Monday, November 26, 2007

Logoyes : the logo makers / Designers.!

The Window to outside world for a company is the logo. A logo gives an idea about the company, how professional the company is? What the company deals with. Logo design is an art. And there are many an artists around us. While browsing the internet I found one such company. A company, which allows to Design a Logo Myself !

Name: Logo Yes


Genre: Logo design, Business cards, Post cards, Brochure etc…

About: Logo yes supports Do It Yourself Logo Design and is a leader in other design products to small businesses around the world. They have a patent pending on their unique process. Offering a true try before you buy type of service, you can visit logo yes for a 60 seconds demo. You can also try designing a logo for yourselves, free.


They offer a refund if you don’t like the logo they design.

Work around

Work around with these logos was easy. I tried the demo and the results were encouraging.

First they asked me the type of the company, then the industry, and based on these two they offered me a wide range of symbols/letters/abstract to choose from. From images to abstract then to letters. I settled down in letters and the stuff I got was something interesting.


bl1tzd3s1gn3r said...

LogoYes claims to have introduced the first do-it-yourself (DIY) logo creation process. I'm not sure if that's true but I really don't care. LogoYes is a great tool for small business owners who require one or more logos but want to keep the price reasonable.

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