Thursday, May 31, 2007


The first time when I saw her, she was in yellow..
The next time she was in a black lace..
I started to love her, I donno..
But I need her to be near me.. forever

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Customer Service..! at its best - the new generation banks in India

This is a tale..! a tale of a man(Babu) who went ahead to the new age bank ICICi oops..! It was to ICICI prudential life insurance. He want to become a comiision agent/ Advisor there. He payed Rs. 500/- for which no receipts were issued... after a couple of months there is no reply from the bank.. So he went ahead and contacted them.. NOGO..! he was not even able to talk to the manager/ or head of that branch.. Dint i mention this happened in ICICi prudential in Alappuzha. The guy who was sitting there was the best example of the customer service guru.. the reply from him was something like this. " You lost money? what can i do for that? Its your money and i cant help it. And "just" for Rs. 500 you are making all the fuzz? He was using the word uluva(malayalam for fenu greek) for roopa(Rupees/Money).

Babu got a call from kollam/kottayam(am not sure)and they confirmed that the issue with the same is because of the employee disturbance or internal politics in alappuzha. but they are playing with some one elses money.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stay in Alappuzha

Alappuzha(Alleppey) is also known as Venice of the east. With the lucid Silvery water around and the whole canal system, obviously, it is the venice of the east. The lagoons the sandy beaches, palm and coconut trees around the banks of alappuzha is a nice treat to the eyes. It is developing as a back water tourism destination. And not to mention the various festivities and the color of life and the most important among the industries is the coir and carpet industry.

Here is the list of hotels in alappuzha

Alleppey Prince Hotel
Location: Alleppey Town
Rs. 1000 - Rs. 2500

Hotel Royal Park, Alleppey
Location: Alleppey Town
Rs. 1000 - Rs. 2000




and a lotta resorts like Punnamada lake resorts, Pagoda etc...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wondering how to get a job... Careers in India..

There are techies all over India.. and techie job is a little hard to find now a days.. There are a hell lotta sites that offers you a job. Lots of consultancies around.. Here are some info. - Hear the word career then two names comes to your mind and one among them will be naukri. They have influenced the mind of Indians in such a way that for a jobseeker without naukri account is considered worthless. - The next name on the move. They are in the international scenario and I dont have any comments about them. - neatly organised this is from times group.

clickjobs - from the house of - Local search with kijiji - New people in market, these guys are capable of making a revolt. Lets wait and see.. - directory of jobs

There are consultants to fill in the human resource needs like Alpine, Jobcenter, EQura, ManPower etc... So get in to this circle.. Dont worry coz majority of these services are free and search for your dream job.. You may land up in one of your choice.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dreams Broken By Commitment

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I saw her there in the portico..
she was there in all her grace.
Her looks were stuck deep in my hearts..
And pricked my heart like a pointed spear

I came back with a wounded heart
Dreams flowing like blood all over
I know she is away, but i dreamt..
I felt, she is there for me all the way..

Life is full of errors as some one say
Calculations are getting tough these days...
What to do to be alive, yes here I am
Standing infront of her with a wounded heart

She looked at me.. and kissed me deep
Holding her with my hands, I feel her
She was soft and fragile yet sweet,
And here I am awaken from my dreams..

The next day I saw her, she was in her grace
The girl in white she was, and I went near her.
I said to her that I love her, she first smiled,
I thought it as a word of consent, and rejoyced,

But she said, without loosing her smile, that
She is commited and cannot move back,
Oh god how unlucky am I, to lose some one like her
I felt the grief growing like the pain.

The pain gripping my heart, and wounding me deep
I went ahead and said her again, still I love you,
More than you could imagine and dream of,
She smiled again and said, I know but, I am committed