Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Are you saving the energy?

This world is experiencing energy shortage.. what do you do to save some energy have you got any Energy Saving Tips?

In office.
In office we switch off the monitors of the systems that are not in Use, switch off the lights and fans, when we leave the cubicles. In office, saving water is saving energy. Think of all those energy required to get tis water pumped up a building! When we arrive in office and is alone, we don't use the lift, instead we used to climb the stairs, which is in turn good for health as well.

On the Road
When moving in vehicles and that too at signals, I used to switch the engine off, if the waiting time is more than a minute. That helps to reduce the wastage of gas and the emission to our dear environment.

In my Home
Unwanted lights and fans are not entertained in my home, We use an energy star compliant products and check up the energy consumption of each gadgets we use. Switching from the ordinary filament based lamp, to the cfl helps a lot. With simple tricks like this we can save a lot in the energy we misuse, in what ever form they are.


Anonymous said...

Apparently chargers draw alot of power as well, so you are supposed to unplug them too. Phone chargers, etc. Although, if they are not plugged into the phone, I don't think they still draw a charge.

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