Monday, July 7, 2008

Kottamkulangara - Temple and more

My native is kottamkulangara. Half a kilometer away from Punnamada(the famous Nehru Trophy Snake boat race starting point. A site for kottamkulangara Temple was my dream and it got realised last day. The site was officially inaugurated by Mr. Jayakumar, sub group officer for he temple. And the address is

The news about yesterdays event is in kottamkulangara updates. Do visit there for more.


bluetooth said...

kottamkulangara seems to be an excellent place to be in indeed! Though I have never been there to this place but the images speak it all about this peaceful looking place. Fantastic place really. Thanks a lot.

AR, Insurance Planner said...

I checked the website. It has really good information for tourists who want to visit the place. I am always fasinated by south India. Hope that I would be able to go there some day. Thanks again for sharing this information.

joel said...

will check out

facebook said...

These temple should be kept with the best care now. Many temple are destroyed for the lack of care.

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