Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hotel reservation through

Before you start your business/leisure trip make sure that you have the correct hotel in the correct location. is a site which offers you all the convenience of travel incorporated in to one. Whether its hotel, flights, or car for rental you have it there. The site also offers some packages, which can be selected according to our convenience. You can Book online or call in 1-800-447-4136.

What: Hotel reservation Site


Money: The cost involved in the booking of hotels through this site is minimal, and is worth when you compare all the telephone charges and the huge commission you have to pay out to the travel agent. A save upto 70% off campaign is going on in

Deals: The current deals in hand are the cash back on fuel, group booking (more than 9 rooms per day), Cruise by ship, discount club membership etc.

Stuffs: There are several stuffs available in, from hot deals to spa, golf, Beach hotels, gambling, family resorts, to cash back offers.

A special rebate offer (up to $100) valid for stays booked by Sep 30, 2007 for travel through Nov 30, 2007 is also available

Options: We can search hotel by pin code, address, amenities, country etc…

The site is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Espanola etc...

The interface is pretty neat and cozy to use. You can search by hotels in a city, vacation rental, by car, and by flights. All these are well connected that helps us to book the perfect holiday in almost any part of the world. For more info visit the site Hotel Reservations.

Description: is offering more than 70,000 properties worldwide - from hotels to B&B's to condos to all inclusive resorts. offers the information travelers need to book the perfect trip. As one of my friends(Design for MySpace) commented here

" I have checked out hotelreservations before. It is pretty secure and trusted site and as mentioned has some meaningful deals too..."

What else required than a testimonial from a guy who have actually used the site.

Talk- n -Talk:

From US or Canada: 1-800-447-4136 (Toll free)

From Europe: (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia) 00-800-1276-3549(Toll free)

Worldwide Phone: (1) 817-333-5105

Group Bookings: 1-800-447-4311 (Nine Rooms or More)

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Design for MySpace said...

I have checked out hotelreservations before it is pretty secure and trsuted site and as mentioned has some meaningful deals too.

Vish..! said...

thnx Design for MySpace, I will add this point as well.

San Francisco Giants said...

Well, I've never used them before, but could always use a discount.

bali said...

Actually they are quite good. Only for selected destinations like for example Bali you're better off using a specialist. Because they can tell you all the hidden details in a personal way. Yes it's personal attention plus local knowledge that has the edge over the one that offeres just about everything globally.

JackLe said...

Thanks! Very useful post.

New Zealand Camper Vans said...

Hi there,

Hotel reservations seem to have quite convenient and flexible packages. Affordable prices too! Obviously sometimes it would be more suited to hire a motor home or tent. But if you’re going to get a hotel, hotel reservations is definitely the place to go!



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