Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cartoons Unlimited...!

Mr. Panduranga Rao is a cartoonist from Karnataka.
Here are some links to him..
his cartoons and laghing gases are available in http://www.paanducartoons.com

Blogs are og different categories and are

PAAJITOONS from panduranga
Watertoons from Panduranga
ENVIRONTOONS from panduranga
parisaramalinya cartoons
PANDUHUMOUR - Cartoons, Video clips, Animations, Photographs replaced regularly
Caricatures from panduranga
CARTOON TUTORIAL- -How to draw Cartoons
PAANDU WITS : Cartoons from panduranga
kannada cartoons

juz be there.. a nice treat for eyes and even good for health

Monday, April 2, 2007

.: I Love You :.

Image Courtesy: Corbis. www.corbis.com
Years passed by, since i saw you for the first time.. The lil bold gal with a lotta air around her. I was impressed at the first sight.. I liked the way you speak.. i love the expressions that bloomed in your eyes.. You were pretty.. hidden in the lucid conversations were your ideas... You came in to sit near me.. i love the way you look, sit and bug me.. Those free falling hair over your shoulders took my sleep away...
Later on I identified ourselves as people with same wave length.. same ideology... We started sharing thoughts, ideas, and even feel for one another... You were not silent in front of me.. but you never challenged me as you do others... I saw the sparkle in your eyes and feel the care you were giving... We both loved books, and rain.. dear, you remember the rain which we don't want to miss on our way back home from costing classes... we were socked in rain, but we enjoyed the same...
My main inspiration to study in my finals was you and you only.. and my results will talk about that... The final year was a circle of events.. where in I said that i want to be with you for the rest of my life.. We went to the SB College other day for the commerce fest.. we walked in the ramp.. but came back empty handed.(what happened that day that we were rejected in the finals?)
During the holidays I used to call you.. came to your home in between , just to see you.. And i proved my love by fulfilling my promise to you.. I scored more than what you demand. We were having the same total in the finals... At that time only god knows what lay ahead of us. I went to Coimbatore to pursue my higher studies .. And we passed through many tough times.. Before the end of my studies , I was in Bangalore, for doing my first job.
A couple of years later we are married now. Happy as ever.. And you are the one, who can send those waves of emotions and sparks. Your looks takes my breath away... My prayer to god, is to give me the life time opportunity, to mutter in to your ears, that 'I love You'....