Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mystery Novel - "The Bruja’s Tale"

Tim Madden(Timothy A Madden), the retired management executive and science fiction novelist have came up again with another interesting Novel, but this time in a different genre. In the backdrops of the land of eternal spring (Guatemala), Tim Madden have switched to write mystery thrillers. The new book in that series is "The Bruja’s Tale". Bruja's tale is all bout Mayan Witch craft, which blends nicely in to the life of 21st century and shamanism that exists in Guatemala. You can visit the Homepage of the site to know more about it.

The plot
This novel is for every one, who feel that there are things that we don't know and is out of our control. So basically, a mystery lover will definitely like this plot, Interested? You canBuy The Book from their website. The hero, Mr. Schoen is a well educated bachelor. This book is about the incidents that happens to his life after a couple of deaths in El Paraiso, and the death of the police chief there, who was the uncle of Mr. Schoen. A Mayan Bruja(witch) tried to bring him under her spell, for possessing his soul.

He was rescued by his lover, Sandra and her cousin. And he was forced to accept the happenings as reality. He was in to the investigation of the murder, and some one want him to stop the same. The corner stone is how Thomas(Mr.Schoen) and Sandra fights back, and whether they win over the situation?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What do you use to change your login Screen? - Vista

I was rather getting bored in seeying the plain login screen in my HP DV 6701AU. So I started looking for options to change the same... now I use the logon studio from stardock. Through this program, I am now able to change the background of my login Screen :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - Your shopping destination?

My friend Vinod is now in UK. He is doing his MBA from a university there. Last day while doing a voice chat in Gtalk he said he is going on for a shopping. He said he need some electronic goods and some clothing. I was amazed. In a developed country like UK where a majority of the population uses Internet , This guy is in to shopping and for fun I typed in and Oops.. am in to an e commerce site.. from Electronics to health care, from clothings to home and garden equipments, from appliances to Jewellery. Almost anything that a man/ woman needs is there. And it was then one of my other friends commented that their service is good. I informed Vinod, but it was late. He have already brought an MP3 player and Some fashion clothings. He said he will definitely give a try after reading some of those product reviews that are listed there.

Devan in Cartoon :)

The cartoonist strikes again! this time the victim was my son Devadathan.. The cartoon was splendid and see that for yourselves.
Pss... Visit his site in and he was generous in offering a 10 percentage discount on all cartoons if some one mentions that they are reffered by . What are you waiting for? go ahead and grab that offer..!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who's your (web)Daddy?

Choosing a web hosting company is cumbersome. Finding the right one for your needs is the most important thing you have to do. Whether you own a blog or a general website or an e-commerce site, you need to find out the right web host. There are lots of reviews about the web hosts and info on web hosting are available all over the Internet. Go ahead and check one or two web hosting reviews before going for a particular web host. These reviews help to find out what worked well for whom. Requirement for a host differs from person to person/ company to company, so choose one wisely

Identify your host

The essentials of a good web host are

  1. The experience of the existing customers of that web host.

    So if you have a friend who is using a particular host, just inquire about the web host and he will be happy to assist you. Often testimonials are also taken in to account. web hosting articles are available from Internet.

  2. Type of users

    If the Users of that particular web host is misusing there space, then definitely you are also going to suffer as it may affect SERP values. Try avoiding web hosts that are hosting Spam contents.

  3. Up Time: When a host assures you a 99.9% uptime, then go for that. You wont get a 100%, so check the history of the host in those matters.

  4. Remember expensive is not equal to better.

  5. Space and band width:

  6. Support: What sort of support will that particular web host gives you? Check that with existing customers as well.(oops, back to step 1?)

  7. Payment option: even if they provide you the service, will you be able to pay them in time/ in the way they accept the payment.

  8. Type of server(s)

In addition to these tips you can also do some speed check on the websites that are hosted by these web hosts. That can provide you some important info about their level of performance. So who is your Daddy?

Memory from Memory deal

For the smooth function of your laptop, Personal Computer, Mac, ...etc., you need good memory. RAM, can be said to be the head of your computer. I bought a Pavilion laptop from HP, and then I realized the importance of the RAM, I was compelled to do a 2gb Memory Upgrade of my RAM and choosing the same was a hectic task. At last I upgraded the same. When I informed my friend, he said he have bought a Apple Memory & MAC RAM from I went to that site and was amazed. If i was here early, i could have got the memory in lesser price and that too the original one. There you can get the memory modules same as the one used by the major computer makers like IBM, dell, HP ...etc. They even claims that they are the first online guys to offer the customers the genuine factory original memory modules for each and every memory upgrade.

The main advantage of using a memory like that is, the reliability, and integrity of the memory with other components and it eliminates the need of an upgrade for another couple of years. Whether you need a PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgrade , or a 4 GB upgrade, try going to memory deal.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

HP Service center - Kochi - India -

I was searching the HP site to get info on the service centers in Kochi and after a long search that reached no where I called local computer dealer, who said she have no phone number, but she gave me hints about the same. I logged out from my office bio metric attendance marking system and went in search for the same and at last I reached the place near Kaloor. The issue was with my Laptop DVD writer, which they said needs a replacement. I agreed for the same and another info they gave me was that they are gonna shift to a new place. So here is the new address in Kochi

HP Service Center
4th Floor, KPV Estate,
Kalavathu, Palarivattom
Cochin / Kochi
Pin - 682025
Land mark: Opp to BSNL Exchange - Near to Vodafone Mini store
Ph: 0484 - 3925840

Wonder why the HP People have given wrong phone numbers and information in their website!

Update: 2341303/304 - kaloor service center

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dream templates - Web templates and more...

Easy navigation, easy accessibility, smooth finish, easy on eyes type of colors.. if you are going to list out the features of a good design you are going to take hell lots of pages for them.. So if you are going to choose from some web templates, or are going for a designer to design your site, just go through and that may help you to get a tip or two so that you can improve the over all look, feel and usability of your site. The users must appreciate the content, they must be able to access your web pages of their choice (yes, the web pages must be well linked.)

Yes, when choosing a template you have o be careful.. Like check whether the template burn the eyes of the reader. Check the co ordination of the fonts with the back ground colors. Check whether the color(s) used are burning the eyes of the reader. The other aspects are the font size, which should be normal and less strain to look at, the proper usage and maintenance of the available text area. Usage of graphics must be there, and if possible avoid the same. Some may have a doubt that a picture speaks a thousand words, and what is this guy telling, avoid pictures? Yes my friend, unwanted pictures take away the concentration of the user from your contents. So if you can convey the message in a word, do it and its better than those thousand words. More over the pictures make your website slow, the load time increases and not every one will have the patience to sit and watch the page loading. (Especially in the case of a dial up connection.)

If you are looking for some sort of good, but cheap templates then I would recommend you to have a look on, they have some decent collection of the same. And don’t forget to grab the collection of free templates (they have around 300 of free templates in their collection). From free CSS templates to premium flash template, they have it all. In addition to the same, they have the PowerPoint templates, Word templates etc… Another offer that is ongoing I their site is the ability to access and download the template for one year that too for $59.95 per month. No per template charges, no download charges …etc. Just the one time fee and all the templates are you’re for free, at least for the next one year.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Consumer IR Drivers for HP Laptops( for Vista - May be for other windows versions as well)

Many of you people may have similar experience like mine. I was having windows Vista installed in my laptop and I formatted the recovery partition.. boom.. everything went hay wired.. Then I went ahead with clean install of Vista and found one unrecognized hard ware in my device manager list.! poor me.. it was the consumer IR.. I searched for the same in the whole internet.. and I couldn't find a suitable driver for the same.. Every time I login, it keep on saying that I have a missing stuff inside my HP Pavilion DV6701 AU Laptop. I couldn't find any in the driver section of the HP India (and US as well) Site. Suddenly one day i rectified the issue here is how.

I was running a critical update for my vista.(I've turned off the automatic update.. so do manual update occasionally)
I juz went into the the other optional and recommended updates and there I saw the Drivers for consumer IR... Yes.. Vista update have the drivers for the HP consumer IR.. What are you waiting for my dear.. juz go ahead and run an update.. and btw, this may works with Windows XP as well...

Monday, May 5, 2008

A search on wining lottery number!

I was in search for some Wining lottery number, and other stuffs… One of the search results juz caught my eyes and that was dream and win. The site was beautifully designed and each of the menu-items was in the place. The tickets were easy to choose from and they always gives you the odds of Wining lottery number. From the MAC book air, vacations to a car you can win (realize) your dream there. So choose your destiny and get some Lottery numbers so that you are also in the draw for the next round!