Friday, November 30, 2007

Our son; Named as Devadathan !

Last Sunday, we named our son Devadathan. A small function with some relatives as invitees. Couple of Devadathan's photos are in Alappuzhakaran ( malayalam blog )

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things to ease ur mind at job :Blogthings

I was browsing the net and I found a site.. and its . A site with lotta quizzes and stuffs about the blogs...
There are quizzes about the blogs/ holiday/ general etc... Its soo simple.. u can juz go ahead and answer their questions and they gives u a result in the specified format.. Visit the site when u "don't" have much time.. coz this ease ur mind and helps u move further.. :)

*The image used in is an exclusive property of

Monday, November 26, 2007

Logoyes : the logo makers / Designers.!

The Window to outside world for a company is the logo. A logo gives an idea about the company, how professional the company is? What the company deals with. Logo design is an art. And there are many an artists around us. While browsing the internet I found one such company. A company, which allows to Design a Logo Myself !

Name: Logo Yes


Genre: Logo design, Business cards, Post cards, Brochure etc…

About: Logo yes supports Do It Yourself Logo Design and is a leader in other design products to small businesses around the world. They have a patent pending on their unique process. Offering a true try before you buy type of service, you can visit logo yes for a 60 seconds demo. You can also try designing a logo for yourselves, free.


They offer a refund if you don’t like the logo they design.

Work around

Work around with these logos was easy. I tried the demo and the results were encouraging.

First they asked me the type of the company, then the industry, and based on these two they offered me a wide range of symbols/letters/abstract to choose from. From images to abstract then to letters. I settled down in letters and the stuff I got was something interesting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Domain Name change - Issues - Tips - Tricks

You were blogging in a free domain like blogger, wordpress etc( One fine morning you decided to choose your own name for the blog.
A new domain... Have you ever thought of the issues you are gonna battle against?

Here are the things I've battled and the battle is still going on...

1. Choosing the name.
a. I've the name in mind and i've chosen the same. But look at the name. Doesn't that provides you with the info like geographic location? Is my blog for those people from this location alone?

b. Cheaper names to choose from: I went by this banner as well, and it was 1.99 per year as they said, and I spend around 17 USD for a couple of years.

c. Domain for life : Dont go by this word. The domains are to be renewed every one/couple/5 years/ 10 years. This package comes with hosting plans. So as long as you are with this hosting company, you get a domain for life. But make sure that you are through the agreement. Like the conditions, whether the domain is under your name, whether you have the right to resell / transfer the same.. etc.. etc..

2. Hosting plan:
Are you going to choose your own hosting plan? Or going to rely on blogger/ blogging platform for the same?
i relied on blogger.

3. Site wide issues.
Before introducing my domain my PR was 3. After that its all gone.. a new domain.. a new activity.. everything is to be started from scratch.. from feed burner to the link building..

a. For feed burner: I was using and I still use the same.. I deleted the earlier entry and added this new, under the same name.. so that is solved.

b. Page Rank: I've lost the same and now i've to start from the scratch. (is any one hearing this? )

c. Link submission: From directories to search engines, I've to submit my link for Beautiful minds. And with some automated tools, some manual submissions, I'm able to do the same to some extend.

d. Technorati base.: As of now I don't have a person favoring me in technorati : What should I do?

e. Redirection from the old blog: Thanks to blogger, as it doesn't leave my readers behind.(blogger handles auto redirect)

f. Paid for blogging: I was having membership in Pay per post, sponsored reviews, smorty etc.. smorty rejected my submission, I've contacted PPP and they replaced my old link with my new one(Thank you PPP). sponsored review too accept the link Even though I've got in to these two, I wont be getting High paid opps as of now, coz MY PR and link backs are less.

g. Blogcatalog: I've tried adding in blog catalog and they readily added me to the network :)

h. Updation: I've the link in some of my other blogs, and I went ahead and updated the same, manually.

i. Blogrolls.: i was a member in some of the blogrolls and I need to get the url updated in them as well.. thank you tricia (of feverishthoughts/ tricia's musings) for helping me in that.

j. Alexa. I was able to increase my alexa ranking by 52 lakhs and now, I've to start from the scratch. ( Who are gonna help me? none :( )

So if your blog is with a decent PR, alexa rank, and is established, then better stay where you are.. If is relatively new, go ahead and change the domain name... and yaa.. if you are confident (like me.. he he he) then also change in name is for you...

Kaveri : Malayalam's Open Office Dreams

Kaveri is an open source project by Centre for Linguistic Computing Keralam, a joint venture of Computational Linguistic Team @ C-DIT, Kerala State IT Mission and Dept: of Linguistics- University of Kerala for research development production and dissemination of Malayalam Language Technology. Kaveri is software, which used Unicode fonts and is intended (not restricted) to use to help in word processing task.

What is in offer?

  • Open Office suite in Malayalam
  • Malayalam Spell checker
  • English Malayalam translator
  • English Malayalam Official language dictionary
  • Translation helper to other South Indian languages and Hindi.

Malayalam open Office is promoted to speed up the e-governance programme in Kerala. And the government has given instructions to all govt. offices, PSU’s and Local Self Government Institutions in the state to use the open office suit. Don’t know whether the Govt. servants have taken it seriously or not.

This version of the Open Office with Kaveri is having the entire menu, directions, instructions and help in Malayalam. File is named as രേഖ (Rekha) New is termed as പുതിയത് (Puthiyathu) etc these terminologies will be a little alien to those people who are using MS Office , but will gradually get used to these terms easily. The UI (User Interface) can be easily changed from Malayalam to English and vice Versa.

Kaveri can be used instead of the MS versions of Excel, Power Point, and Word etc The English to Malayalam translation, translation service to other languages etc are very helpful for us, (especially if you are a blogger, blogging in Malayalam language). This is the first step in making a complete language Dictionary in Malayalam. Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi languages can be translated with this easily, and supports Mozhi Keyman in this.

So this supports these phonetic applications and the inscript products. The articles/ matter typed in this can be saved as an open office document, MS office document, PDF document or even Rich Text document. (I’ve even tried the normal Txt, saved as utf-8).

Open Office capabilities.

Open Office is capable to create produce many a type of Applications, media, ads, etc... We can embed even a movie file into this.

How to install

The GNU GPL licensed version of Kaveri is available in . The FAQ and the answer to your other questions are available in intelli assistant. Any one who is not having business view on this software can take a copy of this and redistribute. The Copy right remains with the Govt. of Kerala.

The future of Kaveri rests in your hands. Government have sought your help in matters regarding the translation, Phonetics and alphabets checking etc of the software. If you have any suggestions then you can get in touch with Linguistic Computing Keralam, and they will include the same in the coming upgrades and versions.

Come in; let’s embrace the beautiful world of openness and freedom

* This is an unofficial post to introduce you to one of the open source software called Kaveri, translated from the blog post of Kannuran . Malayalam is one of the languages spoken in India (in the state called Kerala).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A new domain for Beautiful minds

Beautiful Minds will be available in a new domain from now on. and its

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogger Wave..! Paid to Post site

bloggerwave is the new site in the set of the pay to post category I'm using in this blog. This Site is aiming to become Europe’s biggest advertising media/ alternative on blogs, and helps the blogger to earn some extra money.
What: Website
Genre: Paid to blog
About: Bloggerwave is a cool and neat site to make money online from Blog.
Pay out mode:

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Increase traffic in 10 ways : will I create a Traffic Jam?

I have tried to monetize the blog and increase the traffic..And its succeeding... But not to the full extend... I was trying to find something extra and was searching in google.. and the first result was Steve Pavlina 's blog.. I went through the same and find the article of my interest. "
How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)

This was the title and the 10 things that were listed there were beautiful...
I'm gonna adopt this in my writing... (No copy right infringements ;) )

As the first step, I'm gonna start from the bottom(a lil modified version)... Do good and focus on helping people.

A new turning point... My mind is becoming more beautiful.. phew..!

Thank you steve..

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Alexa Ranking..! went down a little bit

My Alexa ranking went down a bit and settled in 1715400 ... Hope it will recover soon..!

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Alexa ! the percentage is still rising!

Check the stat from alexa..! my alexa rank is increasing.!

[Click to enlarge]

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Alexa ranking, its improving.!

alexa ranking for Beautiful minds is improving..! Will share the tips if this is a success.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sale on Ink - The coupons for printing needs

There are a number of coupon sites around... But, I need a coupon site that is specific to my printing needs... So I sat in front of my PC and tried to search for the sites, sites offering coupons and that too exclusive for my printing needs. While browsing the web I was too much concerned. Concerned about the high price of paper, high price of ink… And this ink costs me a lot. Proof printing, diagrams etc, is taking a toll on the ink. And accidentally I found a site. A site called sale on Ink.

This is a site, offering free online coupons with some of the famous and popular ink merchants like 123inkjets, carrot ink, printpal, 4inkjets etc…

What: Website


Offers: Coupons, Deals, Quality Merchants

About: Offers coupon codes for the best deals on inkjet and laser toner cartridges.

There is a free ipod Nano drawings every month, just sign up with them, and enter the lucky draw. With this you get free news letters, with tips on how to save ink, and how to get the maximum out of the printers, ink cartridges etc...

So if you are buying from the merchants listed in sale on ink and need some cheap ink solutions, then you can go ahead and get the codes from this site.

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I've become PR 3

This blog is now in Page Rank 3. That is around an year's hard work. my other blog, alappuzhakaran is now PR4. That is a blog in Malayalam (one of the Regional languages in India).

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Ashop- Shopping cart software.

Last day I was searching for a shopping cart software. Just for the heck of reviewing the same, and if possible, use the same to host a new shopping site. and I came across ashop. Here is what it is..

Genere: shopping cart software Site
About: This site is one sortta cool in design, with lotta option to customize. There are demo included , both in admin module and front end. We can do mock transactions, to check the look and feel of the site.
Signing up with this US provider of shopping cart software helps us to reduce the task of creating an ecommerce software / site.
There is a ten day free trial (without giving credit card info), and free store design offer that is on going.

Go for a test drive, feel the look and feel of the shopping cart and get hooked in Ashop.

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Software Assurance (SwA)

Software Assurance (SwA) is: “the level of confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities, either intentionally designed into the software or accidentally inserted at anytime during its lifecycle, and that the software functions in the intended manner.”

— Source: Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) Instruction No. 4009, “National Information Assurance Glossary”, Revised 2006

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've become a father.

I've become a father of a baby boy.. It was a caesarian and both child and mother are doing well.

Here is the video of the baby :) Isn't he cute?

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