Friday, March 23, 2007

The Great Train Tragedy

The passenger train is moving.. Here is what I heard last day..
One guy, we call him "Ikka" went to delhi to attend the interview,(this was way back in 80's) he gave his Bio-data(know this word?? you call it CV or Resume these days) and is waiting for the interview.. The interview board is a single membered one that day, and it was the MD of the company who is conducting the interview ..

So it was Ikka's turn and unfortunately MD got a natures call.. and he was rushing to the "LOO".
"Get in and take your seat".. MD asked Ikka... after being comfortable, MD is back.. when he opened the door he was dumbed at what he saw...

Our Ikka is sitting in MD's revolving chair(these type of chairs were rare those times)..
He was thrown out.. When his friends asked what he have done, he said..
" Its he(MD) who asked me to take the chair while he was going out.. so i thought he gave his chair to me"

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rose'n Rose..

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Honey is sweet..
But, not as sweet as you.."

Was the poem like that or was it "so are you" in the last line.. Any way this is what that comes in to my mind when i think of Rose..Rose.. err.. She works with me.. We joined on the same time.. She was a women in blue who enquired where the building is , when i first met her..I got the oppurtunity to know her better and found her sweet(may be from that time this poem by wallace is in my mind)...
A lil' crack yet stable,
A lil' halfminded yet cool..
That is what Rose is..

But why is she astonished on what i said to her.. that her name is rose.. If am her friend I should know her favourites, including the nick name...
So she don't know that i know her name "Rose.."


Monday, March 19, 2007

My Life After Death...

Please tell me.. is there life after death.. It must be all, the way you take them...
In my next life after death i want to be born as the son of the same father.. he who loves me like this.. he who cares me like this..
What have i done so good that i get you as my dad? I don't have words to tell..
except, Dad i love you...

Friday, March 16, 2007

.: The Angel :.

This is a dedication to the angel, the angel in Khasab….

She is an angel, an angel without wings.
She sends me wishes, wishes with wings.
To make my day bright and clear,
I do wait for them, never near.

I din’t expect some one in my way.
Never did I wait for one, but this angel came in,
At a time, when I need her the most.
She smiled and offered her hands,
At a time when I need them the most.

She was sweet, sweeter than the sugar.
Her heart was red, redder than the ruby.
Her hands were soft, softer than the snow.
She cares like a sister, helps like a maiden.
Yes, she is an angel, an angel with a loving heart…

Thanks to Rose, for her input... in removing those extra lines which were like hindrance to acceptability of the overall view.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

loves in the air..

Love, I love the word "love"..
The word itself is beautiful.. ah.!
Think of the feel that it makes...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Err..! that was me..!

That day, i got a mail.. It said "appreciation"... what was it?? i wonder, bcoz there are a lotta mail getting delivered in my inbox from time to time... another guy who read the blog???? yes that was rgt.. but it was a little different.. an earnest way to tell what she feel... she wrote "Alappuzhayile kappalandi muttayikkara...." that blog of mine have less contents and i write things in a different perspective in that... she got interested in that??? any way i said a thanks with a reference to my other blog, alappuzhakaran then there were lotta mail that followed.. and we became good friends.... OOps i call her chechi now and i now know all her family members.... All the way from khasab to alappuzha.. a simple mail can conquer hearts.. she is busy.. busy like anything.. but is finding time to mail me... paavam..

God Bless her..

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Y'day the subject in the train was "Drama" those guys were telling names of some old dramas and the songs in that... ajay sir even went ahead by singing some... That was cool... and the discussion proceeded with som film songs and asking each other abt the favourites.. ajay sirs was "satyam sivam sundaram....." (He hate the music director though{lakshmikanth pyarelal})

Monday, March 5, 2007

Plagiarism and Yahoo.. Dont you feel ashamed?

We are protesting against Yahoo...! what are they doing??? stealing?? that too petty theft from the poor bloggers... ? They must be doing the same in many other cases.. we dont want our stuffs to be stealed..

You wanna know what this is all about???? The matter is here...
It all happened when yahoo started a malayalam version and it started stealing the articles from bloggers... {eg: A receipe from Kariveppila.... }
The icon "Remove plagiarism" is from sandeepa from Bong Mom's cook. (Her blog is linked... Click that image)..
Join us this day.. post against yahoo...!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I Used to commute to kochi by train... the infamous "Alappuzha - Ernakulam" Passenger.. The journey is quite cool... coz ours is the first station and we used to get ample seats to sit.. There are a lotta people in there.. and we are a gang with difference and am the smallest among them all... Guys from centralexcise, central fisheries, judiciary, proffessor, KSFE, stock brocking and consultancy, SAP Consultant.. etc... (OOPs i forgot to add my job).. We make all the merry, nuisance and make fun of each other....