Monday, July 23, 2007

What I saw this day..! profile adding directory..

Came across Daniel Thompson 's Site this day..!
He has got a number of profiles added.. I too have submitted the same.. :)

May be this helps in link Building..!

Thanks in advance Daniel..

The Site is The Profile Directory of Bloggers


Daniel Thompson said...

Thanks for mentioning my directory. I have listed your profile.

dani said...

thanks for the tip.. will visit the blog soon.. wonder how does it works?

Forumer said...

Thanx for this too, i'll visit right after this.

And Vish, do you really got a biometric company as you said in my blog?? That's really awesome maaan. I would like to know about it if you don;t mind.

Best regards

Forumer said...

Ooo IC, nevermind it's not your or just work there. Even i cannot work at this kind of company, and you can so that's good of you hehe

So the company got no website eaa?? Is it dangerous to disclose it?? :D

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