Sunday, August 10, 2008

CEO with a Vision

Do you remember my post about real estate business school? if not here is a quick reminder. The Nouveau Riche University is an accredited school specializing in real estate investing. From introductory real estate investing to advanced techniques such as creative real estate investing techniques including wholesaling, multi-units, and short sales, the university deals with almost all the specialisations needed when one leaps into real estate business.

The visionary behind this project was Jim Piccolo, the Chancellor of Nouveau Riche University, has served as President and CEO of Nouveau Riche Corporation since October 2000. Jim Piccolo have more than twenty years of extensive business experience, from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately-held, manufacturing company having international roots, to a publicly-traded, marketing company with four, wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US and international concerns. Jim Piccolo have a successful career as a nationally recognized, after market, sport-truck accessory designer and entrepreneur, and this proved his ability to carve out successful market niches.

I like the way he have diversified his area of operations. and the way in which he have identified the niches and make the most out of these niches. And imagine, this CEO is a renowned public speaker as well, and delivers inspirational, educational and motivational speeches worldwide.


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