Friday, March 23, 2007

The Great Train Tragedy

The passenger train is moving.. Here is what I heard last day..
One guy, we call him "Ikka" went to delhi to attend the interview,(this was way back in 80's) he gave his Bio-data(know this word?? you call it CV or Resume these days) and is waiting for the interview.. The interview board is a single membered one that day, and it was the MD of the company who is conducting the interview ..

So it was Ikka's turn and unfortunately MD got a natures call.. and he was rushing to the "LOO".
"Get in and take your seat".. MD asked Ikka... after being comfortable, MD is back.. when he opened the door he was dumbed at what he saw...

Our Ikka is sitting in MD's revolving chair(these type of chairs were rare those times)..
He was thrown out.. When his friends asked what he have done, he said..
" Its he(MD) who asked me to take the chair while he was going out.. so i thought he gave his chair to me"


Mohamed Riyas said...

And then where did this ikka go? where is he now? any info?

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