Sunday, August 10, 2008

CEO with a Vision

Do you remember my post about real estate business school? if not here is a quick reminder. The Nouveau Riche University is an accredited school specializing in real estate investing. From introductory real estate investing to advanced techniques such as creative real estate investing techniques including wholesaling, multi-units, and short sales, the university deals with almost all the specialisations needed when one leaps into real estate business.

The visionary behind this project was Jim Piccolo, the Chancellor of Nouveau Riche University, has served as President and CEO of Nouveau Riche Corporation since October 2000. Jim Piccolo have more than twenty years of extensive business experience, from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately-held, manufacturing company having international roots, to a publicly-traded, marketing company with four, wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US and international concerns. Jim Piccolo have a successful career as a nationally recognized, after market, sport-truck accessory designer and entrepreneur, and this proved his ability to carve out successful market niches.

I like the way he have diversified his area of operations. and the way in which he have identified the niches and make the most out of these niches. And imagine, this CEO is a renowned public speaker as well, and delivers inspirational, educational and motivational speeches worldwide.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blaze Media Pro - for my audio - video - ripping needs.

I was in search of some audio/ video editors... these were for my cousin who was trying to do a project in multimedia and visual communication.
Then I came to a site which offers these stuffs. Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software, is an all in one tool that help me in doing my tasks easly. From editing the audio to video to function as a dvd ripper it helps us in all tasks.

This software helps a lot as audio converter by converting MP3 to wma, wav, ogg, and vice versa.CD's can be ripped to mp3, wma, wav ...etc. It also have powerful capabilities in handling the DVD Audio. The video converter of this software have MPEG encoder and decoder in it and have capability to convert avi to MPEG, wmv, and vice versa. It also helps to edit the video's by adding, deleting frames, and have MusicID audio recognition, ...etc. This have the capability of doing batch conversion and extract screens from video. We will be able to add audio files to a movie and can even extractthe audio from the existing movie. Software have an inutive design with drag and drop editing facilities and the options and settings are highly customisable. This is one good application that is capable of doing a lots of things in a go! The site have got an option to download the trial version of the software. Go ahead and try the trial and I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with this software

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WEBHOSTINGGEEKS - in search of a good host

This time I am here with a link to the list of web hosts that are suited for you needs.. This is from the hosting review of and there they have listed the top 10 web hosts listed which are under $10. and top of the chart is imotion and then the blue host. From yahoo to fastnet the list looks good. The web hosting award for the best hosts of 2007 is also there.
So what do these guys offer?
They do web hosting reviews, they give web hosting awards to best budget hosting, blog hosting, forum, unix and windows hosting and so on. They have a section for webmasters and have even listed a page with hosts providing free coupons to advertise! So this site is useful if you are trying to host your blog in your own domain!

If you are also availing a service from a web host don't forget to add your review about that host after registering in webhostinggeeks.

Antivirus - My system "crawls" slower!

These days my system became slow and when I checked AVG is taking a hell lots of resources.. avgrsx.exe is taking more memory when ever a browser window is opened. Think its high time I do a quick format for my system... And check with other anti virus options. (still I like AVG..).

I have already tried with many other Anti Virus tools that are available for free.. but nothing matched the protection offered by AVG. My laptop (running vista)doesnt have this much off issues as this desktop(running in XP) have...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rent To Own Convention

Do you remember what is rent to own? Well, if you don't here is a quick reminder. Its a method of renting a device, appliance, furniture so that we can use it and if desired we can buy the same. So sort of try and buy option for the customers. The rent to own dealers is meeting this year at St. Luis. This is in APRO 2008 Convention & Buying Show, Done by APRO( Available in ). This august 11th the show starts in St. Louis and on 13th of august from 11AM, the exhibit hall will be open. The hall closes at 3 PM the next day.

So what is that which make this show different? It is those 100+ vendors exhibiting APRO Show Special products that won't be available anywhere else. Up to $10,000 will be given out as cash as the show concludes. And the exhibitors take pre show orders, and if your entry is drawn and its a pre show order, then you are getting a double winning. There will be an all industry round table in this lease to own industry convention. Not to mention other attractions like the golf tourny, cocktail parties, RAE awards and more. So if you want to catch the whole action, come on and join Convention in St. Louis.

AMC and ATCA - technologies to rule!

From childhood days, I was fascinated about how computer works.. those little games, and characters moving on keystroke, storing my data all happens like a magic. Once I was searching in Internet about the devices inside the computer, I came to know that there are more components than what i thought of. Not only the hard disk, mother board Ram and stuffs like that. But there are more things like controllers(eg: input/ output controllers)
For a couple of months I was in to finding more information about these things and I found some thing called Advanced Mezzanine Card or AdvancedMC, which are printed circuitry boards that follows PICMG(a group involving more that 100 companies as members) The AMC.x, is the official specification designed to work in any carrier card
These specifications range from AMC.0, which is the base or the core specification to AMC.4, which is under development, and deals with Serial RapidIO(technology for interconnecting chips on a circuit board).
The other specifications are AMC.1 for PCI Express (and PCI Express Advanced Switching) (ratified), AMC.2 dealing the Gigabit Ethernet and XAUI (Still under review) and AMC.3 deals with storage(ratified). One of the major players in this field is Kontron, who is there from 1962. A world market leader and OEM supplier, Kontron deals with storage modules based on SAS and SATA to the I/O modules providing the Gbe up links support. From the Pentium M card to the latest Dual core, AMC processor modules can handle it all. This company helps most of the companies out there to save time in launching a product. With supply of technology backed blocks that helps in building the future of networking, Kontron is surely a market leader in AdvancedMC and AdvancedTCA. AdvancedTCA, which is the new standard in telecom communication. AdvancedTCA provides standardized platform architecture for carrier-grade telecommunication applications, with support for carrier-grade features like ETSI, NEBS, 99.999% availability...etc. These technologies will definitely decides the future.