Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digital Radio - More clarity , the HD way!

You were hearing a song on your radio and you want to remember the same and want to buy that later, but forget the song.. now its possible to tag the song for future reference and buy the same . So start tagging with Polk Audio I-sonic ES2. Oops! Did'nt got what I mean? Then here is the stuff for you. Digital reception from HD radio is free, the clarity of the sound is superb and it allows to access new country music stations each month for free. Don't believe me in this? Well then you must go ahead and check the hdradio site, and when you read them out you will get to know that Florida High Definition Radio stations and country music stations are all yours for free. There are devices that allows you to tag music, hear FM stations with a CD-quality sound and AM in FM-quality reception. More over there is no subscription charges, no monthly charges, no plan costs, all you have to do is to buy one HD Radio Receiver and It allows multi cast programming, and is available as table top, shelf units, car and marine access unit. Now distance is not a bar for great music.


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