Thursday, July 26, 2007

In the world of tabbed browsing - Maxthon ...

A couple of years(or even more ) before I was using a tabbed browser MyIE2. When i left my company that time I forget about the same.. Recently this December I was in search of a browser.. I was trying to avoid up gradation of Internet explorer as this was eating up my resources(Read that as memory.). Suddenly I remembered of MyIE2 and started to search the same..

Search results..
I came to know that MyIE2 is now Maxthon(read as maxton I believe) and its more powerful these days and is still available FREE..!

Maxthon site in Maxthon browser.. by Vish..!
Name: Maxthon
What : Internet Browser
Current Version:
Installation file Size: 2257 KB

Languages: multi-language interface


Cost: Free!

It was using the same engine of Internet Explorer(have to confirm whether they still use the same) but less buggy and is crash proof than IE. Another stuff to mention is the support of Unicode. I used to write my blogs in malayalam with this browser.
In case of a crash we can access the sites that were open once we reopen the browser.
No No.. I cant list out all the features here.. Instead you can visit the features there in the site

1. Even though the Unicode is supported there are some issues when you take the comment section of a Unicode site(not always). Like seeing funny characters
2. Some issues in writing the blogs.. Particularly when I try to update codes in layout and page elements... Like not able to save and the browser trying to save for a long time (The only solution is to clear cookies and temp files..)

Support You can access support from Support page of maxthon from the site.. There are wiki pages, forums, blog and many more for your disposal. I would rate this browser a 4 out of 5

Download copy of maxthon from

* The thumbnail used is a screen shot of Maxthon site in a Maxthon browser edited(just resized) with Paint.Net.


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