Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harthal and a leave!

This day its gonna be a leave from the hussles of office as a nation wide protest is called in by VHP/ BJP in India. No vehicles on the road!.

In kerala its a harthal.


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Travel and Leisure said...

HeHe lucky you :P enjoy your day and keep on blogging I love this blog.

Travel and Leisure said...

Sorry for double commenting, but I did a few comments a while back on some of your older posts I liked and the comments where never accepted.

Did I do anything wrong?

I'd love to hear from you thanks.


Vishnu said...

@ Travel and leisure > Thats soo simple when i see the same Keyword(instead of a real name) I gets irritated. ha.. but here the two comments are accepted. I think its time to redefine the comment policy he he he.. ;)

And dear its juz a coupe of days since I started comment moderation.!

Daniel said...

Oh sorry I'll post using my name from now onwards then ;)

Cheers :)

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