Thursday, May 8, 2008

Consumer IR Drivers for HP Laptops( for Vista - May be for other windows versions as well)

Many of you people may have similar experience like mine. I was having windows Vista installed in my laptop and I formatted the recovery partition.. boom.. everything went hay wired.. Then I went ahead with clean install of Vista and found one unrecognized hard ware in my device manager list.! poor me.. it was the consumer IR.. I searched for the same in the whole internet.. and I couldn't find a suitable driver for the same.. Every time I login, it keep on saying that I have a missing stuff inside my HP Pavilion DV6701 AU Laptop. I couldn't find any in the driver section of the HP India (and US as well) Site. Suddenly one day i rectified the issue here is how.

I was running a critical update for my vista.(I've turned off the automatic update.. so do manual update occasionally)
I juz went into the the other optional and recommended updates and there I saw the Drivers for consumer IR... Yes.. Vista update have the drivers for the HP consumer IR.. What are you waiting for my dear.. juz go ahead and run an update.. and btw, this may works with Windows XP as well...


exfatguy said...

I don't think Vista is ready yet for us. XP is much more better use than Vista. Luckily I use XP and not tempted to use Vista. All it does is great graphics and that's all.

zohai said...

Nah.. I'm happy with my vista. Eyecandy is a plus but they have minor tweaks and subtle changes here and there that I love. If you love XP better then no one can force you to change =) Even until now there's some using Win98

david & mary grace said...

I have an HP Pavilion dv6647cl. The IR port worked fine until some time after it was wiped and restored from the recovery partition. I'm not sure if it quit working right after the fresh install from recovery, or after all of the drivers, BIOS, Vista SP1, etc. were installed/update.

However, I do NOT have any unknown devices in the device manager. Neither do I see an infrared monitoring service which I assume is supposed to be there. I'm running Vista Home Ultimate.

I know the IR port works because I can turn on the laptop with the remote...but once it's in Vista, I get nothing.

There are no IR drivers on HP's website & nothing comes up in Microsoft Update. HP said it should be included in the nVidia chipset drivers, but I have the latest from HP's website and nothing's working.

I tried installing a few consumer IR port drivers to see, but none of them found hardware that matched, so none of them installed. :(

Any ideas anyone? :D

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