Friday, January 18, 2008

India Phone cards: The Rich Com

Last day, I was chatting with my cousin in US. He was constantly complaining about the rise in cost for calling to his home. His wife and child is in India, and he is incurring a huge expense in the telephone segment. This conversation compelled me to check out with the alternatives available. And i came across with a site on the web. The Rich com is the name of the site, and they offer india phone cards.. The details are

Name: The Rich Com
Address :
Genre: Calling cards
PR : 3
Delivery mode: Online
SSL Enabled: Yes

About: This site offers cheap rates calls to almost any part of the world, with quality and connectivity. There are sections for Asian cards, cards to call to Africa, middle east, Europe etc... The call rates are cheap i these cards, for example a card worth $5 delivers about 200 minutes of call time.


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Try this
from VSNL....
saw the ad recently
and there is some MAX or somethin that is advertized on TV

Dutta said...

Has anybody tried reliance calling cards? I have friends asking me to go for it since the voice quality is very good and call drops are also very low.They seem to be offering the lowest call rates to india from the U.S at around 5.9 cents/min,with an addon of 120 mins free talktime as part of their diwali package.i have made up my mind,unless you guys can suggest something better.

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