Saturday, January 26, 2008 : The office supplies discount site

I am a frequent online bidder-cum-buyer… Majority of the income I generate from many a source goes on like that. I used to search for on line deals, and online coupons. Last day I found a new one.

The same is called office deals and I found a range of category inside the same.

The details of the site are

Name: Office Deals


Genre: Coupon / discount site

About: They lists coupon codes, discount coupons, and promotions/ offers for leading suppliers of office supplies, computer stores, printing needs, and other merchants that sells products for merchant needs. These stores include office depot, vistaprint, staples, Dell, Best Buy,, Circuit City, Target, and a lot more.

This site is a boon to those who are in search of office supplies, to save a lot on their budget.

Let it be office supplies, Computers, desks, chairs, other furniture, cartridges, office equipment and related products needed by business, students, home offices, and even home.

Some of the deals are available in office max having Brother, HP, Sony, Paper Mate , V-Tech ,Avery. Etc...

And if you are planning to buy a laptop or even a carry case for your laptop(Dell), then some of the coupon codes are available in the Dell Coupon codes.

So, the next time you are in to online shopping better check this site out before doing a check out


teeth whitener said...

The timing of the post is great for me. I spent the weekend totally up the numbers for last year for my taxes and I was amazed at how much I spent on office supplies! I did not think I did that much which required paper, ink, pens, etc. But it adds up. So any deals I can get this year to save some money is more than welcome with me.

Cheryl's Office said...

Make sure your home office furniture fits your work style. The new modular office furniture on the market these days is very functional. My productivity has increased multifold after I purchased a new desk and filing system. With new office furniture I have found the transition from working at the business office to a home office has become easier. I have also become more productive. There are many places to buy online. I found the quality and value of the furniture you can get to be above my expectations. Check them out if you get the opportunity.

stationery guy said...

These sites are really useful for those that work at home or have a home office. We use a siliar site here in the UK that offers discount stationery and also they have great prices on general office stationery well worth a look if you buy office products etc..

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