Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mystery Novel - "The Bruja’s Tale"

Tim Madden(Timothy A Madden), the retired management executive and science fiction novelist have came up again with another interesting Novel, but this time in a different genre. In the backdrops of the land of eternal spring (Guatemala), Tim Madden have switched to write mystery thrillers. The new book in that series is "The Bruja’s Tale". Bruja's tale is all bout Mayan Witch craft, which blends nicely in to the life of 21st century and shamanism that exists in Guatemala. You can visit the Homepage of the site to know more about it.

The plot
This novel is for every one, who feel that there are things that we don't know and is out of our control. So basically, a mystery lover will definitely like this plot, Interested? You canBuy The Book from their website. The hero, Mr. Schoen is a well educated bachelor. This book is about the incidents that happens to his life after a couple of deaths in El Paraiso, and the death of the police chief there, who was the uncle of Mr. Schoen. A Mayan Bruja(witch) tried to bring him under her spell, for possessing his soul.

He was rescued by his lover, Sandra and her cousin. And he was forced to accept the happenings as reality. He was in to the investigation of the murder, and some one want him to stop the same. The corner stone is how Thomas(Mr.Schoen) and Sandra fights back, and whether they win over the situation?


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Thanks for your help with The Bruja's Tale. I've been receiving positive reader feedback, which is encouraging. Point of info, those interested in learning more about Guatemalan culture, shamanism, or why I was motivated to write the book can click on my Thanks again, Tim.

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