Saturday, August 4, 2007

Things to Remember When You Quit Your Job

There are several things/ issue when you leave a job.. What are those? What do you want to take care when you leave your job?

1. Rebuild the bridge before you leave.
Always remember that you will need a reference from the old/previous employer.. so fill out the gaps before you leave.

2. Give your notice within the agreed notice period.
This is important and make sure that you are not suffering because you haven’t given.

3. Leave encashments
All the unclaimed leaves should be en-cashed before you leave.

4. Not to work with competitors
Make sure that its mentioned in the offer letter, if not you need not sign this when you leave.

5. Pension /ESI/ Provident fund
Make sure you transfer this before you leave. These are actually your assets. Encash only if you are sure that it takes ages to transfer.

6. Return the Employers property.
What ever it is return, whether its sensitive information, printouts, files in digital and other formats returning the same to the employer takes the burden out of us.

7. Clear your personal data/ files. Clear your desk and computer from your personal data and files(I would recommend a back up of important files and clean format of the computer).

8. Address change.
Inform in your bank, credit card authorities, mobile phone provider about your change of address. If you have subscribed to magazines in official address, intimate them as well.

9. Change subscriptions
Change your subscriptions to the new email address.

10. Inform your contacts that the email address is going to get expired.

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Bryan @ One Man's Goal said...

Don't forget to take your coffee cup! I left mine at my last job and I'm lost without it

eagerblogger said...

It's always good to quit your job without any hard feelings. It will make you emotionally ready for the next job. :)

Vish..! said...

Bryan, eager, Thanks for the comment

I agree with you both. :)

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