Friday, March 16, 2007

.: The Angel :.

This is a dedication to the angel, the angel in Khasab….

She is an angel, an angel without wings.
She sends me wishes, wishes with wings.
To make my day bright and clear,
I do wait for them, never near.

I din’t expect some one in my way.
Never did I wait for one, but this angel came in,
At a time, when I need her the most.
She smiled and offered her hands,
At a time when I need them the most.

She was sweet, sweeter than the sugar.
Her heart was red, redder than the ruby.
Her hands were soft, softer than the snow.
She cares like a sister, helps like a maiden.
Yes, she is an angel, an angel with a loving heart…

Thanks to Rose, for her input... in removing those extra lines which were like hindrance to acceptability of the overall view.


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