Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IT Schools - in the right track

Last day I met a guy in train, who asked me about Information Technology(IT). He wants to know whether he can send his son to IT stream and get a decent job once he finish the same. I explained him that IT is still in the hot list, and then he need some info on IT Schools . The same was provided to him. He thanked and said good bye. The education is getting in to the right path and slowly gaining momentum. Now a days even a fresher is getting paid a whole some in the field of IT.

*Psss... IT is my field.. So i do stand in IT's side... If you think its not the right kinda job or IT's loosing charisma, then comments are welcome...


Online Traffic Formula said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the difference in language! For instance I would "yesterday" where you would say "last day" it's the same thing, just worded different!

Thanks for the post about IT advancement!

Keep posting and I will keep coming back!

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