Thursday, July 26, 2007

Notepad.. Simple to use.. But is this a bug?

OS: Win Xp
Software: Notepad

This day i was trying to type something in my computer.. and i move around the items easly using ctrl + arrow keys.. accidentally i went in to an awkward situation.. my entire texts shifted to left side(looks like left aligned.. and the special characters and dots(".") appear at the start of the sentences..!

For those people who in search of these things.. Please do check and advise..

I found the key combination!!!! i pressed left ctrl then left shift right cntrl right shift and then left arrow key
.. the same is reversed when i pressed left ctrl + left shift

i tried in other XP computers here.. but in vain...!

Here are the screen shots..! click to see a bigger view..!

Screen 1 : normal.. some characters typed in

Screen 2: Abnormal, letters shifted to left (like left aligned)

Screen 3: Abnormal, this article typed in and selected (Cntrl+A)


In the world of tabbed browsing - Maxthon ...

A couple of years(or even more ) before I was using a tabbed browser MyIE2. When i left my company that time I forget about the same.. Recently this December I was in search of a browser.. I was trying to avoid up gradation of Internet explorer as this was eating up my resources(Read that as memory.). Suddenly I remembered of MyIE2 and started to search the same..

Search results..
I came to know that MyIE2 is now Maxthon(read as maxton I believe) and its more powerful these days and is still available FREE..!

Maxthon site in Maxthon browser.. by Vish..!
Name: Maxthon
What : Internet Browser
Current Version:
Installation file Size: 2257 KB

Languages: multi-language interface


Cost: Free!

It was using the same engine of Internet Explorer(have to confirm whether they still use the same) but less buggy and is crash proof than IE. Another stuff to mention is the support of Unicode. I used to write my blogs in malayalam with this browser.
In case of a crash we can access the sites that were open once we reopen the browser.
No No.. I cant list out all the features here.. Instead you can visit the features there in the site

1. Even though the Unicode is supported there are some issues when you take the comment section of a Unicode site(not always). Like seeing funny characters
2. Some issues in writing the blogs.. Particularly when I try to update codes in layout and page elements... Like not able to save and the browser trying to save for a long time (The only solution is to clear cookies and temp files..)

Support You can access support from Support page of maxthon from the site.. There are wiki pages, forums, blog and many more for your disposal. I would rate this browser a 4 out of 5

Download copy of maxthon from

* The thumbnail used is a screen shot of Maxthon site in a Maxthon browser edited(just resized) with Paint.Net.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Traffic Jam... Traffic to Your Blog can be increased in 25 ways ( one short )

There are a lotta info available online on how to get free links / traffic.. but here is what I would prefer to do (not yet started doing most of these things)

1. Hub pages: Create hub pages to popularize your blog... a redirection script or even a link to the original content will do the magic.
2. Top 10 Tips to increase traffic by Deborah Ng,
3. Social Networking sites and technorati/reddit will definitly increase your presense online..
4. Comment comment and comment.. that is the best way to get visitors.. and make sure that your blog have something for their disposal.
5. Blog Catalog (I dont want to miss this..) create an account in
6. Google pages and atwiki helps to create our own small sites.. build your links there...
7. A link section/blog for keeping your favourites posted in the blog.
8. Usage of web address instead of profile address in almost all possible places(Profile address is also important as it have a lots of information on you and a link to all your blogs.
9. Blog search optimization
10. Directory submissions (eg: DMOZ), google yahoo etc searches with the help of DMOZ... do you want to lose this?
11. RSS submissions...and offering these RSS as subscription: burn your feed with feed burner
12. Write futuristic to get noted by Search engines...
eg: if a new software is scheduled to get released in a couple of months write a review for the same.. at least a mock review with relevant keywords so that you can get your posts listed in search.
13. Use Tags, for they speak about your posts
14. Check for the blogrolling done by fellow bloggers
15. Watch your Tittle, for they advertise about your blog and keywords in title are the most sort of thing by a search engine
16. Use tools to get more info on the site.. some handy tools are available in webuildpages
17. Show clouds on the tags/ labels in the side bar, which increases the number of links.
18. Ping..! Ping..! ping..! when ever you update...
19. Monetize your blog, and make sure that its not irritating readers...
20. Index your pages in google using google web masters
21. Take of the nofollow tag from your comment section, and join dofollow movement.
22. Frequency of blogging does matter
23. Tips and tricks on a specific subject will be appealing to a lot.
24. 101 ways to be a .. a title like this will be attractive

Some resources available online
Blogging Tips by Lorelle VanFossen - Recommended Reading
Sethgodin on how to get traffic
Brandon Hopkins' 29 free links..


Monday, July 23, 2007

What I saw this day..! profile adding directory..

Came across Daniel Thompson 's Site this day..!
He has got a number of profiles added.. I too have submitted the same.. :)

May be this helps in link Building..!

Thanks in advance Daniel..

The Site is The Profile Directory of Bloggers

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Paint.Net - #19 on "Top 100 Products of 2007"

An excellent replacement for Paint and even Photoshop (am i Exaggerating on this?)

What : Image editing software
Current Version: 3.08
Installation file Size: 1.3 MB

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish
Cost: Free!
File Formats supported: JPEG, version(".pdn"), BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA

Paint.NET is free image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. Paint.Net started development as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft, and is currently being maintained by some of the alumni that originally worked on it. Originally intended as a free replacement for the MS Paint software that comes with Windows, it has grown into a powerful yet simple tool for photo and image editing.

Paint.Net is simple, intuitive, and uses an innovative user interface, the usage of layers are very handy and support can be obtained from Active Online Community and t
he tutorials. The frequent updations of the program helps to try new features. This program have got nice special effects and image manipulation capability.
Powerful tools for drawing shapes, and an unlimited history with an "Open Source and Free" tag helps Paint.Net to be ahead of its competitors.

The issues I faced when i used the same was the OS getting a little slow, the issues with clone stamp and other little bugs. (Am not a graphics buff to get into that deep :). But this helps me with my day to day imaging activities.

Paint.Net can be downloaded for free from Get Paint.NET!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Results are in…

The Results are in…

This was the title of this day in stat counter blog.. Congrats to Aodhan of for becoming the BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year!! Details are available here

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Make History on Wednesday

This is for a common cause..! check the link
Everyone at "BlogCatalog" hopes you will join us and blog this Wednesday in the first world wide blogger social campaign to raise awareness about organ donation and the issues surrounding organ donation.

Please do link to the post and spread the word..!

Last Day in train I came across a piece of torned news paper. I went ahead and check the same. It was about two guys who started a site exclusively for remarriage.. Yes! you heard it right..!

That was description of the site runs like this

" is India's No. 1 site for second marriages. So, whether you are divorced or widowed or someone looking to start late in life, give us a try... and Start a New Life! "

So..! its all about leading a second life.. to get remarried and to get late married.. interface is good and the name is catching(shaadi : the word means marriage). They have a remarriage tip at their disposal and many sites already have written review on the same.. so here it goes..!

More details on TechTree by their staff

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Google mail, a little information on how to get help.

According to Google

"Google Mail is a free, search-based webmail service that combines the best features of traditional email with Google's search technology. Google Mail makes locating messages so easy that you will never need to shuffle mail in your inbox again. Besides offering an entirely new way of reading and tracking messages, Google Mail includes more than 2,500 megabytes of storage space (over two gigabytes)."

Maximum attachment size : 20 MB
Key board shortcuts are available here...
Google Mail's rich formatting options when composing helps to forward the inline pictures.
Grouping all replies with their original message, creates a conversation.
The meaning of the icons used in google mail are available here...
Gmails doesnt have folders concept.. they use labels instead. For creating labels visit here.
Google mails languages are listed by google in its help.
You can get the mails transfered in to google mail(even from non google mail accounts) using mail fetcher.

Finally, if your mail is, all the mail send to, etc... will all get delivered in to your account, google ignores the dot (".").
Google itself have said about the same in Am I receiving someone else's email?

For anything and everything you can visit help center.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Issues in Office / Work Place - Save Your Arse - SYA

You are working in your office, doing stuffs in the extra time.. next day your head/Boss came in and ask to freeze the project/ work. you are assigned with some other works termed as one with "high priority". You do the work submit the same.. at the end of the day/month your evaluation came out as "average". Have you been a victim of a play like this?

The main thing you can do to cover your Arse is to make sure that you have the evidence in your hand that you have worked on something.

Lets take five scenarios.

Scenario #1 : You are assigned with preparing a report that the boss is supposed to do..
You can do that.. but make sure that you are mentioning the same in your work report. Do remember to save a copy of the same in your computer, change the author to your initials(MS word have option to do that) and try to send the same to your boss through official mail. (with the last step you have a copy of the same in send folder)

Scenario #2 : You are asked to stop a work and instructed to do another one of high priority.
The rule above helps in that as well.. mention in the work sheet(or daily report) that it is in hold, with a comment why it is in hold.
eg: in hold as instructed by Mr. Boss by mail/ word, at ... PM.

Scenario #3 : A small bend of the rule, you are asked to do a work that may affect you if you perform the same( eg: giving a loan to a party without proper evalutaion)
Ask for a written request from your boss, either through mail or in any other written format(this will definitly make his face go wild)

Scenario #4 : Your evaluation marks are low inspite of you working hard.
Tackle this efficiently. Ask for a comment on each mark, why this is low, area of improvement. etc... dont forget to do a self evaluation.(next evaluation will be better)

Scenario #5 : A public war..
When your Boss declare a public war with you the best way to sort things up is to search for a new job. But make sure that you are not repeating your flaws in the new career / company

Friday, July 6, 2007

Wikipedia..! What you want to know..!

inside 'n ' outside this time featured an article regarding wikipedia.
The link to the same is here

The discussions were on
1. TV Episode Guide.
2. Cliffs Notes Replacement
3. Learning Activities (from Wikiversity)
4. Stock Images Collection.(You will love this)
5. Music Database.
6. Time Capsule.
7. Future Planner.
8. Trend Tracker.
9. Teacher of Sex Positions.

For reading the same visit