Thursday, February 28, 2008

A bad experience: Dell Laptop - Inspiron 1525 - issues

Dell, founded by Micheal Dell in 1984, was working in a simple concept, delivering computer directly to customers. News are around that they are in search of resellers/ agents now. Am writing this to scribble down my experience with Dell. I am from India and I was looking for an inspiron 1525 for my personal use. And I had a bad expeience with them. Will dell do a revision rhinoplasty to save/hide their face? I made an enquiry(#3638068) on Inspiron 1525(through I got a quotation from dell, but the additional info which i fill in the end wasn't taken care of. I mailed them back saying I need some changes, like I need windows XP, and not Vista. After about 24 hours, I gave them a call, said to them the same. The executive on the other end said that its not possible to give me 1525 with Win XP(well, at least she have done her part). I informed her about the budget and she said she will mail back(did I misunderstand her in that part?). Even after 24 hours, there wasn't a call/mail from their end. I send her(dell executive) a mail back, thanking for the services. I went ahead with other laptop models, and I was still inclined to Dell. So I re configured the 1525, this time, making some extra modification. I didn't even got a response from Dell and at last I wrote a mail, asking whether,i would receive a notebook.

Dear People out there in Dell,
I don't know what is happening at your end, but things are not falling in the right place. I placed an order earlier (ref #3638068) and i got a reply. (a quotation) but i asked for a simple customization. I juz need Win Xp, instead of Vista. The lady agreed with the same and said will respond with another quotation(She said she will give another laptop instead of inspiron 1525.)

I dint got a reply and I send a thank you note after some time/ day. Now i send an order(ref #3685336) and i didn't even got a quotation.
I gave a try in HCL, and even before my computer showed "information send", I got a call from HCL, Delhi, asking for the requirement and stuffs like that, based on the requirement, they even recommended some models.
Why is that not happening in Dells case? When I get a laptop in a day with a local vendor, I still goes with Dell, ready to wait for the shipment, all because I have used it before, in my previous office.

Will something favorable happens? Will I be able to get a laptop from Dell? or is this something like a demand creation kinda stuff?
If am not getting a quotation in a days time, will I get a next day service? I doubts.

Vishnu M.

This was what I send them, and they are not interested in business, and they are gonna loose business. for , I am going with HCL, HP , Compaq or Lenovo. And They have lost at least 3 other business in notebook. Why don't they understand that by loosing one, its not just one business that they are gonna loose? But at least a couple or more.

Will I recommend Dell to any one in India?

Will I recommend Dell to any one(world wide)?

Never ever....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 link can be freely exchanged.

Have you heard about linqueue? If you haven't, its he time to get involved in the latest trend. here in linqueue, you can submit your blog for links exchange with reciprocal link location, so that you can get quality links, and links increase traffic, and traffic for some is money, for some its happiness, so are you ready to get that smile on your face? if yes submit yourselves in linqueue. And yes, quality link increases your Google Page Rank, and your overall worth.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alexa Rank: Reaching negative 400000 !: (Increase your Rank)

My Alexa rank now is 3,89,383 well, the three months change is 5770808

How did I achieve this?

The influencing factors may be

  1. Labeling as a technical blog.

  2. Writing about domain, Domain name change tips, Domain name transfer issues

  3. Increase in traffic.


So the guys with tool bars are visiting the blog.. and helping me to increase my score.

Tip: I used to visit almost all the blogs/ sites that are seen as comments and that will be counted as an Alexa visitor :).

My Alexa stats in Beautiful Minds Alexa pages.

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BuildASign.Com : Build your own custom sign in minutes!

Beautiful Minds _ a technical career blog
Are you still trying to build a sign board, banner or Magnetic Signs? Weren't you able to find the right location to get the things done? have you got an idea within you which can be used to build one? Then you can visit It helps you to build your sign in just five minutes, and get the same ready in a printable format. from license plates to plywood signs, from yard signs to banners, this sign have got all the stuffs you need to get your requirement fulfilled. The customer testimonials do prove the same.

Get Pardon Online: Canada Pardon, US waivers.

The National Pardon Center or NPC is a non profit organization, offering a wide range of services for Canada pardons and United States entry waivers in Canada.

The services:

Canadian Pardons which remove criminal records.

USA entry waiver services for legal access to the USA.

Fingerprinting services and background checks for identification and certifications.

Free counseling, client case reviews and assessments...etc.

Free educational resources to local community service organizations, so that they have better access and role to excel in the field.

Honest, straightforward and reliable counsel, which doesn't mislead you.

What is a Pardon or waiver application ?

A pardon or waiver application is an application that you submit to the government. The Canada Pardons is processed by Government of Canada and the entry waiver is processed and granted by Government of USA, that too the Homeland Security Department. These applications can be submitted by the applicant itself, but takes up a lot of energy, money and effort to get the sanction. The National Pardon Center (NPC) acts like a service agency who will do all the process for a nominal fee. It is one of those agencies who is the most efficient, honest and reliable agencies around.

Benefits of NPC

If you are choosing NPC, for Pardons Canada, you are with an IT award winning, non profit organization, with the most sophisticated pardon and waiver technologies. Honourable Warren Allmand, Former Solicitor General and Former Member of Parliament have sanctioned the organization. Honest and reliable staff who will always advise you on 'YOUR' best interest, not the interests of a private legal services company. Former Executive RCMP officer, Jean Brisebois advices the service team. And you can get a guaranteed approval on Canada Pardon Applications. And above all they claim that they offer you 'Peace Of Mind' .

These services can be applied over Internet. You can also call them during the business hours and talk to a counselor. Alternatively, you can also walk in to any of their centers and have a session with one of the counselors. The website also gives a preview of the fee chargeable by the organization and lots of snippets in its “media” session. If you have any doubts regrading their service, do visit their FAQ section or contact them directly.

The site offers its service in English and Fran├žais.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Adsense. Have you verified yours?

This day I got a snail mail from google That too from google Adsense support, with a verification Pin. I enter the same and the hold on my account was removed! So the hard earned money that you earned will be credited to your account/ cheque will be issued to you when you reaches the threshold limit of 100 bucks.

Pss.. I'vent reached hat mark yet in google. Any way will get he money, once am in that mark :)

This is one of the correct method of verification, to check the address of the particular user/ publisher. Login to your adsense account to check whther you have given the correct address, a verification may happen in your account at any time. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008 and Military Uniforms

Have you heard about BDU? They supplies authentic, military grade, genuine uniforms and clothing to active duty military and law enforcement personnel.
Now a days the officers and soldiers replaces their wardrobe with the stuffs from commercial retailers. Any military personnel reading this, better be cautious as buying from a merchandise that doesn't stress on quality may be risking their life. I don't know how many companies treat the military uniforms with special near infrared coating, to minimize the risk of getting detected with a night vision device

Name of the site:
Genre: Military grade uniforms(online)
About: These guys offer the finest grade stuffs in a comparatively low prices and adhere to the standards. The apparel is manufactured by Propper. (They claim that they are the largest supplier of uniform to US DoD.)

Pss.. They offer free shipping for orders above $50.

Technology Kills you!

How do you kill your time? Is it in front of the computer playing games? or Is it by surfing internet, web logs ...etc.?
Or is it an outing with friends or do you enjoy bars and nightlife in San Diego ? What ever it is make sure that you are not overstressed by work. Plan a vacation every month, spend some time with your family and make the things going. Once you are with your loved one, out there enjoying, you will feel relaxed and happy. I think companies should promote the same among the employees. The technical, non technical, government or private, they should relax once in a month. Once you are back from your holidays see how fresh you are. See how well you can perform the work. Oops! I forgot to mention. My friend who went out in vacation with a laptop(he said he want to check mail) hangout the first week in bars, night clubs etc... and when he started to check his official mail, he started to work from that remote place.

So get out for a vacation.. Spread love and get love.!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Love!

Love happens to any one. Some falls in love with classmates, some with co workers/colleague, some with gadgets :). Years before, when I was studying for my undergraduate course, I fell in love, love with a girl in my class. That wasn't infatuation, but true love. I reveal the same to her when we were on study tour from college. The romantic ideas of proposing without revealing much about what one is saying. She accepted it.(Yeah! we were like minded, some say "with the same wavelength")
I was afraid, whether my parents will accept her, when i move out of my home town we communicate with letters, ha those love letters are still in her hands, and then i fell in love with computers. I got a job in an IT company and started to plunge my head in between computers. But how can I forget my first love. Now she is my wife, and mother of our Kid, the little Devadathan.

Vista(SP1) Vs XP(SP2)

In a couple of weeks time, I came across two posts in ZDNet were two separate authors have conducted a shoot out between Vista and XP. To be precise Vista SP1 and XP SP2.
The first post was by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes on 15th of Feb, titled, "Vista SP1 vs. XP SP2 - Benchmarked" and the second by Ed Bott titled, "Another take on Vista vs. XP benchmarks"

The shoot out:
These posts were comparing two versions of operating systems from Microsoft, and came out with some difference in opinion. According to Adrian, Windows XP service Pack 2 excells in eleven out of the fifteen tests conducted and two were snatched by Vista. The rest 2 was a tie.
Ed Bott came with another sets of results. He claims that Vista overpowers or equalize Xp in almost all grounds. Read them and you can make the choice.

Pss.. I still use XP and is not going to upgrade in the near future.. :D

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Credit crunch and Uk: They are into budgeting

Recently I came across an interesting news about Mortgages in The story was about a survey conducted in Britain and the title is "Budgeting is 'top priority' for Brits". The report carried out by the Friends Provident has revealed that as the United Kingdom(UK) is feeling the effects of the worldwide credit crunch, 41per cent of respondents of the survey plan to "economise", one third of people are planning a "complete overhaul" of their finance and budget in order to find better deals. Mr. James Ward, the director of Friends provident commented that although the forty percent of people are worried about the financial situation and credit crunch, the "trick is to harness this heightened awareness and to do something positive". He also advised the customers to invest the money “in a way makes it work smarter for their needs”.

He is actually right, with the fall of stock markets in India, Japan, and other Asian countries, with less credit available in hand, its time to invest wisely, not only in UK, but also in all parts of the world. A less risky way of investment must be preferred, with less risk, the rate of return may be low, but you can be assured that the money you invested is safe.

So plan your expense make a budget and invest wisely

Source : Budgeting is 'top priority' for Brits

7Zip - the open source archiver.

7Zip is an open source software under GNU LGPL license. The unRAR code is under a mixed license: GNU LGPL + unRAR restrictions. Licence info is here. 7Zip can be used in any computer, in any organisation. 7 Zip is awarded the best project and best Technical Design awards in community choice awards 2007

High compression ratio.
Packing / unpacking: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, TAR, and BZIP2
Unpacking only: RAR, CAB, ARJ,ISO, LZH, CHM, MSI, Z, WIM, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS
Strong encryption
file manager
Localisation in more than 69 languages.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Picture Frames: Play your pictures in digital format

Liquid Cristal Displays(LCD) have become an integral part of our day to day life. Be it the LCD monitor of our computer or the laptop, the LCD Television that adore your living room or even the tiny MP3/ MP4 player that you use.
Now a days LCD is into another gadget, digital picture frame. Gone are those days in which we load a film in to the camera, and after the shooting, rush to the nearest studio to get it washed. The advent of the digital camera have increased the number of photos taken as well as the quality of the same.

Imagine the digital picture frames in all the rooms of your house with pictures changing now and then, or the small clipping of your pet, played on the wall frame. is an online electronic stores based in Australia(offering world wide shipping). They have a large variety of digital frames and some portable DVD players.
Payment: They accept Visa card, master card, Pay pal and Visa electron as mode of payment. The site is secured with 128 bit ssl.
Offer: They are offering a 256 MB memory card with every order of 10" digital frames...

* this is just an intro post, for more details about the product visit the sellers website

Importance of career and education in the modern Life.

Is career and education related? Some may say it is and others deny the same. The surveys conducted by many reputed firms show that they are related. You may be not that educated, but is in a high position. But imagine, what if there is a backing of proper degree, what if you have enrolled to a university like

What ever you opt for, like the Degree in Business administration, Law/ criminal justice, Computers, Fashion technology, make sure that you are flying out with colors, so that it will provide you leverage in your career. Earning a degree also helps to ear more reputation, and yes, it helps a lot in case you are looking for a promotion. Once you are in to a profession, make sure that you are choosing a course that is related/benefit for that profession. This helps in the promotion, increment, and overall self development

SaaS Summit 2008: On-demand Industry Conference

OpSource is a delivery expert. They don't provide software, but delivers applications over the web for the companies that have software as a service and web 2.0 Applications.OpSource manage other peoples software and deliver it on-demand. They provide the infrastructure(managed hosting), Application management, platform for the software companies, ...etc.

February 27 – 29 will witness one of the biggest summit in SaaS(Software as a Service)summit, the third annual on-demand industry conference by OpSource. Five hundred(500) executives from hot new on-demand and web2.0 arena will join the large established software giants, venture capitalists, press etc...

Venue: Westin St. Francis, 335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102, USA

Topics: Topics for the summit includes, Platform choices: which and why? , Web 2.0 psyche, scary?, Will Enterprises embrace Web2.0?, Integration behind the enterprise fire-wall, take II, Web services, leverage or trap?, about buying and selling on-demand ...etc.

This summit will provide some answers to the challenges raised by the industry like, the platform, extension and development of new applications, integration of web applications into the enterprise world behind the firewall and so on.

*This is just an introduction to the summit, for more details please visit the OpSource website.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Blog about the things you love!

Certain things you have to be aware of...

Choose your niche
Your niche can be anything... from Artificial intelligence to facelifts, from aeronautic to nano-technology. But, after choosing the niche, make sure that you are sticking on to the same.

Niche and the Domain name
Blog/Site address is your passport for the online identity. When ever you choose your name for your niche blog make it sure that you have choose that wisely. (beautiful minds, cannot be a name for a pure technical blog, and its not.)
Why you should do that can be obtained from many prominent bloggers out there like dosh dosh.

Explosion of visitors?
many argue that niche blogging cannot bring in visitors beyond a limit. that is true to an extend. If you have a niche blog, then you can get people who are interested in your niche..

Pss.. write a post about Alexa every month.. u will earn some visitors..

What have you chosen as your niche?

Discount Coupons and Online Shopping

When ever we are in to major brand and stores to buy something, we used to search for some discount. These coupons help us to get the quality products in a little less price than usual. Now a days shopping on line, that too from the stores of the particular manufacturer, helps us to save a lot n fuel costs, redeem on line coupons and coupon codes, and enable us to compare different products in less time. So shopping is a pleasure when you start experiencing the on line comfort. The on line experience even help us to find listings of promotion codes for on line weight loss diet programs like Medifast and Nutrisystem

So if you are into buying an Inspiron 1525 (which am planning to buy) or want to create a custom watch with Disney, then you can be in a complete coupon site, which gives you the offer to save bucks on your hard earned money.

Backlinkspot : Building the backlinks!

For the last few days, on my stats, i could see some traffic from a site called “backlinkspot”. So i just check the same and found that its working like a search engine.. using Google as its base.. (like the custom search.) when you enter the keyword and search for the same, it retrieves blogs, in which you can comment and those comments yield you a back link :D.

Yeah! You thought the same... Check the same here

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mobile Marketing: Promote Your products.

Mobile marketing (Means marketing with a mobile device and/or marketing in a moving fashion.) here means the marketing with a mobile device, like mobile phone. The most used channel is sms and many players are there in that field, like sja mobile.

SMS have become the most popular among the mobile marketing industry, and from 2002 the same is in practice around the globe... There are many associations, and day by day they are trying on improved methods of marketing the products. The marketing includes t on demand share quotes, horoscopes, personal messages from well known person, jokes, weather, promotion with free SMS service ...etc

Now a days marketing with blue tooth and infrared as well. Other types of marketing include the location based services, Viral marketing, payment for receiving SMS, MMS, 3G etc...

The “BT HOME IT SUPPORT” : Expert IT Advice you can trust

BT have a service called the BT Home IT support. A great way to get the things done. Th service is categorised in to two.

  1. Support over the phone.
  2. Support in your home.

This straight forward advice, that you receive from BT will definitely help you trouble shooting your PC at home. For the support over the phone you need to have a BT line and a minimum subscription of three months.

Over the phone you can receive help on almost any IT needs, and gadgets like your camera, printer, setting up the gadgets, hints on he same, tips on usages,computer repair, and they even say they will fix stuffs while you watch.
So here are some questions that they already have answered. (If you have the same issues.. then you can get in touch with them)
What are blogs?
Wireless connection issues.
Cheap calls over Internet ...etc
Be it a general help, or something related to setup of your computer, network, health check of computer, pc repair ...etc. BT have a solution for you. They are offering an off of £ 30.

My son, Devadathan - A photo post

We named him Devadathan... and here are some snaps... he is now three and a half months old.


  1. Our son; Named as Devadathan !
  2. I've become a father.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alexa: The geographical influence

Am I wrong in saying about UK india and korea? am not sure.. but here is a small observation... I saw a downward trend in weekly stats when US Rank dropped.. at that time indian Rank went 20000+ up and Uk 5000 down.

May be coz the number of people using alexa bar in US is more. :) .

Some oher stuffs

The number of feed subscribers is around: 60
and daily hits dropped.. dropped to the lowest in the last couple of months :(

If you dont have an alexa tool bar then you can download one from alexa site
The alexa stat is available in the lower left corner of the page... or you can go directly to my stats.

If some one is interested in doing some research in this area with a toolbar installed then they can contact me in vishnu attherate .(attherate should be substituted with @)

Related entries about alexa are in
1. Alexa: Korea, Uk or India? Let us try to increase the score

2. Alexa rank increased.! Statistics reveals!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Domain registration: The Australian way

There are so many registrars, resellers and other sites in Internet to register your site. The stuffs you will be looking would be great service, support, reminders of renewal, easy management of account …etc.
If you are looking for a
domain registration, domain transfers, domain renewals, web hosting solution, or e commerce, one of the site that will come handy will be paylessdomains. A normal ‘.com, .org, .net …etc cost around 10.49 USD (bulk orders costs less).This site offers some help in choosing the domain name, facilitates easy transfer within members, Modify the DNS etc… As far as the payment is concerned almost all credit card variants are accepted. With the domain, they offer some freebies like the free email account hosting, Free UREL forwarding, Free management tools, free domain name parking, renewal reminders, …etc.

In the web hosting package, the usage of control panel is easy, have my sql, PHP support, free email support, subdomains etc…
* This is just an intro about the site. Please check the site/ contact them for more info on the services and the price they offer.

Saturday, February 9, 2008 : Your Custom Essay, in 12 hours.

Next time when you are tired of writing essays and the number of your assignments are getting out of your hands think This service offers essay writing, almost similar to the standard of writing you follow. The experienced US/ UK writers do lots of research before delivering the content to you. Be it a dissertation, research papers, term papers, essays, theses, buy essay from standoutessay, because they have the answer.
The benefits:

The benefits of this service are
Direct contact with your personal writer, so that you can have your
custom essay.
Quality Guarantee
Unique content*
Flexible pricing policy

Try this essay online service and I believe that you will be satisfied with what you get (they deliver essays in 12 hours time).

*includes a free plagiarism report.

Choose Your ISP :

Internet have became one of the most essential things in life. From shopping to entertainment.. from information to gambling.. Internet is used in almost all walks of the life. So the next time you want to have an ISP, which is reliable, profitable and having a decent service status, you can check is also a resource on decision making like canceling the ISP account, Virus and Spam control, etc...

Name of the site:


Page Rank: 5

About: This site have got information on cheap prices and discount promotions on broadband ISPs, DSL Service, Dial up service, wireless service and VOIP service. The users of this site can compare various service provider and find out which one is best, or which one suits your need.

There are tips to protect ourselves from on line scams, history of the Internet, how to secure a wireless network, Spam blocking, Spy ware and Ad ware protection etc...

Some of the companies listed:

NetZero Internet, Juno Internet, etc... from dial up

Verizon DSL, AT&T Yahoo DSL, BellSouth FastAccess DSL, Qwest DSL from the section DSL

Adelphia Cable Internet, Charter Cable Internet, Cox Cable Internet, Road Runner Cable Internet etc... from the cable internet section

Hughes Satellite Internet and WildBlue from the sattelite section

Boingo Wireless and FON WiFi from wireless segment

and VOIP section have Packet8, Verizon VoiceWing, ViaTalk, etc...

The catch: The website itself says the fact that, cheap deals doesn't mean the best package to choose.. Hence, this site helps us to find the deal which suits our day to day deal. So go ahead and find your deal.

* this is just an introductory Post and have the views of the author. Visit the site for more information about the service they offer.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ink catridges, from carrot inks

I have mentioned a lot about many discount coupons and other resources on the web… I am wondering now how come I missed an entry on carrot Ink. So here are some of the stuffs for you. Let it be ink cartridges , fax films, papers or anything related to print. Then this is the site for you.

What ever be your printer, be it a cannon, HP (like the hp c6656an) or dell or Epson, carrot ink have the right solution for you. They have a decent search mechanism, a toll free number for your disposal or even a live chat if you want instant answers. You can sign in for a newsletter for the latest promotion for those special savings. If you are a corporate, then you have a special area... (You can check with them for special rates). The tracking of order usually comes handy once you place your order for an hp printer cartridge., Epson cartridge or for that matter any product. The free standard shipping for those stuffs above $50 helps to save a lot if you plan to make a bulk order. The site is hacker safe, tested by scan alert.

The site offers affiliates; volume sales and the recycling efforts (they even pay for the postage of the transaction) are also worth mentioning (this reduces e-waste). The payment to this site is also easy, they accept the major credit cards and pay pal as well. So this site with a 100,000+. Bizrate reviews (yeah, Carrot Ink is a Circle of Excellence Gold Honoree! And received average plus reviews in the following areas: Ease of Site Use, On-Time Delivery, Overall Satisfaction, Customer Support, Product Met Expectations and Likely to Shop Again) is a sure shot one that you shouldn’t miss checking, when you are online for next time.

Cell Tower Lease : Claim your space

When mobile was invented it was considered as a luxury. And the call rates were high. And imagine the situation now... The call rates are low... The mobile service is a necessity now a day. Mobility is the Keyword of the century and each company is in competitive mood to provide better service , rates And offers to customer and to provide the service what is needed is better coverage and a fairly new concept evolved from it is cell tower lease.
In this concept you have to identify the operators in your area or claim your area so that companies can find the person claims it.

This site is by a national advocacy group created to provide the apt service to wireless and cell landholders and lease holders. The membership was claimed to be free but packed with resources plus lots of other benefits like the promotion of the location, e newsletter (wireless updates). And a blue book to know how much the cell site lease is worth.

They have a dedicated number for assistance, a membership area and lots of other resources. (Like Articles, Polls, newsletter archives, and a calculator to calculate the financial benefits of becoming a member.

So it’s your turn to find out what’s the worth of your lease.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alexa: Korea, Uk or India? Let us try to increase the score

Last month i wrote the post about Alexa in Alexa rank increased.! Statistics reveals! Now i have made a small observation .. These days i noticed where are my visitors from.. And how is the rank get influenced by the individual ranking in other countries..
And the results reveal that higher ranking in Uk is increasing my possibility of ranking better.. Isn't that exciting? yeah.. more hits from Uk and that increased my ranking a lot..

I had a conversation with a korean last day and found that Firefox have got only a little share in the browser segment.. they all use IE.. does that have something to do with the webmasters saying that korean sites rank better? Donno for sure.. but many of those guys out there doesn't even know what alexa is :)

I would recommend you people to try increase hits from india(from the Indian blogging community).. Am sure you wont get a dedicated reader from india... but if that indian have atleast a post about alexa in his blog, then definitly he will help you increase your score...

If you are reading this post and doesnt have an alexa tool bar, download one from Alexa site

just try this for a month and please do update your results in here... let others too get benefit from this...

to see my alexa stats : beautiful minds - Alexa rank

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Friday, February 1, 2008 : easy polls and easy surveys

Easy Poll is a site in which we can go ahead and include some polls in our site... and its free.. This service take the minimum Resource from the web masters/ site owners end.. no hard coding, no need for the IT support etc etc.. if you are intended to do some free free myspace surveys , on-line poll, or even want to know whether the visitor is coming for the first time you can use the services in the site.

There are multiple choice and Yes/no type polls available.
An example is given here.. You can also take part in the same.