Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Get Pardon Online: Canada Pardon, US waivers.

The National Pardon Center or NPC is a non profit organization, offering a wide range of services for Canada pardons and United States entry waivers in Canada.

The services:

Canadian Pardons which remove criminal records.

USA entry waiver services for legal access to the USA.

Fingerprinting services and background checks for identification and certifications.

Free counseling, client case reviews and assessments...etc.

Free educational resources to local community service organizations, so that they have better access and role to excel in the field.

Honest, straightforward and reliable counsel, which doesn't mislead you.

What is a Pardon or waiver application ?

A pardon or waiver application is an application that you submit to the government. The Canada Pardons is processed by Government of Canada and the entry waiver is processed and granted by Government of USA, that too the Homeland Security Department. These applications can be submitted by the applicant itself, but takes up a lot of energy, money and effort to get the sanction. The National Pardon Center (NPC) acts like a service agency who will do all the process for a nominal fee. It is one of those agencies who is the most efficient, honest and reliable agencies around.

Benefits of NPC

If you are choosing NPC, for Pardons Canada, you are with an IT award winning, non profit organization, with the most sophisticated pardon and waiver technologies. Honourable Warren Allmand, Former Solicitor General and Former Member of Parliament have sanctioned the organization. Honest and reliable staff who will always advise you on 'YOUR' best interest, not the interests of a private legal services company. Former Executive RCMP officer, Jean Brisebois advices the service team. And you can get a guaranteed approval on Canada Pardon Applications. And above all they claim that they offer you 'Peace Of Mind' .

These services can be applied over Internet. You can also call them during the business hours and talk to a counselor. Alternatively, you can also walk in to any of their centers and have a session with one of the counselors. The website also gives a preview of the fee chargeable by the organization and lots of snippets in its “media” session. If you have any doubts regrading their service, do visit their FAQ section or contact them directly.

The site offers its service in English and Fran├žais.


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