Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Modern Man: Dating Info for Men

Dating is now becoming a common phenomena, and morally accepted. For men and women from teen to adult life, dating is becoming a part of life. Last day, the Google, Yahoo search was going on in my system and it was about a lifestyle product and then i came across a site, a site for men to learn how to meet and date women. Sounds interesting right?

Here are the details about the same.

Name: The modern Man


Genre: Comprehensive dating site for “men”.

About: “The Proven Experts”, as they claimed themselves, in the dating arena, these guys have lots of resources around them, they gave away lot of free advice, gave information about The Flow and what ever a modern man needs.

They sell an advanced e-book on meeting, flirting and attracting the women, and the name of the book is “The Flow”. (An apt name, for knowing the flow of relation ship, from meeting to speaking and even falling in love.)

The free audio content about how to start a conversation with women is available in

The other sections available in the site are, About modern Man, The media coverage, The research data, free content, Testimonials, seminar details, Specials(offers, discounts etc..), Course details, and the e book(The Flow).

There are some courses like Life style course, Advanced life style course and Mastery Life style course(Last two are upgrades of the first one).

The Logo

The logo of The Modern Man is catchy. Look at the same, it looks like The modern Man is advancing to the front(the forward arrow).


The modes of payments accepted in the site are

  1. Credit card (secured)

  2. Direct deposit

  3. Check or Money Order

  4. Pay pal

What is the difference? (as they claim it)

The Modern Man, have a base in Australia, and conducts research in many other countries like USA, Uk, Japan etc... The research they conducted helps them to say confidently that the system Works in your country as well.

The difference, I understood, by going through there site, is that they gave you the theory first, make a base and build on to that base. Most of the other sites gives the seduction/ tips to trick the women etc... But here in The Modern Man, they try to make you confident, to get the most out of you. To make you believe that you too can.


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Lol.... Dating infor for Men.... Nice post. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Mystery Method is far more advance in Dating.

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Online dating sites are user friendly which can be visited from the safe confines of once home. They offer privacy, anonymity and discreet options for those who do not wish to reveal their identities.

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Im2ortal said...

I like the way how men are teaching other men ... on how to be a man. Honestly, these days most men, don't realize how they should act and reject masculinity.

On the site - I especially enjoyed the research section. Kinda motivational!

Great blog! You can also check mine.

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Thanks for sharing! It’s quite remarkable how these men wanted to enlighten other man from their league. I will surely check it out.:-)

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