Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Personal Loans - for my IT needs.

My wife needs a new computer, a desktop/Laptop under $1000. She stumbled in to one, now what is needed is a personal loan. And she is in search for the options on personal loans . Being a tech savvy I too agree with her in the fact that she must get a new computer, but an immediate financial burden! Is that necessary? She was browsing through many sites, was making some calls etc to get the details about the personal loan.

As she was making calls I found a couple of sites offering unsecured loans . The one I found attractive is “Think Cash”. Have to get in touch with them for more info about the same and the documents I need to submit. The main attractive factor is that there is no prepayment closure charges or penalties :)

* This was just an intro. Read the terms and conditions to know more about the site and their pattern of business.


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