Wednesday, July 23, 2008

College for real-estate business aspirants -Nouveau Riche

real estate is a real buzz now a days and the profit one can make from the same is huge. I was searching for a couple of area for my friend and i found an interesting news item, i forgot the source of the same, but was managed to find out the article's reference site. This was about a college.. a college on real estate.. exciting is'nt it? This college, which is exclusive for the real estate scenario was none other than Nouveau Riche. This can be called a real estate investment college and each course in Nouveau Riche is tailor made for you to excel in real estate scenario. The how to of the real estate investment, the concept and the strategies are tought in these courses.
Advantage and disadvantage of long term and short term real estate investment strategies are discussed with in these courses and Nouveau Riche assure you a type of education which is dynamic in nature and is between the like minded people. The students have to participate in case studies, classroom discussions and role playing excercises that will aid them in retaining the information they collect.
Nouveau Riche courses varies from book keeping and building your own team to Rehabbing, seller financed notes to short sales. A to Z of the real estate investment scenario will be infront of you, which you can use in your real estate business. This Scottsdale based college also offers residential real estate encyclopedia, which consists of books, CD's audio series ...etc. which is helpful for a professional in the real estate scenario.


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Real estate is now-a-days became the most attractive part of an economy and these kind of school will raise the knowledge of this business in students. I like this idea. I think there should be more school like this!

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