Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Top five Reasons, why I'm Gonna Quit My Job

Job is precious. So before you select a job/career, make sure that you are choosing the right one. Once you are in the flow, there are certain things that we should consider before doing a change of job.

1. Why should I Quit the job.
Analyze this, if it is because of monetary reasons, make sure that you are getting at least 20-25% hike from your current basics.
Location preference can also be considered. There are other reasons like a designation change etc etc.
To tackle this situation the best part is to be open with your current employer. They will always be ready to hear from you.(It is not profitable for an employer to get a staff and train them so that they will turn out to be productive)
Discuss with them the need of a hike/ designation change, if you feel that nothing is going to happen, then proceed after a "second thought".

2. When should I quit the job
If you are a guy/gal with a "play safe" kinda mentality, wait till you get the other job, and once confirmed, quit.
But if you are confident on yourselves, then go ahead and quit the same. This gives you ample time and opportunity to try all that comes in your way.
make sure that you are going to quit only after giving the sufficient notice, well in advance.

3. Relocate
If the place that you are going to relocate is far away from your home, consider other expenses like telephone charges, rent, etc...

4. Brand Value
Check the brand value of the company, once you are in higher brand band, don't ever look down.

5. Area of expertise
Changing your area of expertise is not advisable. An IT related employee changing his area to non IT is not that advisable.

So, Its your Job, and handle it responsibly

* As one of my friends, said about this, he will also consider the immediate superior as well. He said that the management should be compassionate, ready to hear what the employee have got to say, must be appreciating once the employee have done a deal/deed worth mentioning etc.
So for him, motivation also comes (lack of motivation) as a reason for quitting.

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Scented Soy Candle Lover said...

Hey, great post.
I have been looking for a guide to quit my daily job and now i have found it.

thanks man, you are my inspiration.

Anna said...

...and I quit my job because I finished it, Anna :)

PS Excellent post.

Hoto said...

thats a nice post. too many people take their job too serious. in most parts of germany you always can find a new job if you realy want.

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