Thursday, July 26, 2007

Notepad.. Simple to use.. But is this a bug?

OS: Win Xp
Software: Notepad

This day i was trying to type something in my computer.. and i move around the items easly using ctrl + arrow keys.. accidentally i went in to an awkward situation.. my entire texts shifted to left side(looks like left aligned.. and the special characters and dots(".") appear at the start of the sentences..!

For those people who in search of these things.. Please do check and advise..

I found the key combination!!!! i pressed left ctrl then left shift right cntrl right shift and then left arrow key
.. the same is reversed when i pressed left ctrl + left shift

i tried in other XP computers here.. but in vain...!

Here are the screen shots..! click to see a bigger view..!

Screen 1 : normal.. some characters typed in

Screen 2: Abnormal, letters shifted to left (like left aligned)

Screen 3: Abnormal, this article typed in and selected (Cntrl+A)



Casablanca Travel said...

This is amazing. Very informative. Thanks!

Geek Hacks said...

Nice, I like that one. Thanks for sharing :) Haha!

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