Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Minds Tip: Link to link you back a site with the apt Name... check this site, write reviews and get listed. A rather simple concept when you consider that this is a PR3 site.

Genere: linking/ directory
PR: 3

There are two options available: Free and paid options. Only 60 free options are available and grab it as soon as possible. It all depends on how long you can stay in top 60.

So dont let this oppurtunity slip your attention, write and earn the free incoming link and enjoy a place in their human edited directory.

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Beautiful Minds : Career Blog with

Beautiful Minds with the help of , the career initiative of JobCenter, Kochi, are going to start blogging in another address as well. All your career related issues will be addressed there and people in India(sorry that they are now operating only in India) can sent their resumes to {at}
Lets Rock!

Areas will be general career, IT Jobs, Technical Jobs, Finance jobs, Profession in Banks, and other organisations.

* The address and launching date will be announced soon.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hotel reservation through

Before you start your business/leisure trip make sure that you have the correct hotel in the correct location. is a site which offers you all the convenience of travel incorporated in to one. Whether its hotel, flights, or car for rental you have it there. The site also offers some packages, which can be selected according to our convenience. You can Book online or call in 1-800-447-4136.

What: Hotel reservation Site


Money: The cost involved in the booking of hotels through this site is minimal, and is worth when you compare all the telephone charges and the huge commission you have to pay out to the travel agent. A save upto 70% off campaign is going on in

Deals: The current deals in hand are the cash back on fuel, group booking (more than 9 rooms per day), Cruise by ship, discount club membership etc.

Stuffs: There are several stuffs available in, from hot deals to spa, golf, Beach hotels, gambling, family resorts, to cash back offers.

A special rebate offer (up to $100) valid for stays booked by Sep 30, 2007 for travel through Nov 30, 2007 is also available

Options: We can search hotel by pin code, address, amenities, country etc…

The site is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Espanola etc...

The interface is pretty neat and cozy to use. You can search by hotels in a city, vacation rental, by car, and by flights. All these are well connected that helps us to book the perfect holiday in almost any part of the world. For more info visit the site Hotel Reservations.

Description: is offering more than 70,000 properties worldwide - from hotels to B&B's to condos to all inclusive resorts. offers the information travelers need to book the perfect trip. As one of my friends(Design for MySpace) commented here

" I have checked out hotelreservations before. It is pretty secure and trusted site and as mentioned has some meaningful deals too..."

What else required than a testimonial from a guy who have actually used the site.

Talk- n -Talk:

From US or Canada: 1-800-447-4136 (Toll free)

From Europe: (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia) 00-800-1276-3549(Toll free)

Worldwide Phone: (1) 817-333-5105

Group Bookings: 1-800-447-4311 (Nine Rooms or More)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Top five Reasons, why I'm Gonna Quit My Job

Job is precious. So before you select a job/career, make sure that you are choosing the right one. Once you are in the flow, there are certain things that we should consider before doing a change of job.

1. Why should I Quit the job.
Analyze this, if it is because of monetary reasons, make sure that you are getting at least 20-25% hike from your current basics.
Location preference can also be considered. There are other reasons like a designation change etc etc.
To tackle this situation the best part is to be open with your current employer. They will always be ready to hear from you.(It is not profitable for an employer to get a staff and train them so that they will turn out to be productive)
Discuss with them the need of a hike/ designation change, if you feel that nothing is going to happen, then proceed after a "second thought".

2. When should I quit the job
If you are a guy/gal with a "play safe" kinda mentality, wait till you get the other job, and once confirmed, quit.
But if you are confident on yourselves, then go ahead and quit the same. This gives you ample time and opportunity to try all that comes in your way.
make sure that you are going to quit only after giving the sufficient notice, well in advance.

3. Relocate
If the place that you are going to relocate is far away from your home, consider other expenses like telephone charges, rent, etc...

4. Brand Value
Check the brand value of the company, once you are in higher brand band, don't ever look down.

5. Area of expertise
Changing your area of expertise is not advisable. An IT related employee changing his area to non IT is not that advisable.

So, Its your Job, and handle it responsibly

* As one of my friends, said about this, he will also consider the immediate superior as well. He said that the management should be compassionate, ready to hear what the employee have got to say, must be appreciating once the employee have done a deal/deed worth mentioning etc.
So for him, motivation also comes (lack of motivation) as a reason for quitting.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Business Intelligence with "Contemporary"

Consult your Business Dreams with "Contemporary"

The Company

If some one is looking for a partner in Business Objects, Crystal or Microsoft technical skills or to deliver a complete Business Intelligence solution then Contemporary will be the right solution. From Understanding the business requirement to deploying the actualized dream, contemporary will be there in your side.

The Edge

The main advantages that you will have in deploying the consultancy services are the experience and training available with them. Contemporary is a Business Objects’ platinum partner and Microsoft’s Gold certified partner. So if you want to embrace success, then choose the best people in the industry.

The Reach

Business Objects Skill Packs and Microsoft Skill Packs are available in consulting services page.

More about Contemporary products and services are available over phone (0845 345 6848) or email them in the address

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things to Remember When You Quit Your Job

There are several things/ issue when you leave a job.. What are those? What do you want to take care when you leave your job?

1. Rebuild the bridge before you leave.
Always remember that you will need a reference from the old/previous employer.. so fill out the gaps before you leave.

2. Give your notice within the agreed notice period.
This is important and make sure that you are not suffering because you haven’t given.

3. Leave encashments
All the unclaimed leaves should be en-cashed before you leave.

4. Not to work with competitors
Make sure that its mentioned in the offer letter, if not you need not sign this when you leave.

5. Pension /ESI/ Provident fund
Make sure you transfer this before you leave. These are actually your assets. Encash only if you are sure that it takes ages to transfer.

6. Return the Employers property.
What ever it is return, whether its sensitive information, printouts, files in digital and other formats returning the same to the employer takes the burden out of us.

7. Clear your personal data/ files. Clear your desk and computer from your personal data and files(I would recommend a back up of important files and clean format of the computer).

8. Address change.
Inform in your bank, credit card authorities, mobile phone provider about your change of address. If you have subscribed to magazines in official address, intimate them as well.

9. Change subscriptions
Change your subscriptions to the new email address.

10. Inform your contacts that the email address is going to get expired.

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