Monday, July 28, 2008

Webhost articles- tips -Tricks

Do you know how to choose a host? Have you read the basics to choose a web host? If not, just visit, a place where you an find good articles on web hosting, different type of tutorials ...etc. The site have various tutorials, and web hosting articles. Do you know that you can earn money by reseller hosting? Yeah, by getting a bulk storage on server first, you can resell the space to your customers. The technical aspects will be dealt by the parent host, all you have to do is to market yourselves out and get the clients... If not interested in that many of the hosts out their offers you affiliate income for the sales you make.

One of the tips in was interesting. It was an article to give a general idea on the web hosting. Like, 1. Analyze the needs, 2. check the available options with hosts, 3. Check the reliability, 4. Compare your budget, 5. Choose the best one. I think the basic thing which I havent checked is the analysing the host!... I need to improve on the same before I choose a host for my clients. There are tutorials on cpanels as well (control Panel)

From windows to linux hosting... from Virtual Private network to the security aspects of hosting... from e commerce to dedicated servers, this website have got a number of information that can be categorised as “must read”. Why don't you try reading the same before choosing a web host in haste?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

College for real-estate business aspirants -Nouveau Riche

real estate is a real buzz now a days and the profit one can make from the same is huge. I was searching for a couple of area for my friend and i found an interesting news item, i forgot the source of the same, but was managed to find out the article's reference site. This was about a college.. a college on real estate.. exciting is'nt it? This college, which is exclusive for the real estate scenario was none other than Nouveau Riche. This can be called a real estate investment college and each course in Nouveau Riche is tailor made for you to excel in real estate scenario. The how to of the real estate investment, the concept and the strategies are tought in these courses.
Advantage and disadvantage of long term and short term real estate investment strategies are discussed with in these courses and Nouveau Riche assure you a type of education which is dynamic in nature and is between the like minded people. The students have to participate in case studies, classroom discussions and role playing excercises that will aid them in retaining the information they collect.
Nouveau Riche courses varies from book keeping and building your own team to Rehabbing, seller financed notes to short sales. A to Z of the real estate investment scenario will be infront of you, which you can use in your real estate business. This Scottsdale based college also offers residential real estate encyclopedia, which consists of books, CD's audio series ...etc. which is helpful for a professional in the real estate scenario.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Your Ring Tone?

It was in 2002, that I got a cell phone, in those times mobile phones was not as common as it is now, and for the same, I spend a sum, that is equal to a decent phone of these days(with memory, polyphonic ringtones, gprs etc..) My first phone was a Nokia 1100(yeah, the B/W, torch cell) and now technology have grown. 

Last day I was searching for some free ringtones and came across, and man, there are hell lotta ring tones to choose from. You can register your mobile number in the site and will send you a pin and once confirmed, you can actively take part in the download action. The ring tones are ordered in genre's like the 80's (Guns N' Roses, Micheal Jackson), Christian ring tones, and some fun tones like that from Disney, and have some tones in RAP, Jazz, Metal, truetone ringtone ...etc. The site with sooting blue and white background is easy on eyes, and I think that is powered with Drupal. This site offers a huge selection of ring tones, graphics, wallpapers, and games for your cell phone. This service is a provider independent service, and have less risk involved, as they are not asking for your credit card details through the site. So are you ready to hear the cellphone music play?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Credit card! a distant dream...

I'm from alappuzha District in Kerala, India. None of the banks are giving credit card in Alappuzha? My application got rejected in SBI(I have my salary account there), ICICI, HDFC, Axis(Formerly UTI), and now Morgan stanley.

SBI havent issued any cards to people who have permanent address outside the ernakulam District (yeah, I do work in Ernakulam). Others juz say because of internal policies. Where can I get one card in Alappuzha?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eyewears From Zenni

Goggles, they are now used by almost 50 percentage of people around the world and that percentage rises if we categorize people in age groups.

I had my first goggles when i was studying for SSLC(secondary School Leaving Certificate, or simply Xth standard). Recently I found some clean dealers around Internet who does business in goggles and one of them in They are providing single vision eye glasses from 8 USD. When their bifocal range starts from $25, progressive eye glasses are starting at $37. As they are doing things directly there is no burden of any middle man commission and you can be assured of a reduced price because of no advertising budget. So direct to customer, is what they aims at.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kottamkulangara - Temple and more

My native is kottamkulangara. Half a kilometer away from Punnamada(the famous Nehru Trophy Snake boat race starting point. A site for kottamkulangara Temple was my dream and it got realised last day. The site was officially inaugurated by Mr. Jayakumar, sub group officer for he temple. And the address is

The news about yesterdays event is in kottamkulangara updates. Do visit there for more.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harthal and a leave!

This day its gonna be a leave from the hussles of office as a nation wide protest is called in by VHP/ BJP in India. No vehicles on the road!.

In kerala its a harthal.

Home Sweet Home

Last day I wrote a post about "The House of your Dreams" and discussed areas in which you should plan. With a small research I found some more info on the same. This was to help my friend who was about to construct a new home. The data I was searching for was
1. Area in which maximum wastage happens/ expence is more
2. How to avoid the same

So the main Area were the usage of concrete, which can be rectified by using some Precast Concrete. The only thing is that the quality of material used must be up to the mark and the grade of cement is the one which you desired. More ifo on the grade of cements can be obtained online. Make sure that the precast concrete is used in area, where there is a major drain in fund, which you can save. example, Precast Concrete Septic Tanks, other sewage purposes, retaining wall, electrical/gas facilities ...etc. can save a lot from your pocket. Another area in which you are going to drain your fund is painting the home. This can be avoided with a little extra care in planning the resources(paint) and the durability. A good design, coupled with planning can make everything allright. There are a number of websites around and they can help you get more info on many things that are necessary for construction / house planning . If you go through them and accept the best practices \, then you can save a lot, and yes, one more thing you have to keep in mind is the vendors/ quality of stuffs that you are going to include in to your construction. Assign the best people around, even though that may cost a bit more than the cheapest alternative, that save a lot in the coming years as maintanence cost.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rent to Own - RTO

Do you test an item before you buy? Like the sample packets of each stuffs, and if its a program, then the demo or the shareware version of the same. Yeah! a demo or shareware will always give you hands on experience with that program and help to take a decision. But what about stuffs like furniture set, crockery ...etc. how can you experience the same before you buy? There is a way... Have you heard about rent to own? The name depicts what it is. Rent to own, a relatively new concept is to take an item on rent, with an option to buy the same.So i went ahead in the Internet to check some info on rent-a-center franchise information.
So what is the difference from a credit sale? Its so simple, actually its the term rent that distinguish between the two, Rent to own, is a hassle free, no obligation, no interest method to experience the goods, with free replacement and can be returned at any time. So no credit checks, no credit extension, no obligation,flexible payment options all make rent to own a sweep stake now a days. And then I got some information from the internet regarding RAC franchise. And yeah that site have info on Rent-to-own Organization Websites, Rent-to-own Company Websites, like aaron's franchise information. Recently I too got a EVDO modem from a telecom company on rent to own basis, the terms were simple, They would charge me a rent and if in case i need to own the modem, then I can buy the same and they gave me an offer to reduce half of the rent I have already paid!