Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rent to Own - RTO

Do you test an item before you buy? Like the sample packets of each stuffs, and if its a program, then the demo or the shareware version of the same. Yeah! a demo or shareware will always give you hands on experience with that program and help to take a decision. But what about stuffs like furniture set, crockery ...etc. how can you experience the same before you buy? There is a way... Have you heard about rent to own? The name depicts what it is. Rent to own, a relatively new concept is to take an item on rent, with an option to buy the same.So i went ahead in the Internet to check some info on rent-a-center franchise information.
So what is the difference from a credit sale? Its so simple, actually its the term rent that distinguish between the two, Rent to own, is a hassle free, no obligation, no interest method to experience the goods, with free replacement and can be returned at any time. So no credit checks, no credit extension, no obligation,flexible payment options all make rent to own a sweep stake now a days. And then I got some information from the internet regarding RAC franchise. And yeah that site have info on Rent-to-own Organization Websites, Rent-to-own Company Websites, like aaron's franchise information. Recently I too got a EVDO modem from a telecom company on rent to own basis, the terms were simple, They would charge me a rent and if in case i need to own the modem, then I can buy the same and they gave me an offer to reduce half of the rent I have already paid!


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