Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Customer Service..! at its best - the new generation banks in India

This is a tale..! a tale of a man(Babu) who went ahead to the new age bank ICICi oops..! It was to ICICI prudential life insurance. He want to become a comiision agent/ Advisor there. He payed Rs. 500/- for which no receipts were issued... after a couple of months there is no reply from the bank.. So he went ahead and contacted them.. NOGO..! he was not even able to talk to the manager/ or head of that branch.. Dint i mention this happened in ICICi prudential in Alappuzha. The guy who was sitting there was the best example of the customer service guru.. the reply from him was something like this. " You lost money? what can i do for that? Its your money and i cant help it. And "just" for Rs. 500 you are making all the fuzz? He was using the word uluva(malayalam for fenu greek) for roopa(Rupees/Money).

Babu got a call from kollam/kottayam(am not sure)and they confirmed that the issue with the same is because of the employee disturbance or internal politics in alappuzha. but they are playing with some one elses money.



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