Saturday, May 24, 2008 - Your shopping destination?

My friend Vinod is now in UK. He is doing his MBA from a university there. Last day while doing a voice chat in Gtalk he said he is going on for a shopping. He said he need some electronic goods and some clothing. I was amazed. In a developed country like UK where a majority of the population uses Internet , This guy is in to shopping and for fun I typed in and Oops.. am in to an e commerce site.. from Electronics to health care, from clothings to home and garden equipments, from appliances to Jewellery. Almost anything that a man/ woman needs is there. And it was then one of my other friends commented that their service is good. I informed Vinod, but it was late. He have already brought an MP3 player and Some fashion clothings. He said he will definitely give a try after reading some of those product reviews that are listed there.


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