after registering in webhostinggeeks.

Antivirus - My system "crawls" slower!

These days my system became slow and when I checked AVG is taking a hell lots of resources.. avgrsx.exe is taking more memory when ever a browser window is opened. Think its high time I do a quick format for my system... And check with other anti virus options. (still I like AVG..).

I have already tried with many other Anti Virus tools that are available for free.. but nothing matched the protection offered by AVG. My laptop (running vista)doesnt have this much off issues as this desktop(running in XP) have...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rent To Own Convention

Do you remember what is rent to own? Well, if you don't here is a quick reminder. Its a method of renting a device, appliance, furniture so that we can use it and if desired we can buy the same. So sort of try and buy option for the customers. The rent to own dealers is meeting this year at St. Luis. This is in APRO 2008 Convention & Buying Show, Done by APRO( Available in ). This august 11th the show starts in St. Louis and on 13th of august from 11AM, the exhibit hall will be open. The hall closes at 3 PM the next day.

So what is that which make this show different? It is those 100+ vendors exhibiting APRO Show Special products that won't be available anywhere else. Up to $10,000 will be given out as cash as the show concludes. And the exhibitors take pre show orders, and if your entry is drawn and its a pre show order, then you are getting a double winning. There will be an all industry round table in this lease to own industry convention. Not to mention other attractions like the golf tourny, cocktail parties, RAE awards and more. So if you want to catch the whole action, come on and join Convention in St. Louis.

AMC and ATCA - technologies to rule!

From childhood days, I was fascinated about how computer works.. those little games, and characters moving on keystroke, storing my data all happens like a magic. Once I was searching in Internet about the devices inside the computer, I came to know that there are more components than what i thought of. Not only the hard disk, mother board Ram and stuffs like that. But there are more things like controllers(eg: input/ output controllers)
For a couple of months I was in to finding more information about these things and I found some thing called Advanced Mezzanine Card or AdvancedMC, which are printed circuitry boards that follows PICMG(a group involving more that 100 companies as members) The AMC.x, is the official specification designed to work in any carrier card
These specifications range from AMC.0, which is the base or the core specification to AMC.4, which is under development, and deals with Serial RapidIO(technology for interconnecting chips on a circuit board).
The other specifications are AMC.1 for PCI Express (and PCI Express Advanced Switching) (ratified), AMC.2 dealing the Gigabit Ethernet and XAUI (Still under review) and AMC.3 deals with storage(ratified). One of the major players in this field is Kontron, who is there from 1962. A world market leader and OEM supplier, Kontron deals with storage modules based on SAS and SATA to the I/O modules providing the Gbe up links support. From the Pentium M card to the latest Dual core, AMC processor modules can handle it all. This company helps most of the companies out there to save time in launching a product. With supply of technology backed blocks that helps in building the future of networking, Kontron is surely a market leader in AdvancedMC and AdvancedTCA. AdvancedTCA, which is the new standard in telecom communication. AdvancedTCA provides standardized platform architecture for carrier-grade telecommunication applications, with support for carrier-grade features like ETSI, NEBS, 99.999% availability...etc. These technologies will definitely decides the future.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Webhost articles- tips -Tricks

Do you know how to choose a host? Have you read the basics to choose a web host? If not, just visit, a place where you an find good articles on web hosting, different type of tutorials ...etc. The site have various tutorials, and web hosting articles. Do you know that you can earn money by reseller hosting? Yeah, by getting a bulk storage on server first, you can resell the space to your customers. The technical aspects will be dealt by the parent host, all you have to do is to market yourselves out and get the clients... If not interested in that many of the hosts out their offers you affiliate income for the sales you make.

One of the tips in was interesting. It was an article to give a general idea on the web hosting. Like, 1. Analyze the needs, 2. check the available options with hosts, 3. Check the reliability, 4. Compare your budget, 5. Choose the best one. I think the basic thing which I havent checked is the analysing the host!... I need to improve on the same before I choose a host for my clients. There are tutorials on cpanels as well (control Panel)

From windows to linux hosting... from Virtual Private network to the security aspects of hosting... from e commerce to dedicated servers, this website have got a number of information that can be categorised as “must read”. Why don't you try reading the same before choosing a web host in haste?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

College for real-estate business aspirants -Nouveau Riche

real estate is a real buzz now a days and the profit one can make from the same is huge. I was searching for a couple of area for my friend and i found an interesting news item, i forgot the source of the same, but was managed to find out the article's reference site. This was about a college.. a college on real estate.. exciting is'nt it? This college, which is exclusive for the real estate scenario was none other than Nouveau Riche. This can be called a real estate investment college and each course in Nouveau Riche is tailor made for you to excel in real estate scenario. The how to of the real estate investment, the concept and the strategies are tought in these courses.
Advantage and disadvantage of long term and short term real estate investment strategies are discussed with in these courses and Nouveau Riche assure you a type of education which is dynamic in nature and is between the like minded people. The students have to participate in case studies, classroom discussions and role playing excercises that will aid them in retaining the information they collect.
Nouveau Riche courses varies from book keeping and building your own team to Rehabbing, seller financed notes to short sales. A to Z of the real estate investment scenario will be infront of you, which you can use in your real estate business. This Scottsdale based college also offers residential real estate encyclopedia, which consists of books, CD's audio series ...etc. which is helpful for a professional in the real estate scenario.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Your Ring Tone?

It was in 2002, that I got a cell phone, in those times mobile phones was not as common as it is now, and for the same, I spend a sum, that is equal to a decent phone of these days(with memory, polyphonic ringtones, gprs etc..) My first phone was a Nokia 1100(yeah, the B/W, torch cell) and now technology have grown. 

Last day I was searching for some free ringtones and came across, and man, there are hell lotta ring tones to choose from. You can register your mobile number in the site and will send you a pin and once confirmed, you can actively take part in the download action. The ring tones are ordered in genre's like the 80's (Guns N' Roses, Micheal Jackson), Christian ring tones, and some fun tones like that from Disney, and have some tones in RAP, Jazz, Metal, truetone ringtone ...etc. The site with sooting blue and white background is easy on eyes, and I think that is powered with Drupal. This site offers a huge selection of ring tones, graphics, wallpapers, and games for your cell phone. This service is a provider independent service, and have less risk involved, as they are not asking for your credit card details through the site. So are you ready to hear the cellphone music play?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Credit card! a distant dream...

I'm from alappuzha District in Kerala, India. None of the banks are giving credit card in Alappuzha? My application got rejected in SBI(I have my salary account there), ICICI, HDFC, Axis(Formerly UTI), and now Morgan stanley.

SBI havent issued any cards to people who have permanent address outside the ernakulam District (yeah, I do work in Ernakulam). Others juz say because of internal policies. Where can I get one card in Alappuzha?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eyewears From Zenni

Goggles, they are now used by almost 50 percentage of people around the world and that percentage rises if we categorize people in age groups.

I had my first goggles when i was studying for SSLC(secondary School Leaving Certificate, or simply Xth standard). Recently I found some clean dealers around Internet who does business in goggles and one of them in They are providing single vision eye glasses from 8 USD. When their bifocal range starts from $25, progressive eye glasses are starting at $37. As they are doing things directly there is no burden of any middle man commission and you can be assured of a reduced price because of no advertising budget. So direct to customer, is what they aims at.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kottamkulangara - Temple and more

My native is kottamkulangara. Half a kilometer away from Punnamada(the famous Nehru Trophy Snake boat race starting point. A site for kottamkulangara Temple was my dream and it got realised last day. The site was officially inaugurated by Mr. Jayakumar, sub group officer for he temple. And the address is

The news about yesterdays event is in kottamkulangara updates. Do visit there for more.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harthal and a leave!

This day its gonna be a leave from the hussles of office as a nation wide protest is called in by VHP/ BJP in India. No vehicles on the road!.

In kerala its a harthal.

Home Sweet Home

Last day I wrote a post about "The House of your Dreams" and discussed areas in which you should plan. With a small research I found some more info on the same. This was to help my friend who was about to construct a new home. The data I was searching for was
1. Area in which maximum wastage happens/ expence is more
2. How to avoid the same

So the main Area were the usage of concrete, which can be rectified by using some Precast Concrete. The only thing is that the quality of material used must be up to the mark and the grade of cement is the one which you desired. More ifo on the grade of cements can be obtained online. Make sure that the precast concrete is used in area, where there is a major drain in fund, which you can save. example, Precast Concrete Septic Tanks, other sewage purposes, retaining wall, electrical/gas facilities ...etc. can save a lot from your pocket. Another area in which you are going to drain your fund is painting the home. This can be avoided with a little extra care in planning the resources(paint) and the durability. A good design, coupled with planning can make everything allright. There are a number of websites around and they can help you get more info on many things that are necessary for construction / house planning . If you go through them and accept the best practices \, then you can save a lot, and yes, one more thing you have to keep in mind is the vendors/ quality of stuffs that you are going to include in to your construction. Assign the best people around, even though that may cost a bit more than the cheapest alternative, that save a lot in the coming years as maintanence cost.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rent to Own - RTO

Do you test an item before you buy? Like the sample packets of each stuffs, and if its a program, then the demo or the shareware version of the same. Yeah! a demo or shareware will always give you hands on experience with that program and help to take a decision. But what about stuffs like furniture set, crockery ...etc. how can you experience the same before you buy? There is a way... Have you heard about rent to own? The name depicts what it is. Rent to own, a relatively new concept is to take an item on rent, with an option to buy the same.So i went ahead in the Internet to check some info on rent-a-center franchise information.
So what is the difference from a credit sale? Its so simple, actually its the term rent that distinguish between the two, Rent to own, is a hassle free, no obligation, no interest method to experience the goods, with free replacement and can be returned at any time. So no credit checks, no credit extension, no obligation,flexible payment options all make rent to own a sweep stake now a days. And then I got some information from the internet regarding RAC franchise. And yeah that site have info on Rent-to-own Organization Websites, Rent-to-own Company Websites, like aaron's franchise information. Recently I too got a EVDO modem from a telecom company on rent to own basis, the terms were simple, They would charge me a rent and if in case i need to own the modem, then I can buy the same and they gave me an offer to reduce half of the rent I have already paid!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The House of your Dreams

Haven't you got a dream? An own house, a small lawn, a small pool in the back yard! hmm.. yes, these are the dreams of a common man now a days. I have a friend who spend a lot to make his dream come true.

You have a dream, now what? Yeah, now you have to plan, plans like financial, things you should incorporate, House Plans, time frame ...etc. Among this the home plan is very important. And it's there comes in to picture. They offers thousands of pre-drawn plans on your finger tips, you can visit them and you can get the stock plans for your usage.

The main advantage in using Home Plans like that is the time. Within less time you can get the idea of your home, how it will look like. The same costs a lot less than a custom drawn plan. The HDA Inc., who is behind the offers this at an unbelievably low rates. From Log home plans to small cottage plans, this site have it all. So if you are looking for that dream house to be built with the right plan, head on to this site.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digital Radio - More clarity , the HD way!

You were hearing a song on your radio and you want to remember the same and want to buy that later, but forget the song.. now its possible to tag the song for future reference and buy the same . So start tagging with Polk Audio I-sonic ES2. Oops! Did'nt got what I mean? Then here is the stuff for you. Digital reception from HD radio is free, the clarity of the sound is superb and it allows to access new country music stations each month for free. Don't believe me in this? Well then you must go ahead and check the hdradio site, and when you read them out you will get to know that Florida High Definition Radio stations and country music stations are all yours for free. There are devices that allows you to tag music, hear FM stations with a CD-quality sound and AM in FM-quality reception. More over there is no subscription charges, no monthly charges, no plan costs, all you have to do is to buy one HD Radio Receiver and It allows multi cast programming, and is available as table top, shelf units, car and marine access unit. Now distance is not a bar for great music.

Blog list - New addition in blogger

Blogger came up with Blog list This is for showing the blog's list that are favourite for you, with updated time etc. so it use RSS from the blogs, to get it listed. Have you tried the same in your side bar? More info can be found in

Blogger Buzz: Show off your favorite blogs with a Blog List

Pss... Its good to get into some ones blog list.. he he he(that was an SEO Tip)

Buggy Screens from The Indian Railways?

I used to commute between Alleppey and Ernakulam daily and The site which I check for he train timings is and this website is designed and developed by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems). Last day i was checking for trains passing through alappuzha and I was amazed at the esult. There was an indefinite delay express(check the last entry in the picture![click to enlarge!]). That data must have been a test data and the developers forgot to remove the same after testing. I will be mailing this to them as well so that they can remove the same.

Over all the site is good. But have minor faults like these.. and yeah there is no information on Ernakulam Junction station as well.. when I choose that station it always says "Sorry no train is Arriving on the selected station in a given time frame (24hours). Please try again!", and the fact is that the ernakulam Junction, or Ernakulam South (Or simply South) is one of the busiest stations in Kerala. Is someone hearing?

Baby - o - Baby - What do you want?

My son, Devadathan is now 8 months old(remember the November post I've become a father). He started responding to calls (like Devaa, Devan ...etc. and is very active now a days. So I was looking around for some products for my son. and in between finalised that I should buy some for him. When I said about the same to my wife she was laughing at me. Because almost all the items were for kids of about 2-3 years old. Can you believe that i even was checking for a children's laptop for my child.

This time i was checking with a little more word of caution around, and checked some sites for Baby Prams. I found a site called baby things 4 u and was happy that I can get the essentials under one roof. I went through many prams in that site and when I was going through some of the baby Baby Pushchairs my wife came in and said she is doubtful that we can hold li'l Devan in those chairs. She suggested me to look over for some travel cots.

so I went in to the section Baby Travel Cots and could find some of the models. She asked me to check for babies that are 2-3 months old and then only did I realised that she was looking some stuffs for her cousin who gave birth to a baby girl recently. They are in UK and we are seriously thinking of sending them something from this site. This site is VISA verified and MasterCard secured. So I can do the payment with either of my cards.

Pss.. they have an article section which throws some ligt in to baby names, ascii art, parenting ...etc.

The idea of aftersales service!

Do you know that there is a site called Try that my dear people.. I have also written some entries there and the max votes were for Honda activa - gearless wonder. You too can visit the same and yeah.. I have to add a li'l more...

The service I have from The dealer.. ha.. that was not up to the mark! I suffered a lot! so before you take a product, please dont go for the product alone, but also the after sales support. and in that category, My vote is for HP. They have done an excellent job in suporting their clients after sales queries and issues. They have replaced a faulty dvd drive in a couple of days time for me.. aint that interesting?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Manchester Web Design and Wow factor

You own a business, good, but do you have a website? is the design of the website impressive? What have you offered your customer in the site? Where have you developed your site, and where have you hosted the same? What steps have you taken for marketing the same?

In most of the cases, a website is the door to the customers. So the first impresion that you give the customers is worth. That impression help us to fetch more business, so it is important. Make sure that the site is properly marketed so that you get both organic and targeted clicks. try to get the best from the market. So for example if you are looking for a Manchester web design, then you can get some good companies around. I found a good company when i searched for web design Manchester. So definitly you will also be able to. I was in pursuit of a company which do web development in manchester. I went ahead and search for web development Manchester and got a list of result and I select the correct one for a friend of mine. The main thing you should look for in the web development is the "Wow factor". As i said earlier, that helps a lot in getting visitors converted in to customers. And my friend said the guys i selected were able to help him fetching some serious business.

Professional Lein through ProLien

Are your receivables in safe hands? Are you in a mechanic company and is worried about the growth in delay/ Non payment from the clients? Are you somewhere near california? On the web i found the website of a company dealing with providing preliminary notices for the construction companies. Run by an attorny with around 30 years of experience in construction field, they help you to execute the mechanical lein to the value of services you have delivered to the client. The compant name is prolien. And if in case if there is a non payment even after serving the notice, you may need an attorny/ legal help and the same will be provided by prolien.

There is no setup money involved with them as well as the annual fees. So you pay only for the services you get. the site have got information like the whole process flow, the FAQ's, the state laws, pricelist ...etc. So what are you waiting for? Try out the attorny hotline available in that site.

Heir Loan - Inheritance Funding

This day am not going to write about loans, but about something which am sure many of the people out there will be benefited. I was reading about "Probate Advance Costs & Facts" of inheritance funding. May be this is not new for you, but for me, it was completely new. So here are some stuffs I found about heir loan .

They offer money not as loan, but as advance, which doesn't have any interest and/or a payment schedule of any kind. They take assignment of your future inheritance and advance you the inheritance money in exchange to a set amount in future, And they decide the advance money with respect to complexity, realestate value involved, time estimation ...etc.

Isn't that cool? Getting the money in hand even before it is done as a court settlement? And even if the court didn't distribute the same even after the time estimated, the cost never goes up.

Probate attorney - Sacramento

With a population of around 5,00,000 Sacramento, is the capital of US state of california and the county seat of Sacramento county. ONe of the five most liveable area in regions of America, this city have a great number of attorny at law as well. In US an attorney at law is a practitioner in a court of law, who is qualified(legally) to prosecute and defend actions in court on the retainer of clients. So if you are in need of an attorny and if you live some where in Sacramento area, then you can choose an option from sacramento probate attorney.
These attorney are there to help you in 1. Probate Administration: In which they help you to probate a will, or administer a trust, 2. Probate Litigation: which is an activity to Challenge a will or remove the personal representative and 3. Estate Planning: in which they help to draft a will and trust. The same site above also have some info on the procedures to be followed in case of probation and how to choose attorny.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Business and communication - Interdependency and interoperability

A friend of mine, who is a business consultant called me this day, and asked to call two of the numbers of his client to evaluate their response on an advertisement they have placed. Both were educational/migration consultancies to united kingdom(UK). Here is an abstract Of the incidents that happened.

Situation - Am an MCA(master of Computer Applications) trying to pursue higher education. I want to get into the IT stream of some university in UK.

Am stating only the issues, for I was asked to evaluate that.

1st call
1. The lady din't ask my name, din't reveal who she is.
2. I said am an MCA graduate and she was offering wrong courses like MSc Computer science and M.B.A.
3. The overall flow was not that good, but she was able to handle the same(Offered a call back and noted my mobile number and email address)

2nd call

Issues - issues and issues.
1. A blank in between the conversation.
2. haven't received a proper communication.
3. I said am an MCA and she asked me whther am a degree holder.
4. Put me on hold without saying so.
5. Transfered the call to another executive without informing that am getting transfered.
6. The 2nd executive started in a different language altogather.(lack of communication between employees)
7. Lack of knowledge on the subject they have advertised.
8. Lack of telephone etiquette.
9. They did not asked for my number, instead gave me their id and asked to mail.
10. Like in the first case - I did not get an introduction on whom am talking with (both the executives) and they did not try to get my name.
Over all impression hat they are not interested in doing this business...

What do you think? Is communication important in all walks of life?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fund Raising Made Easy

Money is a matter of concern for many, and raising fund for a noble cause is not that easy. You cant just go out asking for money / raise fund like that. So what are you gonna do for a fundraising? One of the best idea is to get information from the experts in this field.
sports fundraisers to funds for casual funding there are many a type of funds available.
Some of the fund raising ideas are, Lollipop Fundraisers, Candy Fundraising, Cookie Dough Fundraisers, customised products fundraisers,
church fundraising, Candle(SOY) fund raiser ...etc.
While maintaining a fund raiser, make sure that you are doing it green and beneficial to society, yeah, a beneficial product will always be a fast moving item, which generates money/funds for your efforts. If the fund raising effort is done in a school, they will definitely get some advantages like no prepayment of cash ...etc., from almost all the fund experts. So schools trying to raise funds for Library books, trips, hostel meals can get in touch with a fund raising consultant and get info on what item to sell, how to sell, a small project study / estimation of profit, that can be converted as funds ...etc. can be done. This once materialized can help them to fetch the books they want to.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Computers - for Gaming, personal and business needs

Recently I brought a laptop and a PC for my cousin. The PC was a gaming PC, a Core 2 Duo Processor machine with graphics cards and all the sorta stuff. Later on one day I came across a site called
Easy as my PC and when I went through the same, It was all about building/ assembling your own PC. PC's like gaming computers, Basic computers, computer for business purposes... etc. are listed there. Yeah, you will get almost all the stuffs needed from them and all what you need is a screw driver, as they claims. From the processor, to the keyboard/ mouse, they supply you the components and you can assemble the same. Last time when I tried to assemble a computer after doing a custom order of the components from e-bay, I lost in between as i got some incompatible items left behind, once i assembled my system. So the next time, I think I should try order a kit from this site.
OOps.. did I forgot to mention that they have the upgrade kits and components sold seperately!

Good bye Adsense

In response to googles decission to freeze my adsense account, I am taking off all the adsense ads from my blog... Donno why google have done the same.. I haven't ever clicked on a single ad :(
My account was almost around 37 - 40 USD (for the last one and a half years)... down with adsense..

I have started using some inpost ads from BidVertiser, instead.

Thank you google :)

Yeah, there are many a number of other advertisers around.. I think google doesn't know that! I wont blame google.. only thing that hurt is that they did'nt even send a mail / confirmation that they are going to ban!

Phrrrrr.. (Sound of Blowing the Nose)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Socialspark is now live

Don't you know Izea? The famous company behind many of the sites like bloggers choice awards, url breif rss breif etc.. They have started another site lately and that is SocialSpark. Yeah the social spark is now live!

What is social spark?
Social spark is a Social Marketing Network, which connects the bloggers with advertisers, and help them to earn money. So its an online meeting place for the advertisers and bloggers. The advertisers can target blogs that are relevant to their products/ projects and sponsor the relevant blogs or blog posts
I have also created my profile in SocialSpark .

The biggest thing I like about the social spark(yeah that is why I have included my Profile) is the way in which they have dealt with the bloggers and advertisers. Izea do care about their customers, so their FAQ's are always up to the mark and almost all the questions that you have in your mind will be answered there. We can go to the other blogs, and get to know how our fellow bloggers write a content. What I dint like is the way the stuffs are organised. It could have been a little more simple. More emphasis is given to colors and pictures in the current layout. Still th site load time is decent and doesnt let you wait for long!

Get social get the spark!

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Clean your Registry

TweakNow RegCleaner Standard Is a tool that can be used to remove the unwanted registry entries and helps to keep your computer clean!

Try downloading that from Tweaknow

Monday, June 2, 2008

NCH - Your Nevada Connections

Where ever you are residing and still want your business to get incorporated in Nevada(the silver state)? Then you have a solution.., yeah , the NCH or the Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. helps you with it. All because they are said to be as the number one in the field of incorporating a business in Nevada. Be it an LLC or a corporation, you can't miss it. In The NCH site you can Compare LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship and make a decision on the same.

Advantage Nevada.

So why is this buzz about Nevada? A Nevada corporation or Nevada LLC provides protection to assets and

reduced tax exposure, guard against identity theft, that too legally, by incorporating a business in Nevada. Nevada was in the top ten in incorporating business even in 96, and even now more than five thousand of business are getting registered in Nevada alone, of which 80% + are from the people residing outside state.

If you want a Nevada edge e book then head to the NCH site and download your free copy today.

Footnote (off topic):

Pss.. I was doing a search on Network Capture Appliance (NCA) and was looking for some info on CALEA Compliance and got them as from another site.. If you are in search of the same, or need a demo on NCA or need info on CALEA (you can request a demo for that as well) then go ahead and click on the links there.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mystery Novel - "The Bruja’s Tale"

Tim Madden(Timothy A Madden), the retired management executive and science fiction novelist have came up again with another interesting Novel, but this time in a different genre. In the backdrops of the land of eternal spring (Guatemala), Tim Madden have switched to write mystery thrillers. The new book in that series is "The Bruja’s Tale". Bruja's tale is all bout Mayan Witch craft, which blends nicely in to the life of 21st century and shamanism that exists in Guatemala. You can visit the Homepage of the site to know more about it.

The plot
This novel is for every one, who feel that there are things that we don't know and is out of our control. So basically, a mystery lover will definitely like this plot, Interested? You canBuy The Book from their website. The hero, Mr. Schoen is a well educated bachelor. This book is about the incidents that happens to his life after a couple of deaths in El Paraiso, and the death of the police chief there, who was the uncle of Mr. Schoen. A Mayan Bruja(witch) tried to bring him under her spell, for possessing his soul.

He was rescued by his lover, Sandra and her cousin. And he was forced to accept the happenings as reality. He was in to the investigation of the murder, and some one want him to stop the same. The corner stone is how Thomas(Mr.Schoen) and Sandra fights back, and whether they win over the situation?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What do you use to change your login Screen? - Vista

I was rather getting bored in seeying the plain login screen in my HP DV 6701AU. So I started looking for options to change the same... now I use the logon studio from stardock. Through this program, I am now able to change the background of my login Screen :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - Your shopping destination?

My friend Vinod is now in UK. He is doing his MBA from a university there. Last day while doing a voice chat in Gtalk he said he is going on for a shopping. He said he need some electronic goods and some clothing. I was amazed. In a developed country like UK where a majority of the population uses Internet , This guy is in to shopping and for fun I typed in and Oops.. am in to an e commerce site.. from Electronics to health care, from clothings to home and garden equipments, from appliances to Jewellery. Almost anything that a man/ woman needs is there. And it was then one of my other friends commented that their service is good. I informed Vinod, but it was late. He have already brought an MP3 player and Some fashion clothings. He said he will definitely give a try after reading some of those product reviews that are listed there.

Devan in Cartoon :)

The cartoonist strikes again! this time the victim was my son Devadathan.. The cartoon was splendid and see that for yourselves.
Pss... Visit his site in and he was generous in offering a 10 percentage discount on all cartoons if some one mentions that they are reffered by . What are you waiting for? go ahead and grab that offer..!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who's your (web)Daddy?

Choosing a web hosting company is cumbersome. Finding the right one for your needs is the most important thing you have to do. Whether you own a blog or a general website or an e-commerce site, you need to find out the right web host. There are lots of reviews about the web hosts and info on web hosting are available all over the Internet. Go ahead and check one or two web hosting reviews before going for a particular web host. These reviews help to find out what worked well for whom. Requirement for a host differs from person to person/ company to company, so choose one wisely

Identify your host

The essentials of a good web host are

  1. The experience of the existing customers of that web host.

    So if you have a friend who is using a particular host, just inquire about the web host and he will be happy to assist you. Often testimonials are also taken in to account. web hosting articles are available from Internet.

  2. Type of users

    If the Users of that particular web host is misusing there space, then definitely you are also going to suffer as it may affect SERP values. Try avoiding web hosts that are hosting Spam contents.

  3. Up Time: When a host assures you a 99.9% uptime, then go for that. You wont get a 100%, so check the history of the host in those matters.

  4. Remember expensive is not equal to better.

  5. Space and band width:

  6. Support: What sort of support will that particular web host gives you? Check that with existing customers as well.(oops, back to step 1?)

  7. Payment option: even if they provide you the service, will you be able to pay them in time/ in the way they accept the payment.

  8. Type of server(s)

In addition to these tips you can also do some speed check on the websites that are hosted by these web hosts. That can provide you some important info about their level of performance. So who is your Daddy?

Memory from Memory deal

For the smooth function of your laptop, Personal Computer, Mac, ...etc., you need good memory. RAM, can be said to be the head of your computer. I bought a Pavilion laptop from HP, and then I realized the importance of the RAM, I was compelled to do a 2gb Memory Upgrade of my RAM and choosing the same was a hectic task. At last I upgraded the same. When I informed my friend, he said he have bought a Apple Memory & MAC RAM from I went to that site and was amazed. If i was here early, i could have got the memory in lesser price and that too the original one. There you can get the memory modules same as the one used by the major computer makers like IBM, dell, HP ...etc. They even claims that they are the first online guys to offer the customers the genuine factory original memory modules for each and every memory upgrade.

The main advantage of using a memory like that is, the reliability, and integrity of the memory with other components and it eliminates the need of an upgrade for another couple of years. Whether you need a PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgrade , or a 4 GB upgrade, try going to memory deal.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

HP Service center - Kochi - India -

I was searching the HP site to get info on the service centers in Kochi and after a long search that reached no where I called local computer dealer, who said she have no phone number, but she gave me hints about the same. I logged out from my office bio metric attendance marking system and went in search for the same and at last I reached the place near Kaloor. The issue was with my Laptop DVD writer, which they said needs a replacement. I agreed for the same and another info they gave me was that they are gonna shift to a new place. So here is the new address in Kochi

HP Service Center
4th Floor, KPV Estate,
Kalavathu, Palarivattom
Cochin / Kochi
Pin - 682025
Land mark: Opp to BSNL Exchange - Near to Vodafone Mini store
Ph: 0484 - 3925840

Wonder why the HP People have given wrong phone numbers and information in their website!

Update: 2341303/304 - kaloor service center

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dream templates - Web templates and more...

Easy navigation, easy accessibility, smooth finish, easy on eyes type of colors.. if you are going to list out the features of a good design you are going to take hell lots of pages for them.. So if you are going to choose from some web templates, or are going for a designer to design your site, just go through and that may help you to get a tip or two so that you can improve the over all look, feel and usability of your site. The users must appreciate the content, they must be able to access your web pages of their choice (yes, the web pages must be well linked.)

Yes, when choosing a template you have o be careful.. Like check whether the template burn the eyes of the reader. Check the co ordination of the fonts with the back ground colors. Check whether the color(s) used are burning the eyes of the reader. The other aspects are the font size, which should be normal and less strain to look at, the proper usage and maintenance of the available text area. Usage of graphics must be there, and if possible avoid the same. Some may have a doubt that a picture speaks a thousand words, and what is this guy telling, avoid pictures? Yes my friend, unwanted pictures take away the concentration of the user from your contents. So if you can convey the message in a word, do it and its better than those thousand words. More over the pictures make your website slow, the load time increases and not every one will have the patience to sit and watch the page loading. (Especially in the case of a dial up connection.)

If you are looking for some sort of good, but cheap templates then I would recommend you to have a look on, they have some decent collection of the same. And don’t forget to grab the collection of free templates (they have around 300 of free templates in their collection). From free CSS templates to premium flash template, they have it all. In addition to the same, they have the PowerPoint templates, Word templates etc… Another offer that is ongoing I their site is the ability to access and download the template for one year that too for $59.95 per month. No per template charges, no download charges …etc. Just the one time fee and all the templates are you’re for free, at least for the next one year.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Consumer IR Drivers for HP Laptops( for Vista - May be for other windows versions as well)

Many of you people may have similar experience like mine. I was having windows Vista installed in my laptop and I formatted the recovery partition.. boom.. everything went hay wired.. Then I went ahead with clean install of Vista and found one unrecognized hard ware in my device manager list.! poor me.. it was the consumer IR.. I searched for the same in the whole internet.. and I couldn't find a suitable driver for the same.. Every time I login, it keep on saying that I have a missing stuff inside my HP Pavilion DV6701 AU Laptop. I couldn't find any in the driver section of the HP India (and US as well) Site. Suddenly one day i rectified the issue here is how.

I was running a critical update for my vista.(I've turned off the automatic update.. so do manual update occasionally)
I juz went into the the other optional and recommended updates and there I saw the Drivers for consumer IR... Yes.. Vista update have the drivers for the HP consumer IR.. What are you waiting for my dear.. juz go ahead and run an update.. and btw, this may works with Windows XP as well...

Monday, May 5, 2008

A search on wining lottery number!

I was in search for some Wining lottery number, and other stuffs… One of the search results juz caught my eyes and that was dream and win. The site was beautifully designed and each of the menu-items was in the place. The tickets were easy to choose from and they always gives you the odds of Wining lottery number. From the MAC book air, vacations to a car you can win (realize) your dream there. So choose your destiny and get some Lottery numbers so that you are also in the draw for the next round!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NFR - National Finals Rodeo - Las Vegas

In January this year, I wrote about Houston Rodeo, and this time its NFR or the super bowl of Rodeo... Haven't you started trying for the National Finals Rodeo tickets

What is Rodeo?
Its a sport event which have its origin attributed to the practice of cattle hearding in spain, Mexico, US, Canada, Australia ...etc. It is an event of Cowboys and involves many time judged events involving cattle and horses. It is designed in such a way that the skill, speed and ability of the cow boys and gals are tested. (This is the official sport of Wyoming and Texas.)

National Finals Rodeo is held each year in the first full week of December at the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada (Thomas and Mack Center). This time the big buzz starts on fourth of December till December 13th 2008.

The events include, Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, team roping, saddle Bronc Riding, tie down Roping, bull riding, barrel racing ...etc. So all those entertainment elements are there for you to explore and experience.


The NFR came to Las Vegas (it was previously in Oklahoma.) in 1985 and since then this sport is an integral part of the city. In 2007 NFR have got an official song, the “Cowboy Town,” recorded by superstar duo Brooks and Dunn. The hero of 2007 was Trevor Brazile, PRCA's triple crown champion.(he was a champion in 2004 and 2006. Dont miss the whole action!

SQA - Cartoon _I need to take a leave

For the last couple of months i was noticing that some of the ggole queries for the SQA cartoons land in my blog... Yeah his blog have some QA content and I've written about cartoons as well.. So this time its a cartoon.. Cartoons on quality Assurance. I donno who have drawn this but am gonna use it as it is.. hope you enjoy the same... Click to view that!

QA- Careers- possibilities and the truth.

QA or quality Assurance is the process of Verify, Debug, and Update the software that is developed or modified. The career in QA is a promising one. Irrespective of the technology, domain or the interface used, QA is essential to the organisation. So wonder where will you get a job? They are every where, from the MNC's to the local development firm next door, or some where like TruGreen. Only thing is that open your eyes and ears so that you won't miss the opportunity.

The main skills required for the QA guy are
Active with Excellent communication Skills
Observation skills
Management skills
A little of programmatic skills (yeah, you need this as well)
A certificate in Testing
And experience is desirable.

In the case of a fresher the initial package (yeah, the remuneration) won't be that attractive, but the package weight increases with years of experience. Updating ones knowledge to the current technologies in the market helps in the QA's case as well. So be updated to make an impression. If you have any tips and tricks regarding this, do update the same as comments, so that others can be benefited from the same.

Service-The keyword to profit and business.

The heading above says it all. Let your industry be a production, a software development, or a service oriented or even a reseller, what you need to maintain a good customer base is the "Service". You can have a service division inside the company or can even outsource the same. Some maintain the service division as an entirely different company(Tax issues ;) ). If you are a customer/regular user of the products, you will get a free service or may be you have to get registered/paid to avail the service. Some like American Home Shield (AHS) help the customer to get the service fast and efficient at your doorstep. What ever be the case its always advisable to sign up for the services(If you are required to do so), as it takes away the hassles of finding the technocrat/service people and get the appointment.

In the internet if you are buying a software make sure that they have a customer service division or some sorta support so that in case if you are stuck they are there a mail away. So the basics are simple. Give good service and customers will come looking for you. Now a days even the free services in the internet have got a support section in them, and yeah, they respond to your queries as well. Have you ever tried to contact any of the online services?

Bugs, testers and extra functionality.

The Software we uses may contain lotta bugs... and its the duty of the testers to eliminate them before the final release.. err.. the actual sentence would be, to find and report them.. so its like what Terminix do. or rather may be its done b the programmer itself. What ever the case is it must be bug free. A software can be said to be as a good one, if it is usable in the eyes of the final user, if its functional in the eyes of the tester and if its less buggy in the eyes of the project members(and of course in the eyes of customer and testers as well.)

Extra functionality.
Extra functionality is always welcome. but imagine a customer complaining that he is directed to other pages on certain keystrokes or certain combination keys(for him it may be undesirable). That will be a pain. So when ever a customer gives out his requirement(s), either stick to the same or discuss with him what ever extra functionality you are gonna add. This clears the last minute debate(over the money and functionality) before the release.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Programmes I cant live wihout

1. Notepad ++ []
Yeah this article itself is typed in notepad++ and I love this software.. when ever some one calls to give a number, open an unknown file , I automatically press winkey + R (activate the 'RUN' ) and type in "notepad++" (without double quotes) and swoosh.. its before me.. its so fast, easy to handle and controllable. This is the program which i use frequently

2. Paint .net (paint dot net or PDN) []
A li'l image manipulation tool that is helpful in times. for hose simple resizing, retouching job, this program is soo light and easy.

3. Firefox []
I love this browser.. except that it doesnt opens up my bank account secured page.. but that is ok :)

4. Flashget []
This is a wonder tool for me which helps me a lot in managing the downloads in my office and home... small but powerful.

5. Open office. []
Thanks to this program which helps me a lot in creating pdf documents that draws attraction in my company as well as among my friends. This is primarly a well managed document tool. I dint forgot about the spreadsheet, presentation capabilities ...etc.

6. Google talk []
For hose hi and bye I use google talk (less frequent now a days). Thanks to google, i am in touch with my friends

7. Blogger []
I use blogger and i have used my domain over it. so definitly blogger is in my list

8. Picassa []
Picassa is neat and organisable to an extend. I use them in my blogs, for hosting my personal album ...etc.

9. Google Apps. []
yeah, the google apps is definitly a boon for me. With that am getting a lotta free space for my mail. google sites, and google pages, where I can even store some files to dowload.

10. AVG Antivirus Free editon []
Yeah, I use the free edition of AVG from grisoft and that helps me in keeping major vulnarabilities out.

11. Tweak UI / powertoys []
For keeping my computer neat

12 Ccleaner []
For keeping my computer clean

So that is it. these are the major programs I use on a daily basis. For my video audio needs, i use windows media player itself.

So what are your essentials?

* This is not a comprehensive list.. i juz penned down(oops I mean keyed down) the data which came in to my mind.