Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Your Ring Tone?

It was in 2002, that I got a cell phone, in those times mobile phones was not as common as it is now, and for the same, I spend a sum, that is equal to a decent phone of these days(with memory, polyphonic ringtones, gprs etc..) My first phone was a Nokia 1100(yeah, the B/W, torch cell) and now technology have grown. 

Last day I was searching for some free ringtones and came across, and man, there are hell lotta ring tones to choose from. You can register your mobile number in the site and will send you a pin and once confirmed, you can actively take part in the download action. The ring tones are ordered in genre's like the 80's (Guns N' Roses, Micheal Jackson), Christian ring tones, and some fun tones like that from Disney, and have some tones in RAP, Jazz, Metal, truetone ringtone ...etc. The site with sooting blue and white background is easy on eyes, and I think that is powered with Drupal. This site offers a huge selection of ring tones, graphics, wallpapers, and games for your cell phone. This service is a provider independent service, and have less risk involved, as they are not asking for your credit card details through the site. So are you ready to hear the cellphone music play?


Daniel said...

HeHe right now I'm using one of the default nokia tunes you get with the cell phone, to tell you the truth it's the same one that's pre-set at the factory. I haven't had the time to change it, as long as it makes a noise and I know it's ringing it's fine with me.

Barry Wheeler said...

I'm not sure what my ring tone is, something that my nephew loaded on it ... some song by tpain I think. It's annoying cause i don't know how to change it.

Bernhard said...

From time to time I look over this site with its well written contributions. I am pleased about the interesting contributions and would like to express my radix complement in addition! Greetings from Germany!

monza said...

nokia tunes the best

Jimy Wong said...

You can convert the ring tone from the song you like most. I feel Sony Ericsson phones have the best sound.

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