Saturday, June 28, 2008

The House of your Dreams

Haven't you got a dream? An own house, a small lawn, a small pool in the back yard! hmm.. yes, these are the dreams of a common man now a days. I have a friend who spend a lot to make his dream come true.

You have a dream, now what? Yeah, now you have to plan, plans like financial, things you should incorporate, House Plans, time frame ...etc. Among this the home plan is very important. And it's there comes in to picture. They offers thousands of pre-drawn plans on your finger tips, you can visit them and you can get the stock plans for your usage.

The main advantage in using Home Plans like that is the time. Within less time you can get the idea of your home, how it will look like. The same costs a lot less than a custom drawn plan. The HDA Inc., who is behind the offers this at an unbelievably low rates. From Log home plans to small cottage plans, this site have it all. So if you are looking for that dream house to be built with the right plan, head on to this site.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digital Radio - More clarity , the HD way!

You were hearing a song on your radio and you want to remember the same and want to buy that later, but forget the song.. now its possible to tag the song for future reference and buy the same . So start tagging with Polk Audio I-sonic ES2. Oops! Did'nt got what I mean? Then here is the stuff for you. Digital reception from HD radio is free, the clarity of the sound is superb and it allows to access new country music stations each month for free. Don't believe me in this? Well then you must go ahead and check the hdradio site, and when you read them out you will get to know that Florida High Definition Radio stations and country music stations are all yours for free. There are devices that allows you to tag music, hear FM stations with a CD-quality sound and AM in FM-quality reception. More over there is no subscription charges, no monthly charges, no plan costs, all you have to do is to buy one HD Radio Receiver and It allows multi cast programming, and is available as table top, shelf units, car and marine access unit. Now distance is not a bar for great music.

Blog list - New addition in blogger

Blogger came up with Blog list This is for showing the blog's list that are favourite for you, with updated time etc. so it use RSS from the blogs, to get it listed. Have you tried the same in your side bar? More info can be found in

Blogger Buzz: Show off your favorite blogs with a Blog List

Pss... Its good to get into some ones blog list.. he he he(that was an SEO Tip)

Buggy Screens from The Indian Railways?

I used to commute between Alleppey and Ernakulam daily and The site which I check for he train timings is and this website is designed and developed by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems). Last day i was checking for trains passing through alappuzha and I was amazed at the esult. There was an indefinite delay express(check the last entry in the picture![click to enlarge!]). That data must have been a test data and the developers forgot to remove the same after testing. I will be mailing this to them as well so that they can remove the same.

Over all the site is good. But have minor faults like these.. and yeah there is no information on Ernakulam Junction station as well.. when I choose that station it always says "Sorry no train is Arriving on the selected station in a given time frame (24hours). Please try again!", and the fact is that the ernakulam Junction, or Ernakulam South (Or simply South) is one of the busiest stations in Kerala. Is someone hearing?

Baby - o - Baby - What do you want?

My son, Devadathan is now 8 months old(remember the November post I've become a father). He started responding to calls (like Devaa, Devan ...etc. and is very active now a days. So I was looking around for some products for my son. and in between finalised that I should buy some for him. When I said about the same to my wife she was laughing at me. Because almost all the items were for kids of about 2-3 years old. Can you believe that i even was checking for a children's laptop for my child.

This time i was checking with a little more word of caution around, and checked some sites for Baby Prams. I found a site called baby things 4 u and was happy that I can get the essentials under one roof. I went through many prams in that site and when I was going through some of the baby Baby Pushchairs my wife came in and said she is doubtful that we can hold li'l Devan in those chairs. She suggested me to look over for some travel cots.

so I went in to the section Baby Travel Cots and could find some of the models. She asked me to check for babies that are 2-3 months old and then only did I realised that she was looking some stuffs for her cousin who gave birth to a baby girl recently. They are in UK and we are seriously thinking of sending them something from this site. This site is VISA verified and MasterCard secured. So I can do the payment with either of my cards.

Pss.. they have an article section which throws some ligt in to baby names, ascii art, parenting ...etc.

The idea of aftersales service!

Do you know that there is a site called Try that my dear people.. I have also written some entries there and the max votes were for Honda activa - gearless wonder. You too can visit the same and yeah.. I have to add a li'l more...

The service I have from The dealer.. ha.. that was not up to the mark! I suffered a lot! so before you take a product, please dont go for the product alone, but also the after sales support. and in that category, My vote is for HP. They have done an excellent job in suporting their clients after sales queries and issues. They have replaced a faulty dvd drive in a couple of days time for me.. aint that interesting?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Manchester Web Design and Wow factor

You own a business, good, but do you have a website? is the design of the website impressive? What have you offered your customer in the site? Where have you developed your site, and where have you hosted the same? What steps have you taken for marketing the same?

In most of the cases, a website is the door to the customers. So the first impresion that you give the customers is worth. That impression help us to fetch more business, so it is important. Make sure that the site is properly marketed so that you get both organic and targeted clicks. try to get the best from the market. So for example if you are looking for a Manchester web design, then you can get some good companies around. I found a good company when i searched for web design Manchester. So definitly you will also be able to. I was in pursuit of a company which do web development in manchester. I went ahead and search for web development Manchester and got a list of result and I select the correct one for a friend of mine. The main thing you should look for in the web development is the "Wow factor". As i said earlier, that helps a lot in getting visitors converted in to customers. And my friend said the guys i selected were able to help him fetching some serious business.

Professional Lein through ProLien

Are your receivables in safe hands? Are you in a mechanic company and is worried about the growth in delay/ Non payment from the clients? Are you somewhere near california? On the web i found the website of a company dealing with providing preliminary notices for the construction companies. Run by an attorny with around 30 years of experience in construction field, they help you to execute the mechanical lein to the value of services you have delivered to the client. The compant name is prolien. And if in case if there is a non payment even after serving the notice, you may need an attorny/ legal help and the same will be provided by prolien.

There is no setup money involved with them as well as the annual fees. So you pay only for the services you get. the site have got information like the whole process flow, the FAQ's, the state laws, pricelist ...etc. So what are you waiting for? Try out the attorny hotline available in that site.

Heir Loan - Inheritance Funding

This day am not going to write about loans, but about something which am sure many of the people out there will be benefited. I was reading about "Probate Advance Costs & Facts" of inheritance funding. May be this is not new for you, but for me, it was completely new. So here are some stuffs I found about heir loan .

They offer money not as loan, but as advance, which doesn't have any interest and/or a payment schedule of any kind. They take assignment of your future inheritance and advance you the inheritance money in exchange to a set amount in future, And they decide the advance money with respect to complexity, realestate value involved, time estimation ...etc.

Isn't that cool? Getting the money in hand even before it is done as a court settlement? And even if the court didn't distribute the same even after the time estimated, the cost never goes up.

Probate attorney - Sacramento

With a population of around 5,00,000 Sacramento, is the capital of US state of california and the county seat of Sacramento county. ONe of the five most liveable area in regions of America, this city have a great number of attorny at law as well. In US an attorney at law is a practitioner in a court of law, who is qualified(legally) to prosecute and defend actions in court on the retainer of clients. So if you are in need of an attorny and if you live some where in Sacramento area, then you can choose an option from sacramento probate attorney.
These attorney are there to help you in 1. Probate Administration: In which they help you to probate a will, or administer a trust, 2. Probate Litigation: which is an activity to Challenge a will or remove the personal representative and 3. Estate Planning: in which they help to draft a will and trust. The same site above also have some info on the procedures to be followed in case of probation and how to choose attorny.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Business and communication - Interdependency and interoperability

A friend of mine, who is a business consultant called me this day, and asked to call two of the numbers of his client to evaluate their response on an advertisement they have placed. Both were educational/migration consultancies to united kingdom(UK). Here is an abstract Of the incidents that happened.

Situation - Am an MCA(master of Computer Applications) trying to pursue higher education. I want to get into the IT stream of some university in UK.

Am stating only the issues, for I was asked to evaluate that.

1st call
1. The lady din't ask my name, din't reveal who she is.
2. I said am an MCA graduate and she was offering wrong courses like MSc Computer science and M.B.A.
3. The overall flow was not that good, but she was able to handle the same(Offered a call back and noted my mobile number and email address)

2nd call

Issues - issues and issues.
1. A blank in between the conversation.
2. haven't received a proper communication.
3. I said am an MCA and she asked me whther am a degree holder.
4. Put me on hold without saying so.
5. Transfered the call to another executive without informing that am getting transfered.
6. The 2nd executive started in a different language altogather.(lack of communication between employees)
7. Lack of knowledge on the subject they have advertised.
8. Lack of telephone etiquette.
9. They did not asked for my number, instead gave me their id and asked to mail.
10. Like in the first case - I did not get an introduction on whom am talking with (both the executives) and they did not try to get my name.
Over all impression hat they are not interested in doing this business...

What do you think? Is communication important in all walks of life?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fund Raising Made Easy

Money is a matter of concern for many, and raising fund for a noble cause is not that easy. You cant just go out asking for money / raise fund like that. So what are you gonna do for a fundraising? One of the best idea is to get information from the experts in this field.
sports fundraisers to funds for casual funding there are many a type of funds available.
Some of the fund raising ideas are, Lollipop Fundraisers, Candy Fundraising, Cookie Dough Fundraisers, customised products fundraisers,
church fundraising, Candle(SOY) fund raiser ...etc.
While maintaining a fund raiser, make sure that you are doing it green and beneficial to society, yeah, a beneficial product will always be a fast moving item, which generates money/funds for your efforts. If the fund raising effort is done in a school, they will definitely get some advantages like no prepayment of cash ...etc., from almost all the fund experts. So schools trying to raise funds for Library books, trips, hostel meals can get in touch with a fund raising consultant and get info on what item to sell, how to sell, a small project study / estimation of profit, that can be converted as funds ...etc. can be done. This once materialized can help them to fetch the books they want to.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Computers - for Gaming, personal and business needs

Recently I brought a laptop and a PC for my cousin. The PC was a gaming PC, a Core 2 Duo Processor machine with graphics cards and all the sorta stuff. Later on one day I came across a site called
Easy as my PC and when I went through the same, It was all about building/ assembling your own PC. PC's like gaming computers, Basic computers, computer for business purposes... etc. are listed there. Yeah, you will get almost all the stuffs needed from them and all what you need is a screw driver, as they claims. From the processor, to the keyboard/ mouse, they supply you the components and you can assemble the same. Last time when I tried to assemble a computer after doing a custom order of the components from e-bay, I lost in between as i got some incompatible items left behind, once i assembled my system. So the next time, I think I should try order a kit from this site.
OOps.. did I forgot to mention that they have the upgrade kits and components sold seperately!

Good bye Adsense

In response to googles decission to freeze my adsense account, I am taking off all the adsense ads from my blog... Donno why google have done the same.. I haven't ever clicked on a single ad :(
My account was almost around 37 - 40 USD (for the last one and a half years)... down with adsense..

I have started using some inpost ads from BidVertiser, instead.

Thank you google :)

Yeah, there are many a number of other advertisers around.. I think google doesn't know that! I wont blame google.. only thing that hurt is that they did'nt even send a mail / confirmation that they are going to ban!

Phrrrrr.. (Sound of Blowing the Nose)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Socialspark is now live

Don't you know Izea? The famous company behind many of the sites like bloggers choice awards, url breif rss breif etc.. They have started another site lately and that is SocialSpark. Yeah the social spark is now live!

What is social spark?
Social spark is a Social Marketing Network, which connects the bloggers with advertisers, and help them to earn money. So its an online meeting place for the advertisers and bloggers. The advertisers can target blogs that are relevant to their products/ projects and sponsor the relevant blogs or blog posts
I have also created my profile in SocialSpark .

The biggest thing I like about the social spark(yeah that is why I have included my Profile) is the way in which they have dealt with the bloggers and advertisers. Izea do care about their customers, so their FAQ's are always up to the mark and almost all the questions that you have in your mind will be answered there. We can go to the other blogs, and get to know how our fellow bloggers write a content. What I dint like is the way the stuffs are organised. It could have been a little more simple. More emphasis is given to colors and pictures in the current layout. Still th site load time is decent and doesnt let you wait for long!

Get social get the spark!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

NCH - Your Nevada Connections

Where ever you are residing and still want your business to get incorporated in Nevada(the silver state)? Then you have a solution.., yeah , the NCH or the Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. helps you with it. All because they are said to be as the number one in the field of incorporating a business in Nevada. Be it an LLC or a corporation, you can't miss it. In The NCH site you can Compare LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship and make a decision on the same.

Advantage Nevada.

So why is this buzz about Nevada? A Nevada corporation or Nevada LLC provides protection to assets and

reduced tax exposure, guard against identity theft, that too legally, by incorporating a business in Nevada. Nevada was in the top ten in incorporating business even in 96, and even now more than five thousand of business are getting registered in Nevada alone, of which 80% + are from the people residing outside state.

If you want a Nevada edge e book then head to the NCH site and download your free copy today.

Footnote (off topic):

Pss.. I was doing a search on Network Capture Appliance (NCA) and was looking for some info on CALEA Compliance and got them as from another site.. If you are in search of the same, or need a demo on NCA or need info on CALEA (you can request a demo for that as well) then go ahead and click on the links there.