Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Outlook Express and Messenger in XP : How to disable Windows Messenger ?

I formated my XP(Pro) and was trying to reinstall the same. It was easy and once i finished installing i tried the other settings. Installed the drivers and configured the Outlook.. Oops.. the windows messenger comes in .. damn I don't use this.. but its not going until i close the OE ( outlook express). I tried to eliminate this issue (Yeah by searching the net) and got a solution for the same.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Outlook Express.
Check for a value name called Hide Messenger (data type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value) ) Change the value to 2. If that particular DWORD is not there, add the same.

Exit your registry, restart the OE.

But I would prefer this messenger to be uninstalled. :)

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Saturday, January 26, 2008 : The office supplies discount site

I am a frequent online bidder-cum-buyer… Majority of the income I generate from many a source goes on like that. I used to search for on line deals, and online coupons. Last day I found a new one.

The same is called office deals and I found a range of category inside the same.

The details of the site are

Name: Office Deals


Genre: Coupon / discount site

About: They lists coupon codes, discount coupons, and promotions/ offers for leading suppliers of office supplies, computer stores, printing needs, and other merchants that sells products for merchant needs. These stores include office depot, vistaprint, staples, Dell, Best Buy,, Circuit City, Target, and a lot more.

This site is a boon to those who are in search of office supplies, to save a lot on their budget.

Let it be office supplies, Computers, desks, chairs, other furniture, cartridges, office equipment and related products needed by business, students, home offices, and even home.

Some of the deals are available in office max having Brother, HP, Sony, Paper Mate , V-Tech ,Avery. Etc...

And if you are planning to buy a laptop or even a carry case for your laptop(Dell), then some of the coupon codes are available in the Dell Coupon codes.

So, the next time you are in to online shopping better check this site out before doing a check out

Happy Republic day!

Dear Indian's out there...

Happy Republic Day

Thursday, January 24, 2008 : Choose your Web Host Wisely

You have chosen your domain, now what? Yeah, the toughest part is still in front of you. Choosing the right Web Host. When I think of choosing the web host I always think of web hosting choice.

Name: Web Hosting Choice
Genre: Search Web Hosts/ web hosting directory
About: This site helps to choose the right web host It have a recommended host of the day, advance search, quick search )based on the money you are willing to spend) etc...

You can add an unlisted web host, resellers etc... And have a cool area called learning center, having info on scams, domains, bandwidth, resources etc...

* Choose your web hosting wisely, this is just an intro about the site mentioned, for more visit the site and get an idea on how this site works.

Save Buckets: Save a whole load of money

Vinod was with me in Bangalore. We were room mates and friends. Four months back He went to UK to do his MBA from a university there. Last week he pinged me ans said he need to buy some electronics items from the stores in UK, and I advised him to search in the web. After a couple of days, when he was on line, I asked him whether he have brought all that he wants, he said he is now planning to buy an MP3 Player now. He gave me a link to search for mp3 players.

When I was going through the list of players, he said that is the best price he have ever came across, and need to buy one. The list looks neat and the price tag was also wonderful. He was in search of a 2GB+ MP3 player and with a decent battery life. He was looking for a branded one. I searched the same and came across some choices and left a message to him, after shortlisting around five players from that site. He said he will choose one from the same. Save buckets, the site have an impressive tag line “Save A Whole Load Of Money” . They have also got an option to give them a price and product so that if ever the price falls to that range, they will intimate you.

The site needs an option to select stuffs by price(Yeah am sure that they will include the same)...

The next time when you are in to shopping from the net, try Save buckets as well, and most probably you will come across something that helps you to save a whole load :)

Monday, January 21, 2008 - care information at your finger tips.

Have you got any questions regarding your own care? Are you in search of answers for the question about care to your loved ones? Are you in search of information about care home in UK? Then bettercaring is the option for you

Name: Better Caring


Genre: Care related information/reviews/database

about: This is a well organised sites, especially for the care of elderly.


Care Information
This is about the choices you make, the issues and importance of the same the cause and effect.

Care search
Searching the care homes in UK. Location, size, cost etc can be the parameter

Care Discussion
Forums, letters etc are there in this page.

There are other resources like the reviews, health matters, blogs, true stories etc...

Pragma Systems: Extension to your conection needs

The network era compelled us to find new things get involved in the fastest means of communications and use the most secured protocols in these communications. PRAGMA SYSTEMS, is a Texas based company, providing Telnet* services. The challenges of the corporate on the reliable access, control and management of the information across the network can be eased by using the solution provided by pragsys. Pragma Systems SFTP server have multiple encryption standards, works in almost all the latest versions of the windows, and is the lowest cost SSH* alternatives.

*Telecommunication Network or TELNET is a network protocol on Internet or LAN
** SSH is the Secure Shell

Laptop Screens and repairs : Spare Parts Warehouse

Earlier i mentioned that my wife was looking for a new computer, a desk top lap top. Why was I compelled to shell out extra money, because the laptop used by my wife was broken.

I was infront of the search engines again to get some info on the Laptop Parts available. Just need the info so that i can convince my wife about the same and get the screen repaired(yeah the issue was with the Screen. And then I found the site for Laptop LCD Screens & Laptop Screens .

When i was looking further, the tings were looking more promising, this is indeed a ware house, for lap tap parts. Parts like Lap Top Batteries, Laptop Adaptors, Laptop LCD Screens etc are available in there. And I even found the Laptop screen suiting my needs (Now have to ping my wife regarding this). Printer and other computer parts are also available.
Parts of almost all the major brands like COMPAQ, HP, IBM, OKIDATA, SONY, TOSHIBA etc are available here. Memory upgrade, Keyboards, hard drives, you name the parts and its available in here. I wen ahead and checked the toner and cartridges for printer as well. They have got the repair services for laptop as well.

* check the site before you buy/ order something, this is just “my opinion regarding the site I browsed.

Fetch a Career

Finding a couple of right careers is difficult now a days. Many a people still try applying to career advertisement in News paper advertisements and wait(yeah that is a long wait) for there interview/ test call/ letter. many of the applications may land in the bin. When you realise the same, it will be late. In this days of Internet the best way to find a job is to get the same from online and the results( whether you are in to the interview or not will be instantaneous) Here is the normal course for a fresher/ experienced.

Register in a “complete job portal”
Register with the sites which have the complete career listing. And which responds faster.

Get your resume done by a professional
A little money spend will definitely make some difference ( in results).

Send to the rated jobs first
Yeah, you can send to the other jobs a little later

Prepare for the test/ interview
Be cool, and prepare for the interview

Get the offer letter
Yeah yeah, during interviews my attitude will be “If you are not going to take me, it's you who is going to loose in the game”.(That will definitely help to get hold of an offer letter).

One of the things you should remember in between is the communication. The communication between you and the prospective employer. Proper communication helps them remind that you are a candidate with skills(Don't Over do his part). When ever you attend an interview, and even if you are not selected its better to leave a thank you note to the person/ company HR for allowing you to attend the interview.

* this can be implemented by a fresher, For an experienced the best way to fetch a job is through reference.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Houston Rodeo: I want to be there.

February 18 2008 is the round up and best Bites competition and from March 3rd the real action begins. If you are wondering what I am talking about, here is the clue. Am talking about a grand event that is going to happen in Houston. Yeah! You thought that correct. Its all about the Houston Live stock Show and Rodeo (Originated from Spanish, means round up). The entire cow boy (oops, cow girls as well) action like barrel wrestling, bull riding etc will be a treat to watch. Another attraction will be that of rodeo clowns (works to prevent injuries to competitors) during the bull fight. Though the Rodeo was out from the main stream TV coverage some years back, its gaining some popularity now a days , thanks to the full day coverage offered by the sports channel. Some controversy is on against Rodeo, Still I think of the same as a pure sport.

Last day, my friend was excited, he was saying that he is trying for Houston Rodeo Tickets this year and he is trying to be there to watch the spectacular show. All the excitement and feelings about the show was evident from his words and yes, the same is getting transmitted to me. I think I too have to try for some Houston Rodeo concert tickets. See the whole action and get back to here and start a new blog, exclusively for Rodeo.. Oops, I mean Houston Rodeo.

Friday, January 18, 2008

India Phone cards: The Rich Com

Last day, I was chatting with my cousin in US. He was constantly complaining about the rise in cost for calling to his home. His wife and child is in India, and he is incurring a huge expense in the telephone segment. This conversation compelled me to check out with the alternatives available. And i came across with a site on the web. The Rich com is the name of the site, and they offer india phone cards.. The details are

Name: The Rich Com
Address :
Genre: Calling cards
PR : 3
Delivery mode: Online
SSL Enabled: Yes

About: This site offers cheap rates calls to almost any part of the world, with quality and connectivity. There are sections for Asian cards, cards to call to Africa, middle east, Europe etc... The call rates are cheap i these cards, for example a card worth $5 delivers about 200 minutes of call time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Retail Office 2003 on a Desktop and then in to laptop : Legally! :Ask the Admin

The article in Ask the admin this time discuss about Retail office 2003. In End User License Agreement(EULA), Microsoft have mentioned that

Installation and use. You may: (a) install and use a copy of the Software on one personal computer or other device; and (b) install an additional copy of the Software on a second, portable device for the exclusive use of the primary user of the first copy of the Software.

That means you can install the copy of the Retail office in to your lap top as well... Hmm.. quiet a money saving tip right?

Thanks to
Ask the admin

Personal Loans - for my IT needs.

My wife needs a new computer, a desktop/Laptop under $1000. She stumbled in to one, now what is needed is a personal loan. And she is in search for the options on personal loans . Being a tech savvy I too agree with her in the fact that she must get a new computer, but an immediate financial burden! Is that necessary? She was browsing through many sites, was making some calls etc to get the details about the personal loan.

As she was making calls I found a couple of sites offering unsecured loans . The one I found attractive is “Think Cash”. Have to get in touch with them for more info about the same and the documents I need to submit. The main attractive factor is that there is no prepayment closure charges or penalties :)

* This was just an intro. Read the terms and conditions to know more about the site and their pattern of business.

IT Schools - in the right track

Last day I met a guy in train, who asked me about Information Technology(IT). He wants to know whether he can send his son to IT stream and get a decent job once he finish the same. I explained him that IT is still in the hot list, and then he need some info on IT Schools . The same was provided to him. He thanked and said good bye. The education is getting in to the right path and slowly gaining momentum. Now a days even a fresher is getting paid a whole some in the field of IT.

*Psss... IT is my field.. So i do stand in IT's side... If you think its not the right kinda job or IT's loosing charisma, then comments are welcome...

Saturday, January 12, 2008 : Cartidges in less price

Earlier last year I was in search for the coupons to get off on printers... and till last day it was difficult for me to get a whole list of the coupon sites. And it was then I found a site dedicated to the coupon needs. The site is called

Here are the details about the site

Name : InkJetDeals

Genre: Inkjet coupons


About: inkjet printer cartridges can be obtained in reduced price, use the offers listed in here.

The site doesn't throws a pretty first impression, but going through the informations listed there, u will get impressed. There are tips and tricks for you to explore. The on line stores listed are offering up to 80% of what the retailers charge for your cartridge. The website throws in many info, from tips on conserving ink to suggestions for troubleshooting printer problems.

Pages are there for major brands in cartridge like for HP, Dell, Lexmark, Epson, Canon etc..

The Website have a section to contact them. So if you have some question to them then you can throw the same. One of the major expense in home/ office is the printing expense, that too the expense for a good cartridge. Take the deals and save your bucks by availing coupons and discounts listed in the site

PR 4 in less than two months - Long way to go.!

This morning I found that my blog have gained some PR. In less than a couple of months time. Isn't that cool?

A PR of 4 with some back links. So i doubts.. Is there some thing called sand box effect? I dont think so.

Thank You all for the support.

The Modern Man: Dating Info for Men

Dating is now becoming a common phenomena, and morally accepted. For men and women from teen to adult life, dating is becoming a part of life. Last day, the Google, Yahoo search was going on in my system and it was about a lifestyle product and then i came across a site, a site for men to learn how to meet and date women. Sounds interesting right?

Here are the details about the same.

Name: The modern Man


Genre: Comprehensive dating site for “men”.

About: “The Proven Experts”, as they claimed themselves, in the dating arena, these guys have lots of resources around them, they gave away lot of free advice, gave information about The Flow and what ever a modern man needs.

They sell an advanced e-book on meeting, flirting and attracting the women, and the name of the book is “The Flow”. (An apt name, for knowing the flow of relation ship, from meeting to speaking and even falling in love.)

The free audio content about how to start a conversation with women is available in

The other sections available in the site are, About modern Man, The media coverage, The research data, free content, Testimonials, seminar details, Specials(offers, discounts etc..), Course details, and the e book(The Flow).

There are some courses like Life style course, Advanced life style course and Mastery Life style course(Last two are upgrades of the first one).

The Logo

The logo of The Modern Man is catchy. Look at the same, it looks like The modern Man is advancing to the front(the forward arrow).


The modes of payments accepted in the site are

  1. Credit card (secured)

  2. Direct deposit

  3. Check or Money Order

  4. Pay pal

What is the difference? (as they claim it)

The Modern Man, have a base in Australia, and conducts research in many other countries like USA, Uk, Japan etc... The research they conducted helps them to say confidently that the system Works in your country as well.

The difference, I understood, by going through there site, is that they gave you the theory first, make a base and build on to that base. Most of the other sites gives the seduction/ tips to trick the women etc... But here in The Modern Man, they try to make you confident, to get the most out of you. To make you believe that you too can.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Publicize - Dummies links to blogging Part 2

Continued from Dummies links to blogging Part 1

3. Publicize
Right, you are writing a blog.. but who knows about that?

The first step will be adding to google index and adding a sitemap.
the same can be done by what phydeaux3 said
then u can add you url to google index by going to
Burn it
Use any feed service of your choice. (Eg: feed burner)

Add to directories and refer the post to increase the traffic

submit to yahoo and msn .

A pretty good post to publicizing and increasing the traffic is available here .

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dummies links to blogging Part 1

Last day i was thinking about my entry in to blogging.. and I found that I'm here juz because of search engines. I was searching for new stuffs.. searching for the keywords i found in the blog.. about templates.. and so on... Then i thought i would give some links to some of the articles, which are useful. from the start to the end of blogging

Here are the things to remember/ taken care of

1. You want a blog? what is that you are going to write?
Technology? cinema? hobby? cat blog?
In between see the article How to start a blog - Wiki how
Select a service to start your blog like,, drupal, etc...

2. You have selected the service(will be discussing blogger/ wordpress only), now where are the templates?

Blogger Templates

Wordpress Templates
  • Another 615 themes of Wordpress themes are available in Emily's blog

to be Continued...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Alexa rank increased.! Statistics reveals!

I was astonished to find that my alexa widget is showing nodata on alexa rank... I was curios what happened? I went to the alexa traffic details and my God, my Alexa chart was active! My rank was around five lakh for the week and yesterday it was 95681. The one week average shown is 223092.

What did the wonder? What turned the cards in my favour? The site is launched(yeah in its own domain) on november 14th 2007, and the total hits for the site when I am writing this post is just above 14000(13 K for this month alone).

I'm thinking.. Should I write a Post "How to Increase Alexa Ranking?" or even offer a service? "25 USD to bring the site to the 1,00,000 mark for the day in alexa?(+ 200 hits a day free ?)"
err.. not me.!

These were just experiments.. To check what is possible and what is not. And I do think it is easy to increase Alexa ranking... but difficult to maintain!

* a thanks should be said to all those people out there who wrote a whole lotta stuffs about alexa... how to move further.. about the widgets etc etc...

Download alexa toolbar

Monday, January 7, 2008

Firefox memory usage issues - A quick View..

Lots of people must be having issues with firefox(I bet lesser in number than in IE) and one of the most prominent is he one regarding the memory that firefox will be consuming.

Last day i was going through some articles in net and reached a weblog in which there are some solutions for this issue.

According to Justin(am taking the main points and adding the comments and my opinion) The things that you can do when you feel like your system is crawling while using firefox are.

1. Check the pages you are viewing
Whether the page contains flash, larger amount of data, animations, movie etc... ( big page big usage)

2. Restart the Application
Yeah, This is a sure shot way, when I was working with an ISp support, and when we were stuck at one point of time, the sure shot way to kill time and explore reason(why the customer is not able to connect) was to restart the computer. :) clear the cache and temp files as well.

3. Kill the plugins and themes.
Yeah, if you have the themes and plugins that are useless, then kill them. The basic, standard theme is the best to look at.

4. Memory leaks and usages
type in about:cache?device=memory in any of the windows and find what all objects are eating your resources. (phew! when I tried that, I was convinced that I should use the browser in a text only mode, I should at least disable images, yeah, images were taking toll in my browser, Did i mentioned that I've 8+ windows opened?) Memory leak detection can be done by referring a post of Jesse Ruderman.

You can also modify

* Addition: Let the browser(and computer) be updated, no no to beta versions please...

Source: Un edited post in Justin Shattuck's blog

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ask The Admin: Can I Have Multiple Tabs for My Home Page In Firefox?

Have you ever thought of opening multiple home pages when your firefox opens? Here is a nifty way, explained by asktheadmin.

Juz add a pipe [|] symbol in between the urls you are gong to type. Yeah, dont forget the space in between..
so if you want and in multiple tabs,
then go ahead and write |

in your firefox tools > Options > Main > Homepage

The original entry can be found in
Ask The Admin: Can I Have Multiple Tabs for My Home Page In Firefox?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog readability :- from criticsrant

In one of the blogs I found a small widget saying that the readability of the blog(what level of education is required to read the blog) is undergraduate.. so i went ahead click on that and found the same is from criticsrant.. and checked the Beautiful Minds and the widget is shown below.!

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds- A Mallu's Blog -in english

Pss.. my Malayalam blog Alappuzhakaran is understandable by guys in high school level. :)- Do u know Malayalam ?

Tech resolutions New Year way !

Finding new things and share them among blogger's.!

Helping every hand out there.

Comments on all the blogs I visit!

blah blah blah

Off Topic: Wanna keep my room neat and tidy (Our lil brat is coming home this 6th)