Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Last day I wrote a post about "The House of your Dreams" and discussed areas in which you should plan. With a small research I found some more info on the same. This was to help my friend who was about to construct a new home. The data I was searching for was
1. Area in which maximum wastage happens/ expence is more
2. How to avoid the same

So the main Area were the usage of concrete, which can be rectified by using some Precast Concrete. The only thing is that the quality of material used must be up to the mark and the grade of cement is the one which you desired. More ifo on the grade of cements can be obtained online. Make sure that the precast concrete is used in area, where there is a major drain in fund, which you can save. example, Precast Concrete Septic Tanks, other sewage purposes, retaining wall, electrical/gas facilities ...etc. can save a lot from your pocket. Another area in which you are going to drain your fund is painting the home. This can be avoided with a little extra care in planning the resources(paint) and the durability. A good design, coupled with planning can make everything allright. There are a number of websites around and they can help you get more info on many things that are necessary for construction / house planning . If you go through them and accept the best practices \, then you can save a lot, and yes, one more thing you have to keep in mind is the vendors/ quality of stuffs that you are going to include in to your construction. Assign the best people around, even though that may cost a bit more than the cheapest alternative, that save a lot in the coming years as maintanence cost.


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There is no place like home. I agree that.

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