Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby - o - Baby - What do you want?

My son, Devadathan is now 8 months old(remember the November post I've become a father). He started responding to calls (like Devaa, Devan ...etc. and is very active now a days. So I was looking around for some products for my son. and in between finalised that I should buy some for him. When I said about the same to my wife she was laughing at me. Because almost all the items were for kids of about 2-3 years old. Can you believe that i even was checking for a children's laptop for my child.

This time i was checking with a little more word of caution around, and checked some sites for Baby Prams. I found a site called baby things 4 u and was happy that I can get the essentials under one roof. I went through many prams in that site and when I was going through some of the baby Baby Pushchairs my wife came in and said she is doubtful that we can hold li'l Devan in those chairs. She suggested me to look over for some travel cots.

so I went in to the section Baby Travel Cots and could find some of the models. She asked me to check for babies that are 2-3 months old and then only did I realised that she was looking some stuffs for her cousin who gave birth to a baby girl recently. They are in UK and we are seriously thinking of sending them something from this site. This site is VISA verified and MasterCard secured. So I can do the payment with either of my cards.

Pss.. they have an article section which throws some ligt in to baby names, ascii art, parenting ...etc.


Jonny Music said...

I like the baby too much and if the bay is a fatty one then she or he is looks cute.

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