Monday, January 21, 2008

Fetch a Career

Finding a couple of right careers is difficult now a days. Many a people still try applying to career advertisement in News paper advertisements and wait(yeah that is a long wait) for there interview/ test call/ letter. many of the applications may land in the bin. When you realise the same, it will be late. In this days of Internet the best way to find a job is to get the same from online and the results( whether you are in to the interview or not will be instantaneous) Here is the normal course for a fresher/ experienced.

Register in a “complete job portal”
Register with the sites which have the complete career listing. And which responds faster.

Get your resume done by a professional
A little money spend will definitely make some difference ( in results).

Send to the rated jobs first
Yeah, you can send to the other jobs a little later

Prepare for the test/ interview
Be cool, and prepare for the interview

Get the offer letter
Yeah yeah, during interviews my attitude will be “If you are not going to take me, it's you who is going to loose in the game”.(That will definitely help to get hold of an offer letter).

One of the things you should remember in between is the communication. The communication between you and the prospective employer. Proper communication helps them remind that you are a candidate with skills(Don't Over do his part). When ever you attend an interview, and even if you are not selected its better to leave a thank you note to the person/ company HR for allowing you to attend the interview.

* this can be implemented by a fresher, For an experienced the best way to fetch a job is through reference.


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