Saturday, May 17, 2008

Who's your (web)Daddy?

Choosing a web hosting company is cumbersome. Finding the right one for your needs is the most important thing you have to do. Whether you own a blog or a general website or an e-commerce site, you need to find out the right web host. There are lots of reviews about the web hosts and info on web hosting are available all over the Internet. Go ahead and check one or two web hosting reviews before going for a particular web host. These reviews help to find out what worked well for whom. Requirement for a host differs from person to person/ company to company, so choose one wisely

Identify your host

The essentials of a good web host are

  1. The experience of the existing customers of that web host.

    So if you have a friend who is using a particular host, just inquire about the web host and he will be happy to assist you. Often testimonials are also taken in to account. web hosting articles are available from Internet.

  2. Type of users

    If the Users of that particular web host is misusing there space, then definitely you are also going to suffer as it may affect SERP values. Try avoiding web hosts that are hosting Spam contents.

  3. Up Time: When a host assures you a 99.9% uptime, then go for that. You wont get a 100%, so check the history of the host in those matters.

  4. Remember expensive is not equal to better.

  5. Space and band width:

  6. Support: What sort of support will that particular web host gives you? Check that with existing customers as well.(oops, back to step 1?)

  7. Payment option: even if they provide you the service, will you be able to pay them in time/ in the way they accept the payment.

  8. Type of server(s)

In addition to these tips you can also do some speed check on the websites that are hosted by these web hosts. That can provide you some important info about their level of performance. So who is your Daddy?


autoversicherung said...

Go Daddy is the best for web hosting.Its already proved.

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