Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WEBHOSTINGGEEKS - in search of a good host

This time I am here with a link to the list of web hosts that are suited for you needs.. This is from the hosting review of and there they have listed the top 10 web hosts listed which are under $10. and top of the chart is imotion and then the blue host. From yahoo to fastnet the list looks good. The web hosting award for the best hosts of 2007 is also there.
So what do these guys offer?
They do web hosting reviews, they give web hosting awards to best budget hosting, blog hosting, forum, unix and windows hosting and so on. They have a section for webmasters and have even listed a page with hosts providing free coupons to advertise! So this site is useful if you are trying to host your blog in your own domain!

If you are also availing a service from a web host don't forget to add your review about that host after registering in webhostinggeeks.


Rainbow Painter said...

Hey, thanks for the link. Seems they have great features. Useful info u got there.

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