Monday, July 28, 2008

Webhost articles- tips -Tricks

Do you know how to choose a host? Have you read the basics to choose a web host? If not, just visit, a place where you an find good articles on web hosting, different type of tutorials ...etc. The site have various tutorials, and web hosting articles. Do you know that you can earn money by reseller hosting? Yeah, by getting a bulk storage on server first, you can resell the space to your customers. The technical aspects will be dealt by the parent host, all you have to do is to market yourselves out and get the clients... If not interested in that many of the hosts out their offers you affiliate income for the sales you make.

One of the tips in was interesting. It was an article to give a general idea on the web hosting. Like, 1. Analyze the needs, 2. check the available options with hosts, 3. Check the reliability, 4. Compare your budget, 5. Choose the best one. I think the basic thing which I havent checked is the analysing the host!... I need to improve on the same before I choose a host for my clients. There are tutorials on cpanels as well (control Panel)

From windows to linux hosting... from Virtual Private network to the security aspects of hosting... from e commerce to dedicated servers, this website have got a number of information that can be categorised as “must read”. Why don't you try reading the same before choosing a web host in haste?


LA Blog said...

I've been tryin gto pull myself away from using GoDaddy for years now. It's just so easy to link the domain i bought there with the hosting. i tried bluehost for a couple days and it was just a headache.

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