Monday, September 8, 2008

Dreaming about a good host?

Now a days a website is your key to business. The first level in which your client will judge you is your website. Imagine a situation in which one of your esteemed “To be Client” reports you that your website is down! May be its one of those scheduled down times by your favourite host.. Oops don't go nuts... That may happen. What you need is a reliable host who can serve you in all the best possible way. This was what I was searching for. A site which can give all the details like the different types of web hosts, web hosting rating, the space each of these web hosts are providing. Basic package of these hosts, Band width offered in each packages, advanced packages offered, what is that is extra in these advance packages (most of the cases its just the money), and a comparison of these in different ways so that i can analyse and get to a conclusion from which i can identify my right host. Some googling and some tips and tricks from review sites and lots of permutations and combinations lead me to a host. This was for my friend who was trying to host his new website.
Later on I reached a site in which web hosts are reviewed and when i tried the requirements of my friend on that site I was able to reach the host fast and that was exactly the same result which took a lotta time for me to calculate. is a site which there are reviews , articles, web hosting awards, ratings of web hosts plus the coupon codes, all served by real customers. From dedicated hosting to cheap web hosting, about different types of control panels of the web hosts, This site is really a place to watch for. If in between your development of a website if you have some doubt regarding how to find a secure web host, all you have to do is to go to the web hosting tutorials section of the site and get the necessary info about it. Does that sound so simple?


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