Thursday, March 27, 2008

HP DV6701AU and BSNL EV-DO 2.4Mbps

I got hold of an HP Laptop a month back and here are the specs. The specs is same as the standard laptop hp offers, but is upgraded with an extra GB of RAM.

Make: HP
Model: HP Pavilion dv6701AU
Processor Manufacturer: AMD
Processor Name: Turion 64x2 TL-58
Processor Cache Memory (KB): 1024
Front Side Bus: 1600
Processor Speed (Mhz): 1900
Security: Finger print

Memory And Screen:
RAM (MB): 2048
Upgradeable RAM (MB): 4096
Hard Disk Drive Capacity (GB): 160
Optical Drive: DVD Writer
Display Screen Size (Inches) : 15.4"
Maximum Display Resolution (dpi): 1280 x 800
Screen Type : Bright View

Video Display Card : Dedicated
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Video Card : GeForce Go 7150M
Video Card Memory Type: Shared
Video Card Memory (MB): 287

Connection 1.: Internal Modem
Connection 2.: WiFi(802.11b/g)
Connection 3.: Ethernet
Connection 4.: Bluetooth
Connection 5.: USB Port(3 No.s)
Connection 6.: IR

Sound : High definition Sound
Microphone: Yes
Speakers: Yes
Camera: Yes(Built in, 1.3 MP)
Earphone jacks: Yes(2 no.s)

Operating System: MS Windows Vista Home Premium
Navigation: Keyboard and Touch pad
Dimentions(WxDxH): 357x257x25.4
Weight (Kgs) : 2.75
Battery: Li Ion
Battery life: 2-3 Hours (approx in power saver)
Color: Black with imprints
Warranty: 1 Years

I like the looks, the screen(yeah, the bright view), the power saver capability, solidness of the laptop.
Initially, the finger print option was not that easy to get registered, but improves in successive scans. I use a BSNL EV-DO 2.4 Mbps connection with it. The only issue was the conflict in drivers. The BSNL guys did not provide any drivers, and I was compelled to download from Internet (the manufacturer of the USB Modem, ZTE, said that they don't have the drivers stored on line :( ) The max speed attained was around 1Mbps - 1.6 Mbps till now.

The dv6701AU is a decent laptop on your pocket as well as regarding performance. So if you are in search of a laptop without much hardcore games, graphical usage, then this is the one for you!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

SP1 and issues in Vista

I was trying to download the SP1 version of Vista. and came across a page that may be interesting to you. This page from Microsoft gives an overview of programs that will not work, that will have reduced functionality, and list of programs that will be blocked from starting once SP1 is installed. Most of the programs are security softwares.
Better check the list if you have any of these programs :)

The Knowledge base article is here

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When your email id is with some one else : Gmail hack is now a pain in b##

Larry in Zero Day have explained about the issues in G-Archiver, an archiving tool for gmail. According to the article, the program send the user name and password to the authors email.. sounds horrifying right?

The actual source of the article is in coding horror, by Jeff Atwood. Make sure you read the article.!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

International Womens Day - Mar- 08 (- 08)

Mom, sister, wife, girl friend or who ever... Remind her that its international womens day(March 8)....
Let them know how close are they to your heart.

A salute to all the women I have met, my friends, colleagues, my relatives...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gemalto : Security in Digital Era - Enjoy your freedom

Have you heard about Gemalto?, the leader in Digital Security. If you haven't heard before, this is something, that is worth checking out.

What: Website
Genre: Security
Page Rank(PR): 6

Products/ Solutions: For Financial Service and Retail, POS(Point of sale), Internet content providers, Transport, public sector, Telecoms, e learning, ...etc.

Latest offering from the Gemalto

Powerful new SIM Cards which transforms handsets into Web servers, have the capabilities of a sim, and have an additional connection to a 128 MB flash memory, the card support both USB protocol(enables high speed transfer) and TCP/IP, so that there is high speed data transmission and Internet connectivity.

Gemalto also offers a freedom to enjoy the digital revolution by wiping of the threat of digital security, in form of fraud, phishing, identity threats , by safe guarding your identity, and securing the transactions you make. The large customer databases of banks, public sector enterprises, Internet content providers ...etc. speaks for Gemalto.

Another horse in the stable of Gemalto is the OTP, or the One Time Password. Gemalto OTP solution is a scalable network identity platform that delivers the strong authentication needed for consumers to use sensitive on-line services with confidence. For each transaction, they generate a Pin, with the equipment the user using(like a SIM) generates a powerful combination of security model. When the user enters the pin/ Password, the validation server generates the password for comparison: Authorisation is granted only if they are matched.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Secure the future - Insurance

This is not about the It security. But securing yourselves from that unwanted and unforseen disasters. Yes!, whether it been a fire, acident or theft, what you need to keep your IT goods in control is an insurance, be it Car Insurance, Computer insurance(both comes under general insurance), or life insurance, be prepared for the future. I remember a friend of mine insured his laptop and days after he insured , the laptop was stolen from the train he was commuting. The only worry that gripped him was that it contains his personal data. Yeah! The data inside the laptop is a concern, but atleast you get another one back.(though that wont really get you out of the loss). For preventing loss of data, better back up your data some where else and keep your laptop clean!

Last day i went to renew my insurance for my car and yeah, that took just around 10 minutes to complete the whole transaction. (travelling time extra). I was thinking, why don't I do these things online? Am already doing the Life insurance stuff online, like that I will try to make my general insurance stuffs online.
Pss... I forgot, i want to insure my new laptop(Yeah, the HP DV6701 AU the one I said in the last post).

Dell issue - update : HP DV6701 AU

Remember the dell issue?(if you don't have an idea, check this A bad experience: Dell Laptop - Inspiron 1525 - issues)
This is an update on the same. I bought a new HP Pavillion DV6701 AU Laptop, upgrade the same into a 2 GB machine. The same costs me $150 less than the dell 1525. So dear Dell, you loose a customer.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Are you saving the energy?

This world is experiencing energy shortage.. what do you do to save some energy have you got any Energy Saving Tips?

In office.
In office we switch off the monitors of the systems that are not in Use, switch off the lights and fans, when we leave the cubicles. In office, saving water is saving energy. Think of all those energy required to get tis water pumped up a building! When we arrive in office and is alone, we don't use the lift, instead we used to climb the stairs, which is in turn good for health as well.

On the Road
When moving in vehicles and that too at signals, I used to switch the engine off, if the waiting time is more than a minute. That helps to reduce the wastage of gas and the emission to our dear environment.

In my Home
Unwanted lights and fans are not entertained in my home, We use an energy star compliant products and check up the energy consumption of each gadgets we use. Switching from the ordinary filament based lamp, to the cfl helps a lot. With simple tricks like this we can save a lot in the energy we misuse, in what ever form they are.