Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Career thoughts: Fashion, Fashion schools and other options in Fashion.

Fashion is change. Every day fashion changes.. (in places like Paris you can say it as every 15 minutes : ) It is said that people can judge you from what you wear. So what you wear is what you are. If you have an eye for style, then the world of fashion is for you. Every day there are a number of opportunities in fashion designing. A career in Fashion technology is one of the most sought after one these days. You can try your hands in fashion marketing, advertising, fashion design production, merchandising or even fashion retailing. Now a days, there are a number of degrees that acts as the building blocks to succeed in the world of fashion and fashion gurus are the most sought after and one of the most paid ones, and you can see them almost every where, from a local party to Hollywood functions. One of the main sites in this area to choose your career in fashion is he, a site rich in contents about fashion career, like the schools, career, Degrees in fashion, and have a good repository of information in the fashion articles section.

Software - Q.A. - Random thoughts

What happens when the bugrate of the programs written are zero?
Many people will be losers.. like the testers, QA people and of course the company as a whole because there is no scope for support!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Culinary Classics - for Culinary Apparel

Culinary Classics is a site which sells the Made To Order Chef Uniform, Restaurant and Professional Clothing. The cousin I mentioned in the last post lead me to the site where they offer the clothings for chef, They have the make to order premium clothings for the chef, from shirt to pants, from aprons to Neck wears, every thing is made to order There are corporate programs available for the corporates and you can even order a free catalog. The resource section have some info on training, news sources, recipes, restaurant and kitchen products links ...etc. The restaurant directory and software links available in this site helps us to gather info on these sections as well. This site offers Chef Coats, Chef Pants, Shirts, Chef Hat, Chef Apron, Vests, Chef Shoes, Neck-wear and custom apparels. So its easy choose the product, choose the cloth and choose the design... and once you contact them, they will help you with the rest!

Career thoughts: Cook food

Choosing ones career wisely is one area, many people miss these days... a Career, starts with good education.. So choosing the correct course to study is what we have to concentrate. One of my cousins in US I think is well placed in his field of study. He is the captain in a hotel there and have his certifications from culinary schools. I went to a site which is a repository of information about the culinary schools in US and I found that interesting, as there are a number of schools in the area of Food Making. The site offers a vivid number of articles, and multiple cuisine secrets in it. This directory site have the lists of schools offering the certifications in culinary arts. The review of cooking schools help us to determine which school is the best according to our needs. We can also segregate the schools by location so that it is easy to find the right cooking school near your location

Monday, September 22, 2008

Career Education - For moulding your career in the right way

Are you some one who is checking for your right education? Have you find te right university? The right college? Are you ready to accept the competition for the hot jobs?
Last day browsing around the Internet I came across A site dedicated to assisting you to find out the right course of study and there by the right career path. Then certificate and degree programs in Medical Assistance, Law, Culinary Arts (mmm.. Yummy), Education, and teaching certification ...etc. are available as an option to study on line and that site helps you to find the right Education from the right University.
Career Education is at its best now a days.. Be it culinary arts, medical assistance, ultrasound school, or what ever, make a decision wisely on the branch of education that you choose. For, a decision once taken cannot be rolled back without a loss. If you are not sure on the path of success, then the site have a career quiz, which help you decide on the right course. Educated professionals help you master the subject as you advance with the assignments and simulating class sessions. The articles session helps to find the latest trends in the industries and the latest advancements in the field of study.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Talk about reviews in TalkReviews

Top Websites around the globe are reviewed and sorted based on ranking in the Website Reviews section of the site. The site have some user control as well. The users will be able to review the sites through the website review form. I have my website also listed in that site. I am not sure whether that is in the Indian version of talk reviews. If some one is interested in adding a review, please do add a review in that site. So come in to talkreviews for those Top Websites.

Quick thought! - Poll

What is the office software you are using? is it Microsoft office or Open office or any other ?

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Update: Am not able to create a poll... it is saying The poll doesnt exists or is deleted. :(

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Free forums from ""

So you know about free blogging services right? How about free forum services? That too with all the administrator privileges ? Now you can create a forum with unlimited access, with one GB space for attachments, and which can run around 40 languages. Yes, this forums free is experiencing a huge rush these days. With more than 200 new forums created each day, no other testimonial is needed to justify the sites credibility. Try that for yourself and I made a trial forum in

Gmail : 502 error.

At 11.29 AM Indian Standard time (20th of Sep 2008) google said its mail (actually my mail)is experiencing problem.. Phew..! hope will be up anytime..

Ha.. That happened when I tried to view a picture attachment... the error was 502...

Debt Counseling : The Credit Exchange

Negotiating the debt can hurt your credit score, yes in future you will be in trouble when you need money the most. So what are the things that you must be aware of in a situation like paying off the minimum amount due in your credit card and stuffs like that? I saw about debt counseling in a website called the Credit Exchange. They have Cred Card Counseling, lot's of resources about credit and other options available to you. They have credit facts, that can come handy when you need options to check. So are you looking for a credit councilor? or a debt consolidating company? Or are you in a deep financial crisis? then you can find assistance through this site called The Credit Exchange. You can either contact them via the on line form or by calling them. So if you are looking for the best possible decisions, do visit the site and make your mind.

Alexa: Increase in rank : That was for a day!

The alexa rank went down again.. above 100000 for for the week... I think that phenomenon of increase in alexa rank was for a day.

Digxa shopping comparison site. Dig for the best price on products worldwide.

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shopping cart software

May be I'll get on to that place again.... Ha not gonna give any extra effort for that...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Love, Telephone bills and the kid.

I do remember those days in which I was in love with her... Those days browsing from the Internet cafe were expensive... Writing a latter take ages to reach, Plus the risk of getting caught. I was away from home and Daily, the expense of telephone bills was mounting. There wasn't an immediate solution till we began to use calling cards. They were convenient to use and helped us a lot to control our telephone bills. And we do use the happy hours a lot, when the call charges were low. These cards helped us to remove our calls from the usual telephone bills. Bot prepaid and post paid card were in use at that time. After a few years we got married and now living with our little kid, Devadathan. Haven't you seen his latest photos in the last post?

My son Devadathan

Here are some photos of that litle kid of mine.. Devan is now 11 months old and we are all set to celebrate his first birthday this October.

Online Unsecured personal loans - Your helping hand in times of need

Last time I wrote an article about pay day loans.. Pay day loans comprises of small amount. What if your requirement is slightly high? In that case, you will have to move to a Personal Loan company. The best thing to do is an extensive search of the no obligation, unsecured personal loans. Find the company and apply for the loan. In most of the cases, approval of a loan will be a difficult task, if your credit history is bad. Most companies rely on people with great credit history. This time too I ran a search in google and found out a couple of site providing Unsecured Personal Loans and one of those companies, doesn't have any issues with a bad credit. So arranging finance upto $10000 is easy now, that too applying and getting approved online make the whole process fast.

Alexa Rank: 87770 for the last day : Sub 100000

Don't know what happened or how that happened.. but last day my alexa rank went up to 87770. So my stats were viewable :) Looks good... and I haven;t have done any magic to increase the alexa Ranking... Or haven;t checked those blogs / tutorials to increase alexa ranking...

I think Its all because of some extra readers from germany and United Kingsdom(UK). So alexa.. do you have geographical influence? I think so..
check my alexa ranking OR traffic details in Alexa

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Payday Loans – Easy way to get around the unexpected financial burden

Haven't you find that at times you are not able to move with your next months salary? You wish you get a financial assistance from some one so that you can pay them back at your next salary date? And do you find it difficult to ask your friends and relatives? Not to worry, you can now apply for a Payday Loans in the comfort of your office or home. The whole process is on line and you get an approval within no time. Its available 24/7 as well. You don't have to fax documents to them for approval. All you have to do is get on line and apply for the loan. So try that non obligatory payday loan today.

No social activities?

Alexa Traffic rank is almost constant now a days. Its around 3,50000. I dont know why but now a days i dont care about that and the tecnorati links as well.. :) Commenting on others blog is also not happening... Must be all due to the work am doing now a days.. All work and no games make jack a......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SaaS - Team Foundation Server

What is that you use to integrate your team projects and the resourses? I think that is the toughest part of a project managers job. Last day I hard about team foundation server hosting and searched for about a couple of hours on the same.


But have you heard about SaaS tfs or software as a service tfs? Its a method by which the software is deployed through Internet and that too to the clients premises. This eliminates the need for the software to be instaled in the local/Client's machine and save a huge lots of efforts in maintaining, repairing, trouble shooting in client side. That means more control over versions and upgrades, less price, network based access, scalable and robust. So host the software as services and run in a different location do have lot's of advantages.

Microsoft Team foundation server from Microsoft Team Server from phase 2 allows an organisation to manage the visual studio projects of an organization. Tools like Team build, source control, permisiion management etc, helps us to manage the project and help us to be in the right track. So with SaaS you get an advantage, no It department, no overhead costs, and phase 2 have even offered a money back if Hosted team foundation doesn't help you to make your business better.

Support and pricing
The packages and pricing looks decent and they offer free support and there is no set up fee as well.
If you are having a little issue with investing without trying, go ahead and check the demo before you pay for the package. As it is I think Its worth to have an alliance with phase 2, a Microsoft gold certified partner.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Reverse phone lookup - phone info tracer

Are you a victim of continues call from pranksters? Are you the one unsatisfied with the calls from telemarketers? Don't you wish to know who is trying to contact you or who is trying to annoy you? Here is a way to check who is that one that have become a nuisance. Yeah, the reverse phone look up, which is used to find the address of the person by giving in the telephone number. So it is actually the reverse of what happens with a telephone directory in which we used to find a telephone number by using a number or an address.
One such site I found is the Phone Info Tracer, which is used to find the info on US and Canada. The usage of the site is 100% anonymous and they are not going to notify anyone when you do a telephone number search. The site features a section to find if the area you are looking (the area code) is supported or not. Occasionally you may have to purchase a data when you come across the unlisted or mobile numbers. The process is simple, all you have to do is to type the number with code in to the search box and hit “search” button and that search retrieves the data like the state, county, city, zip code, carrier, and the address in which the connection is registered.

Migration - wordpress to blogger

Lasat whole montgh I was doing some sortta experiments.. experiments with wordpress and stuffs like that.. Now am back.. back to blogger.. if you ask me why I dont have an answer.. Pss... I still do like wordpress.. :)

Dreaming about a good host?

Now a days a website is your key to business. The first level in which your client will judge you is your website. Imagine a situation in which one of your esteemed “To be Client” reports you that your website is down! May be its one of those scheduled down times by your favourite host.. Oops don't go nuts... That may happen. What you need is a reliable host who can serve you in all the best possible way. This was what I was searching for. A site which can give all the details like the different types of web hosts, web hosting rating, the space each of these web hosts are providing. Basic package of these hosts, Band width offered in each packages, advanced packages offered, what is that is extra in these advance packages (most of the cases its just the money), and a comparison of these in different ways so that i can analyse and get to a conclusion from which i can identify my right host. Some googling and some tips and tricks from review sites and lots of permutations and combinations lead me to a host. This was for my friend who was trying to host his new website.
Later on I reached a site in which web hosts are reviewed and when i tried the requirements of my friend on that site I was able to reach the host fast and that was exactly the same result which took a lotta time for me to calculate. is a site which there are reviews , articles, web hosting awards, ratings of web hosts plus the coupon codes, all served by real customers. From dedicated hosting to cheap web hosting, about different types of control panels of the web hosts, This site is really a place to watch for. If in between your development of a website if you have some doubt regarding how to find a secure web host, all you have to do is to go to the web hosting tutorials section of the site and get the necessary info about it. Does that sound so simple?