Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gemalto : Security in Digital Era - Enjoy your freedom

Have you heard about Gemalto?, the leader in Digital Security. If you haven't heard before, this is something, that is worth checking out.

What: Website
Genre: Security
Page Rank(PR): 6

Products/ Solutions: For Financial Service and Retail, POS(Point of sale), Internet content providers, Transport, public sector, Telecoms, e learning, ...etc.

Latest offering from the Gemalto

Powerful new SIM Cards which transforms handsets into Web servers, have the capabilities of a sim, and have an additional connection to a 128 MB flash memory, the card support both USB protocol(enables high speed transfer) and TCP/IP, so that there is high speed data transmission and Internet connectivity.

Gemalto also offers a freedom to enjoy the digital revolution by wiping of the threat of digital security, in form of fraud, phishing, identity threats , by safe guarding your identity, and securing the transactions you make. The large customer databases of banks, public sector enterprises, Internet content providers ...etc. speaks for Gemalto.

Another horse in the stable of Gemalto is the OTP, or the One Time Password. Gemalto OTP solution is a scalable network identity platform that delivers the strong authentication needed for consumers to use sensitive on-line services with confidence. For each transaction, they generate a Pin, with the equipment the user using(like a SIM) generates a powerful combination of security model. When the user enters the pin/ Password, the validation server generates the password for comparison: Authorisation is granted only if they are matched.


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